Hunter Motors

The company was founded in 1985 in the United Kingdom under the name of Hunter Motors.
It specialises in the luxury and mid-sized markets, attracting customers by their design and high quality interiors, as well as giving the enthusiasts the engines they desire.
Soon after the launch of the first vehicle a lot of the luxury industry started to follow their design language due to the volume of customers the company was having on the market.

About the vehicle:

Year of manufacture:1985

This car was made with no quality compromises on any components, equipped with the newest gizmos like:

  • Bespoke Hunter Audio System made by BOZE incl. 8 Speakers, a 6CD Changer, and 2 Active under seat subwoofers.
  • CloudRide™ Air Adjustable Suspension for maximum comfort, or minimum corner roll when more performance is required.
  • Cellphone connectivity (Compatible only with specific models, Available only in the US)
  • A V8 Engine for performance and smoothness during the ride.
  • EasySteer™ Power steering system makes every manoeuvre easy and pleasant.
  • A high standard of safety ensured by the ADAC, rated at 5 stars, which includes Airbags, a collapsible steering wheel and a fuel cut-off switch in case of an accident.

At a time when greed was good, the LC (short for Luxury Coupe?) would have been on the radar of every drug lord in Miami for its imposing yet alluring blend of looks, performance and luxury.

Year Of Manufacture: 2013

Hunter Motors is proud to present you yet another exceptional vehicle that will satisfy all your luxurious needs.
It has some distinctive features, that we will present to you today.

Technical Features

This vehicle includes the newest consumer available technology, such as:

  • Bespoke Hunter Audio by BOZE 2000 Watt Sound system included with 18 Speakers.
  • A touchscreen operated Hunter Ultimate Display™ infotainment system, which we call HUD™ for short.
  • CloudRide 3.0™ ensuring your riding comfort and peformance.
  • EasyRide3™ making the drive a pleasure by adjusting the power steering dependant on your speed.
  • An 8CD changer, as well as Bluetooth™ streaming and smartphone integration.
  • Bespoke heated and ventilated leather seats developed and tailored by Hunter Motors to suit the clients need (Configurable at the dealership) (Can have massaged seats included as an optional extra).
  • An innovative H-Drive™ system, which allows the driver to adjust the vehicles parameters (Including exhaust loudness and suspension stiffness) to suit their needs.
  • Multi function heated steering wheel ensuring that the client is minimally distracted from driving, but is still able to use the innovative H-Drive™ and our bespoke HUD™ infotainment.
Engine Data

This vehicle packs a strong punch, being it is a 5.0 V10 Bi-Turbo producing 700 horsepower and 800 Newton Metres of torque engine with the ability to adjust the exhaust note from the drivers position.

Safety Features

Controlled Crumple zones developed by Hunter motors to ensure you as the driver and the passengers can safely survive the impact.
Three-Point seat belts included with a pre-tensioner to keep the driver planted in the seat at the time of impact.
Eight Airbags to ensure maximum surviving chance at impact.
A bespoke HUD Assistant™ that will connect you to an emergency responder if the vehicle senses an impact.

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