I accidentally painted the chassis of my car, don't know how to revert (mystery solved)

You can see the red lines in the photo, in beam the chassis looks like faded red.

Also I’m new so I don’t know how the forum works, if I posted this in the wrong place im sorry.

Firstly, welcome!

Secondly, if you need to reset the paint on the car you click the button highlighted in the photo below, when you have a particular painting panel open:

However, it could also be changing the visibility on the chassis in the advanced setting, in which case you go to the trim selection tab and click on the gear so you can change it back:

Top is basic chassis disabled, bottom is it enabled.

Thing is I can’t select the chassis as a paintable part of the car, if I remember correctly I was painting the car when I figured out there is a way to just click on parts and paint them without using the paint menu, I must’ve hit the chassis and painted it but I don’t remember the key to do that

That’s the glued aluminium chassis if I’m correct, that’s the colour of the glue. It just is that way.

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ah, glue, well that fixes it, thanks