I need Dev assistance with a very particular issue

Right, so… More or less, being able to play Automation without an internet connection.

Now, as I write this, I am using a borrowed laptop. However, you see, my PC, which is rather old, has just had its Ethernet card, or something of the like, go kaput. So therein I cannot connect to the internet on it. NOW, this is a problem, because I am using the stand-alone launcher, it wants me to connect to the servers or whatever to play the offline sandbox.

In short, it asks me for my password and username, I give it such, it tells me it cannot connect, and then asks me if I would like to proceed offline. Once I do so however, it then tells me I have an “Invalid Key” because I have no internet connection. I cannot have my computer repaired at any point in the near future. As I am in the process of buying parts to build a new one anyway, but completion is a while away.

Is it possible for the Devs, to get me some sort of means to bypass the key? Obviously because you guys have my information you know I have purchased the game, and not converted to Steam or something, and that I’m not trying to smuggle the game or anything. I know the internet thing is more a “Your problem, not ours.” deal. BUT, a game that is played entirely offline(On the standalone) should be able to be played without internet, and it is a considerable design flaw if it is not.

Any kind of minor thing, an EXE or whatever, I can put on a drive and transfer to my computer and install.

Please assist me if possible.

I really do need some form of help, an answer, I would most certainly enjoy being able to play the game I bought. :confused:

Well, the thing is you need to connect ONCE on a new system to unlock offline mode. Obviously we can’t provide you with a method around that because that would be a crack for the game. :stuck_out_tongue:
So I don’t think there is any solution for this, unfortunately.

I see… It’s an unfortunate oversight that the game cannot currently be played offline even if you have verified your ownership in the past. Sigh.