HP and Torque of a 350

Hello im new to these forums, but i was wondering what your guys hp and torque was out of a 350 youve built in the game, the best i got, with a 12 minute build was 569@7100(hp) and 502@3000(torque) :sunglasses:
any tips? is this good?

Quick update, changed the compression to 12:8.1 and raised the rec limiter and richened up the fuel, now it has 610 hp at 7200 and 532 ft ibs of torque at 3800 :sunglasses:

I’ll give it a try… (will update later with the results)

edit: got 607hp @ 8,000(!) rpm and 428 ft/lbs of torque. And then I forgot to save the engine. :laughing:

ok, i got all the info off online, the stroke and bore and stuff, tried to keep it as real as possible :slight_smile:

Do you mean a pushrod engine a la Chevy small block, or anything that’s 350 ci?

no, a v8 flat plane, dual over head cams, will be making a chevy small block to the exact T tonight :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:

O, and i got the HP up to 617, will post pics later

That’s what I did. I was wondering why the torque figures were so high compared to mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


how do you guys take screen shots like that?

Shift + print screen, paste into image editing program, crop and save.

Or Snipping Tool if you’re on Windows 7 and running it in a window :stuck_out_tongue:

heres my pushrod carburated 350 :sunglasses: