How to setup brakes properly? (BeamNG)


I am not able to setup the brakes properly. No matter what I am doing, when I step onj the brakes my cars start to spin uncontrollably. It does not matter whats the brake balance or if I put stronger brakes in the front or rear or anything else. On some cars it works. On some cars it does not.


Sorry for being so irritated about this but I just spent few hours in fixing the brakes on different cars and I cannot figure it out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I dont know why

Just like in Automation really…

Front brakes marginally over the front tire grip line. Rear brakes in the middle of the rear tire grip line.

It sounds like your rear brake force is simply always much stronger than your rear tire grip, leading to immediate lock up of the rear wheels when the front wheels aren’t, dragging the car round.

I will look into this immediately

Apollon MKI - (16.0 KB)

Ok, its gotten better but it still spins out when hitting the brakes hard enough (on a straight line)
Another issue: The car does not even drive straight. It tends to drive to the left. It is not my gamepad being setup wrong, that is fine, and this is the only Automation car that does not drive in a straight line… I have no clue

I might look into it later today… but I read in the discord someone who made a similar comment on cars steering to the side depending on where a badge was placed. It seems, some fixtures have weight (those that can be ripped or fly away in crashes) so maybe it is a fixture on a side that is making your car steer?

EDIT: Your brakes look reasonable good, I think it boils down again on how you’re driving it. There are no ABS in 1952, and there are no driving aids, so I guess you’re again pushing the car over its limits. If you’re pushing the brake to the max you will be locking the wheels 100% of the time, and you will lose control if you’re braking and turning at the same time.
At the moment I can’t test whether the car can be drive straight, but sounds like the thin tires can’t cope with the car’s power and might want to twist to one side on full throttle without hands on the wheel. Just a theory.

Thanks for looking into this!!

About the fixtures: as you´ve probably seen, the car does not have any fixtures on it so that shouldnt be the problem (I also thought of that first)
I tried the car with wider tires aswell (I think the maximum I tried was 155 on both axles). It still did not drive straight.

About the brakes:
I want to setup the brakes in a way that, when I hit them 100% and the wheels lock up, the car does not spin (when the wheels are straight).
Since this works for random reasons on other cars, why shouldn´t it on this one? I just can´t recreate it, or it does not work if I try.

Did some testing with it. and here is what I noticed.

It seems rather good all around. Quite long first gear, and low low-end torque, I expect lot of clutch burns

Lot of clutch burns confirmed
Rear suspension feels stiff beyond stupidity. Especially compared to front. (Realizing now I forgot to check antiroll bars / swaybars) (And no I didnt call you stupid, it’s just a way of me saying that rear suspension feels extremely stiff.)
This leads to
Open rear diff: very high amount of one tire fire, especially in low and mid speed turns under acceleration
Locked rear diff: Complete loss of grip in rear when going even near the throttle on low and mid speed turns.
Open diff keeps it from spinning most of the time, but this means all the lateral grip is on 1 tire, If that grip is lost it will oversteer, how ever it is very easy to control slide.

This behavior I didn’t notice, Once I thuoght it was turning right on it’s own, but when I tried to test it again it didn’t happen.
Could this be uneven terrain which causes one of the rear tires to bounce very slightly, to a point of practicly unnitacable amount?

I tried it on the grid map. I hope this is not just my game but you should notice that it does not drive in a straight line. Just try to follow the lines on the ground without steering and you´ll see

I’m still struggling with this… I can get them set up ok but not sure I really understand it

Automation has a steeper learning curve than most games, after 500 hours of playing you get the hang of it

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And some still feel like they are n00bs then :stuck_out_tongue: which is not to say you can’t enjoy it before, obviously. The “there is no perfect solution” makes it hard for everyone, but especially those who are used to games you can easily min-max :smiley:

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