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Yes hi hello there! i haven’t been on the forum for a while especially on this part since i was busy hanging out at Discord, posting my cars there and doing community challenges at the forum challenge side.

So, i’ve decided to post all of my cars that i’ve made including every brands that i have on my hands and posting 'em here because why not? I’ll probably post most of my cars at here and Discord.

Any feedback and critique are welcomed so i can improve my design language and be better or something idk lol.

1973 Cailloux S-GT

1970 - 1990 Steurmann Zip

Normal and Stanced Atera 2000S

2004 Denver Trailking


It makes perfect sense to show off your designs here instead of (or in addition to) the Discord. In particular, the evolution of the Zip from 1970 to 1990 illustrates how drastically different the ‘90 Zip’s soft, rounded aesthetics feel compared to the older cars’ boxy shape.

1972 Denver Crusader GT

2077 Denver Super Rocket Coupe

1966 Steurmann 601

1959 STZ Coupe 60


WMMT's Traffic Set [Almost Completed]

Top - Subaru R2, Middle - Toyota Hiace Super Custom, Bottom - Toyota Corolla G.
Just missing Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution which is currently replicating.

1953 Denver Arachne

1963 Denver Arachne Crusader

2020 Steurmann H20 Turbo and 2020 Steurmann CS-12


puking some more cars in here brb


Nice work!

Some cars that i made in Open Beta version


Special Message from early 2000's

Enter at your own risk or idk