I Need More Than 120mm Bore and Stroke Capacity

Hi, for me the maximum 120 mm bore / stroke volume is starting to come less. So now comes a novelty scents in the game. If possible, we would like the diesel option, maked with more than 120 mm volume (eg 160 mm limit) and updates such as heavy commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, etc.). Sorry for bad English.

Diesel is the #1 requested other engine type, but the devs are done with the car designer for now. Possible for later update, but far from guaranteed.

Yes, I’ve forgotten the diesel part from the FAQ. But requires an update or DLC development for heavy commercial vehicle bodies & bore/stroke options. An example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1836830989

That is a mod and not part of the game.

You are asking the developers to adapt the game to about 2 or 3 meme-y mods that have no real relevance to the game.


Trucks, buses and vans are also not a heavy car? I understand you want to laze here, but the customer is important. :wink:

The customer, not a random customer.

Calling the developers laze[sic.] will not help your cause either, I presume.

The rest is answered by point 5 in the FAQ. Any vehicles that are heavy utility are mods. If you consider the they mods don’t fit the game, complain to the mod author.


Shut up & listen. You’ve been a charlatan. Delevop the new (HD vehicles) game, so if you’re so smart. I used the word “lazy” as a joke.

Read the comments one on the https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1836830989, you’ll know when you see the requests there.

You sound like a troll, didn’t ya?

Dude, you could either just wait, or do it yourself. End of story.


No my friend:

This is my request for new features. This forum page will be solved my friend. Then I will develop something that will challenge this game.

I will ask again. You are aware that that vehicle is a user made modification, right? As in, not something the developers decided.

I’d love to be able to make all engine and vehicle types in this game, but the priorities of the team are elsewhere. You can - again - read about that in the FAQ.

What you need or your request is, and what you will develop to challenge this game”, as you underline in the title of the thread and your posts, is unlikely to change their mind.


You simply dont understand how difficult it is to add diesel engines into the game or expand the bore and stroke limits. “Then I will develop something that will challenge this game.” Judging by your discourse in this thread, you dont have a single clue about game development, you cant even tell the difference between a mod and vanilla content.


I know how hard it is. Software licenses, voice recording, code search / writing, GUI editing and etc. Yes, we need a lot of time, but if others adhere to you with the request of a commercial vehicles safe, then you must may have to do it. Actually, it’s my bad. Everything comes out later. I apologize for keeping you busy & some breaking rules. Thanks again for reminding me.


Well, this was a fun thread :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, there won’t be 120mm+ sizing for Automation 1.0. In case we get around to implementing the Engine Designer Revamp (a complete rewrite of the engine designer to become a bit more of a simulation rather than pure parameterization) after Automation 1.0 is done, that might feature larger engines.

Search our Youtube channel for Engine Designer Revamp Discussion if you want to know more about that.


This is true. :stuck_out_tongue: We only use it, there are very few producers. There is nothing to do. :wink: We ask what we know, and we answer what we do not know. Some good, some bad. We’re in a place called Earth. Something can happen at the moment. :smiley:

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you sound just like a karen


I don’t know if its the language barrier, but he sounds like a shroomer.

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