How to locate mods?

hey everyone,

I just put together my new desktop today and got my automation running great, way faster and I can play with settings on max WOOT! Only problem is now I cannot get any mods to work. I understand that I have to enable hidden folders but when I go into programdata I do not see automation anywhere. I tried adding mods to the other folder for automation but that didnt work. So is there any suggestions you guys have that I can try? Also i did use the search tab, thats how I knew to un-hide the folders, thanks in advance.


I guess you have a link on your desktop to start Automation? Look in the properties of that link. This should guide you to the right location.

I have already tried that, it doesnt work.

The std install location is in c:\programData\Automation

ProggramData is normally hidden by default

like I stated, I have already unhid programdata. The problem is that no automation folder is inside of it.

What do you mean it doesn’t work? The shortcut doesn’t work? You right click on the shortcut, go to properties and it shows you the program location.

for me personally, its not in ProgramData anymore. I have it at the place where I installed Automation: E:\Automation/meshes/carparts… etc.

I figured it out I think, I had to make a new folder inside of programdata but so far 1 of the grills is working now :slight_smile: