How to download this game without steam

i really want this game but i dont want to download it through steam

Oh, hello, I see you like to get banned :smiley: I’ll tell you my take on why piracy is… not worth it. Not even why it’s bad, because that’s obvious. See, I value my time more than money, and working even reinforced that view. Why then would I waste my time on something I don’t consider worth my money?

And if you want a simpler message - do not come to the official forum asking how to pirate an indie game. That’s just threefold wrong.


It can be playing the game on other platforms(drm-free like) such as GOG, but its not possible

What is your aversion to Steam just curious? The game was off Steam in the Kee (original) version, but every version I am now aware of (public and beta)is supported in the Steam backend.

To be quite honest, other than piracy, I can totally see why someone would want to bypass Steam.

When Steam works, it’s great, but it never works properly. Downloads can take ages, you have to wait for it to start up which can take forever, if you don’t have internet, you have to bypass that…

Steam can suck but it is what it is. We deal with it ://

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Generally I have had good luck with Steam. The launch times can be long (even on an M.2) and the updates don’t seem to do anything most of the time but on the whole I think it is more beneficial that detrimental. It reminds me of early Youtube, not fully aware of how powerful it is, and by extension not evil (yet…?).


good internet solves that. never had issues with download speeds

SSD is love. SSD is life.

Offline mode, then re-log

DEFINITLY agree with this is what i am saying

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