How to Make @2000RPM Kick Turbo Without Problem?

I’d like to make a car with turbocharged engine. But, I’d like to make that turbo that starts kick @2000RPM. But when I made a turbo like this, turbo not kicks good and shows Turbo Red color. Sorry for my bad English, I can’t describe my problem good enough but there’s a screenshot my problem.

The red is not bad.

See here for more information: How To Train Your Turbo By Dragawn

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So, than, which one is better for daily sedan car? Or, are they good/bad? I still can’t make @2000RPM kick turbo and nice torque cuve like this.


Basicly, I would like to make an engine like this. Is this possible?

I don’t think that’s necessary. It’s looking alright for a daily driver sedan tbh. Fuel efficiency is good too. You can lower the cam profile to get more low-RPM performance and whatnot but I guess this is alright


We’re stuck with 80s turbo techonology, which for lack of a better definition is laggy AF. I think both examples you provided are very good for the technology we have available at this time in the game.


It’s pretty much impossible to create a torque curve recreating modern engines, the tech isn’t there. A turbo revamp is coming… after the grand campaign is completed… and the light campaign isn’t done yet… if you’re willing to wait till 2021 or later then it’ll be possible :joy:

If you plan on transferring to Beamng, you can modify the .jbeam file to kick in the turbo as soon as you wish.

Hope I helped


Thank you all guys. Thanks for our helps. I hope this game will add much better Turbo technology :slight_smile: Have a great day!

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