I have passed 100 hours in Automation

Let’s see if I can get to 1000


Better question is - can you stop at 1000? :stuck_out_tongue: (and the probable answer is “no”)


I am guessing no…
Just checked and, well, 2658 hours…


So far I have logged over 6000 hours.

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Only 438 Hours :skull:


4900 and some.
Do the devs get to brag this time?

Just 1138 here, shame. I joined right at the beginning of the new era where all the mods were obsolete and the community was scrambling to get new ones up. Not too long ago, really.

Edit you know I’m ok with that number, I have 172 hrs in CP2077, 941 hrs in Fallout 4, 684 hrs Skyrim, 872 hrs No Man’s Sky, etc. Automation is a game that definitely gives a lot for the money, especially with mods for fixtures.

Many thanks


Considering that, your designs are nothing but impressive!

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Ive never spent so little on a game and got so much joy at the same time.

The term “you get what you pay for” does NOT apply here…and BeamNG…

At this point Im definitely in the market for a gaming PC solely for this and Beam.

Short answer, probably not… if I am anything to go by.

Same. The only reason I don’t have BeamNG is because my laptop can’t handle it


Mine BARELY runs it. I can get a few laps in by myself on low settings, anything more than that and its lights out :sleeping:

This is not okay