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Tier 5
2005 Pittsburgh Express ‘The Sledgehammer’

Based on the venerable Express line, The Sledgehammer is a limited run Muscle Monster, mating a 5L V8 making just over a thousand horsepower to a rally-derived AWD powertrain for a top speed of 242 mph. Tear the road from coast-to-coast with this fusion of comfort and performance.

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omg look it’s my QFC22 entry!!!

I even updated the taillights.

2005 Aitlan Trinity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cream interior because I were too lazy to change the colors.

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le sedanne :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

omg it drives

wawoiwe is luxury station sports wagon with his best friend, the cheap hatchback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sending two of them, one the traffic (muscle sedan) and retro racer
(racer - Tier 2) 1973 Linnea Mistral 2.6 Super Light
(traffic - muscle sedan) 2005 Pocono SDX75 V

2000-2008 Globus Grand Cruiser Police Interceptor

This car might look old and not very menacing, but it is durable and faster than you think. A skilled officer will cause you headache.

Tier 1: 1990 Globus Bravura LT

A cheap domestic fun car? This is it. It might not be a good car, but it looked nice enough when new and smoked the front wheels with some effect. And its ´murican!

Tier 2: 1994 Cavaliere Nobile Freccia B6-25
Italians can´t build reliable cars? Maybe. Can Italians build fast cars? Sure. This rather small sedan has that understatement of an Italian suit and has the same perfect fit. In the mid-90s, this was what the drivers of a Primus Merit or lower level Nordwagen feared on the Autobahn.

Tier 3: 2004 Cavaliere Nobile Teramo
This fancy Italian convertible will ruin your hairstyle at almost 300 kph. Surprisingly, it will maintain this speed without immediately breaking down.

Tier 4: 2009 Primus Cognoscenti 350
A large luxury landyacht? And not even a V8? Boooo! But you can relax in the massage seat at 320 kph and drink a bad gas station coffee from a heated (or cooled, if you prefer a soda) cupholder. This Austrian machine is the peak of reasonnable luxury.

Tier 5: 2008 Globus Dominator
The name speaks for itself. The last oldschool muscle car. At least the chassis has evolved since the late 60s, when the Dominator equally scared the owners and the competition, and can almost stand the massive power. But only almost.

Tier 6: 2011 Cavaliere Nobile Razzo
Razzo means rocket, and that´s all you need to know.

As the vehicles need adaption to US-spec, they will be submitted later, but are already presented as changes will only minor. All cars come with sophisticated interior and are suitable as “camera cars”

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Tier 6: Platinum Panamerica 7

The latest addition to the Panamerica lineage(at time of publishing) brings a clean-sheet twin turbo V10, mated to an advanced AWD powertrain, and a transmission that brings out the most of both. A blistering 3 second 0-60 will surely get you to a 262 mph top speed relatively quickly, and its overbuilt design should ensure that it stays there for however long you need it to be.

Fastest way to end your race or fun obstacle for those that are crazy enough to go under :sunglasses:


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From left to right:
Tier 1: 2000 Mara Asteri 2.0 SSE Evo AMM
Tier 2: 2012 Mara Paragon 2.3 SE42
Tier 3: 2012 Mara Paragon 4.0 SE42

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Tier 4 car: 1990 RAUK-Saarland Ambrosia ET-24

When Saarland bought a large stake in the Swedish sports car manufacturer RAUK, one of the first things we saw coming out of that was the RAUK-Saarland Ambrosia ET-24. Giving the 24 valve inline six a larger stroke, turbocharging and bumping up the power to 388 hp made the family sedan into a monster, capable of reaching 308 km/h.

Regular traffic cheap hatchback: 2009 IP Urbana 1.2 Pulse

Yes, it’s me. Yes, we have met before. Yes, I am the one that always annoys you by driving 37 km/h in a 70 km/h zone. No, playing a videogame didn’t mean you would get rid of me, what a silly thought!

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i’m honestly not sure i will be able to finish either this or pcc, as i am caught up in other things