How to make any Automation car in BeamNG Pop, Bang + DSG Fart

Hey all!

Hopefully this is in the right place! I made a quick video showing how to make your Automation cars pop n bang in BeamNG like some of the others do, its fairly simple stuff just adding a few bits of code :slight_smile:



If you would use Notepad++ instead of Notepad then the jbeam files would look much better and be easier to search through. Also, 7-Zip is actually free and has no annoying popups or evaluation versions, and it works the same way as Winrar does for jbeam editing.


Thanks mate! I thought notepad ++ might have been better but it’s been a while since I have messed around with this stuff.

Didn’t realise 7zip was completely free! Cheers

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No problem. I’m working on an Automation add-on mod for BeamNG, and I have included this code in my mod. It can be added to any Automation vehicle without modifying the export’s files in anyway. I haven’t made it public yet, but if you might be interested I can send you a copy as soon as I’m happy with the mechanics?

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That sounds great! Thankyou :slight_smile:

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