How to make a vehicle good for towing?

My SUV has amazing load capacity but not good towing capacity. What are the things I can do to increase towing capacity?

You could try shortening the gear spacing and final drive, as well as switching to a ladder frame or light truck monocoque chassis, and combining it with a solid axle rear suspension of some sort. An engine that develops a lot of torque in the lower rev range is also a boon for towing, and bigger, more advanced brakes with more cooling, pistons, pad strength and/or braking force are generally helpful as well.

My towing capacity is 0 lbs while my load capacity is like 13,000 pounds. I have made it with a galvanized steel ladder chassis. I’ll get the other stats once I get home to show what it is.

there’s your issue

it can carry 13k pounds

it substracts the carry capacity from the theoretical towing capacity

So does this mean that if it was not carrying anything, the vehicle would have the ability to tow 13,000 pounds?

not 100% sure if some other calculation caps it beforehand, but in effect that, yeah

So what I understanding here so far is that the vehicle is both towing and carrying weight at the same time and so automation calculates the load capacity first then calculates the towing capacity while subtracting it with the load capacity.

So the car could carry 13,000 pounds but not tow anything. Then if the vehicle was carrying 2,000 pounds, it may have the strength to tow around 11,000 pounds?

A thing that may not be in consideration is if the towing values are possible to be negative or if it places it as a zero when the carrying capacity is greater than the towing capacity.

The short is I don’t think it is working right. So for my QFC challenge re: towing, I’m just going to add tow and haul capacity and reference the total.