I do have a question!

No, really! I do! :smiley:

I’m curious as to what platforms Automation will come out for. I don’t presently have a PC, is why I ask this.

Naturally, I don’t expect availability for consoles, but will it come out in Universal App (Mac/Linux) form?

Well I can’t speak for the devs, but I think it will be PC only… Mac/Linux are incredibly small gaming markets, so I don’t think its worth their time to port it over…

Besides, mac has bootcamp and most people with linux probably have windows installed as a second operating system… atleast the ones who play games.

It is for Windows PC only,

but it is not using anything super sophisticated, so I can’t see why it would not work under WINE.

It might be worth my time making sure it is wine compatible, but currently it is now worth my time making a full port.

The engine uses Direct X 9, porting to another platform would not be a small task.

Currently it’s using the June 2010 release of Direct X, which if I understand correctly may cause issues with WINE due to DLL dependences (going by what I’ve read, I don’t have much experience with WINE).

However, I don’t foresee any major issues in releasing a build using DirectX 9.0c (supported natively by WINE).

So basically, WINE is an option worth looking into. Full ports, not going to happen anytime soon.

Has there been consideration of running through OpenGL or making that an option, at least? I recognize it is at least not as good as DirectX, but porting to other systems or using through something like WINE wouldn’t be as much of a pain.

It is a lot of work at this point to make an OpenGL implementation,

especially with the state OpenGL was and to some extent is still in.

There’s also the fact that it’s taken me more than 3 years to get the Kee Engine to where it is, and an OpenGL implementation would involve rewriting most of it - and probably take longer, as I’d have to learn how to use it. :slight_smile: