How to test automation cars aerodynamics in Beamng

So, just sharing a little fun thing I discovered today on beamng…

First, on free roam, span the automation car you want to test, then go to options > user interface > tick Enable advanced functions

Then go to Debug > Aerodyanamics Debug and select drag+lift

Next, on UI Apps, look for the Wind! app and add it. Also add the weight distribution app.

Now, simply move the slider on the wind app to increase the wind, and check on the weight distribution if you get downforce or lift, also you will see some lines on the car that indicate the wind, on this example, it is a mid engine car with downforce on both the front and the rear (since it has more weight on the rear, I added more downforce on the front). Make sure to park or hand brake the car.


385 km/h wind:

Extreme wind:

Now some fun examples:

When changing from 0 to max winds it is fun to see how the car just gets closer to the ground.