I cant play on steam


I converted the key into STEAM since 2 days ago and now I cant play. The game starts correctly but when Im going to “sandbox” part it freezes, and I cant do anything. If I press a button (close for example) it doesn´t nothing… so if I want to close the game, I must to return to Windows SO and close the game window.

When I had the standalone game I played without any trouble… so I think this is not my card graphic or CPU.

Please anybody help me?


Does the same thing happen when you run in 1280x720p windowed mode for example? Do you get any errors? Does it freeze when you go into scenarios too?

I start the game into STEAM and .exe too and this is the same, the game freezes on SANDBOX and SCENARIO part… both of them.

I think I found the problem… it is easy… the mouse pointer is too below of the object… I mean, I put the mouse pointer on a center of any object (button, links, whatever) and do nothing, but if I move the mouse pointer slowly around the object (most specifically below) this works.

So for play correctly I must to interact with the objects of the game until the event occurs… if this can be fixed could be great because I must to lose some time trying to find the object to interact with every time.

do you understand the problem? sorry my english…

Yes, I understand :slight_smile: actually we’re already working on a solution for that problem and with the next patch coming out, it should be solved. We hope we get it done until tomorrow! Usually it works playing the game in windowed mode at 1280x720 though, that fixed the same problem for other people.