I can't make a NASCAR motor. :(

So here is the story,
My dad recently bought an 800 horsepower NASCAR motor from a website and I bought Automation mainly to see if I could try and replicate the engine. But it doesn’t work! Here are the stats that I know of the engine…
Size: 358 Small Block
Compression: 13 to 1
Carb: Single 4 barrel carburetor
Valve type: Pushrod
Does anybody know if there is any way this engine can work in-game? And if so can you make it? Thanks

I will get onto it if you had more info about the engine like what the parts are that make it up that would be helpful

Most likely not, Automation isn’t really set-up to build serious race motors

Daffy could you add in race engines in a later build please I really wanna build some race engines mainly F1 engines from the 1980s

or at least the regular stuff - WRC, WTCC, GT and so on :slight_smile:

I’m going to have a go at it myself.

The main limitations are:
[ul]]Cast iron V8 with crossplane crank/:m]
]aluminum or cast iron 2 valve OHV heads/:m]
]358 cubic inch maximum displacement/:m]
]4.185" maximum bore./:m]
]12:1 max compression/:m]
]98 octane (AKI) gasoline/:m][/ul]

And until a couple of years ago a single 4-barrel carb was required, but now all cars must run a spec multipoint EFI system with a single throttle.

The best I could manage was 589 hp, but I’m not really surprised that I couldn’t match the real thing.

Nascar engines are extremely well developed race engines, to the point that they have volumetric and combustion efficiencies that are comparable to formula one motors. That’s 220+ psi BMEP from an engine with 2-valve heads and a carburetor… They’re no joke. That’s just too far beyond a normal pushrod production car engine to expect to be able to match it in Automation.
357.9CI NASCAR engineRev0.lua (47 KB)

youtube.com/watch?v=XhIym616O2Y the first part of this video is the Nascar engine and the second part to this video is the 3198bhp Engine from Jagermeister

I had to cheat, but here it is. It’s got too much torque and mid range power but I couldn’t do much about that. Without cheating I could only get 650 hp due to the piss weak top end that you need to comply with NASCAR regulations and also be within the limits of the game.

NASCAR Sprint Cup 2013Rev0.lua (53.5 KB)