I have not been here in a very long time

I dont think I’ve been on this website in a year maybe? Feels like its been at least a year. I like the layout, it looks better than what the old one did. When V16 engines are released will I still be getting it for free? I bought the game a while ago when we could preorder the V16 and get it when its released

Welcome back!

About those V16s. They’re happening, no idea when. Current focus is on finishing up the campaign then porting to Unreal Engine. After that a few more common basic engine types may (or may not) appear in the game. After that the campaign will exit Lite and become fully featured. The entire game is still in beta pretty much so there is a LOOOOOOOONG way until the game is even 75% completed. after that is when V16s happen, when the DLCs are planned and released.


Yeah I know theyre coming, the I3 engine is fun to mess around with for now, just wondering if I will get it when its released

I do not think the devs would swindle you like that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome back @r4m0n35! I don’t believe we’ve met on the forums before so hey!

Speaking of those V16s; I’m betting that there’ll be a slew of 4000 hp turbocharged V16 hypercars, so I’m going to counter that by making a super economical V16 and try shoving it in a hatchback



0_0 is it planned to come with the release of unreal for those who purchased the turbocharged/supercharged editions?

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Are some new engines coming right with the Unreal update? If yes, then huge yay :smiley:


Ooo, that looks nice @Daffyflyer. I cant wait for the unreal engine

5000 here, because fuck the Devel 16 :joy:


Now everyone proceeds to make a body that is basically 80% engine bay space


So the Deora II?


What even???

Well, now I want one of those, but I didn’t know about Automation early enough to even think about pre-ordering.

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It should be a DLC IIRC?

I remember it being a paid DLC but would be free to people who purchased Automation with the V16 packaged in when its released