I dont hear any sounds in game

if i create new engine and then i want to strart the engine and do few pulls i see it working but i dont hear anything and i dont want to sell the game so can anyone help me?

Check what audio drivers you have, where the audio is going in the game, maybe it’s going to your tv or something instead of headphones, make sure everything is 100% in the settings for windows and the game.

i check audio in windows and in game but still nothing. I tried others games in steam or epic games and i tried watch videos on youtube, there was no problem with sound only in automation i still hear nothing

Are you running any third-party audio devices or software on your computer at all?

Sometimes with those, Automation gets locked out of your computer’s audio controller and can’t generate any audio for the game.

No, i close everything on notebook and start game but still nothing. Maybe its the notebook that is the problem. On my notebook doesens work sound like when i dont use headphones or speaker i dont hear anything, but when i connect headphones that sound work, only Automation doesent. (sorry for my english if its bad, my national language is not english)