How to know if customers see cars as good or bad

Just curious as to how in the campaign mode we will know if people really like our cars or not.
Will there be like a demand number that you want to meet, or some kind of “car review” that states if people thought you made a good car or not (or like if they think that a particular car needs more power, then it would be a big seller or something)?


There will be a lot of feedback about which type of customers like which cars, what they like and dislike about them, for sure.

Yay! :smiley:

Can you provide some details?

Customers have preference in the main car stats, the secondary car stats (reliability, costs, economy, utility) and ~2 specific stats (like 0-100 time or cargo capacity). From those it’s possible to make an “like or dislike” overview, how well your car fits into these preferences.