Yes, i’m hosting 2 challenges at once, but this one will not start until pcc ends.
After the disaster that was I Need Speed!: Detective’s Run, which mainly had the same formula as the critically acclaimed INS: Wanted List and INS: Alcantara, White Box is trying to make something different. The Trip takes you on a wild journey across the USA, from SF to NY, beating rivals and dodging the cops and mob at the same time.
After the judging, a cscs-style story will ensue


Maximum model year 2012
The car must meet gasmean safety and emissions standards for it’s time
race parts are allowed
no v16s or legacy bodies
Default techpool
Concept cars are fine as long as they’re not too wacko crazy (racers only, traffic cars must be production models)
it must look like a car, and preferably have an interior


Racer Cars are split into 6 tiers. you may submit one car per tier
it can be as old or as new as you wish, and can also be modified
Tier 1: Top speed to 146mph
Tier 2: Top speed from 147mph to 165mph
Tier 3: Top speed from 166mph to 185mph
Tier 4: Top speed from 186mph to 202mph
Tier 5: Top speed from 203mph to 244mph
Tier 6: top speed from 245mph
The winner in it’s class will become the protagonist’s car for their respective sections, losing cars will appear as background racers|
fuel: any type avaliable before 1975, unleaded 91 from 1975 to 1984, unleaded 91 or 95 from 1985 to 1994, 91, 95, and 98 ron from 1995 onwards.
100 ron is only allowed after 2000 for tier 6 only


Traffic cars will not be judged, feel free to submit as many as you want even if you’ve already submitted a racer car though! they will appear as background traffic.
Must be 1998 or newer, except for the tractor
i am specifically looking for: (feel free to submit others)
compact premium car
Mid-size premium car
Cheap Coupe
Cheap Hatchback x2 x1
Muscle Car (Coupe)
Muscle Car (Sedan)
Camper Van
Full-size american sedan
Semi truck
box truck
luxury coupe
tanker truck
tour bus
mid-size pickup
Luxury SUV
Full-size pickup
you do not need an ad for these.

Police cars will be randomly picked and modified from existing submissions
Naming: Family and model: INSTT-YOURNAME Variant and trim: free

Priorities for racers

:star: :star: :star:
Performance: It needs to be able to keep up with other racers
Reliability: It cant break down, as this is a 3000 mile race

:star: :star:
Drivability: it can’t be too hard to drive
Safety: this car will be seeing some serious speed, so it better be safe

Offroad: it needs to be able to do at least light off-roading

Submissions open jan 24th 8am est, close feb 14th 8am est


basically, any car from nfs the run would be my inspirations
IGCD.net: Vehicles/Cars list for Need for Speed: The Run

What year is this set in? Modern day, or 2011 like NFS, or…?

Late 2011, so 2012MY is fine

ATTENTION: Deadline is now feb 14th, submissions open tomorrow morning

vermillion daredevil (tier 4): submission from flingang

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Happened to notice design isn’t on the list of priorities :>

Thought it would be obvious you shouldn’t submit a multipla

Any model/trim year combination (up to 2012) is therefore fair game.

Correction: It should be 6 tiers.

A 2012 car would thus need to be compatible with WES 11 and have at least standard 00s safety, for example.

1: yes, as long as it’s 2012 or before
2: I’ll fix it
3: yes

I forgot to mention: concept cars are also fine as long as they’re not too wacko crazy (racers only, traffic vehicles must be production cars)

As the original game did have at least one concept car (fpis)

Also, farming equipment and heavy duty trucks for traffic are exempt from emissions
Farming equipment is additionally exempt from safety

Seems the rules are missing something clarifying the “goal” of the challenge, makes it a bit confusing… I think you should specify clearly what the car we are making is for - the cover? the protagonist’s car? car for the racers the player will be taking on?

edit: oop nevermind didn’t notice the tier section

One thing I’ll have to tell you is that I probably sent the car with +0 tech pool in the engine block by accident. I’ve sent you the fixed car in Discord DMs, as you probably might know, and I hope my car can be fixed, just this time around. If not, I hope there is no penalty for a +0 tech pool. And sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you forgive me.

Edit: Forget about this message, it’s now fixed.

The winner cars for each tier will be the protagonist’s cars, the losers will be background racers

Traffic car proposals by PRIMUS GLOBUS

Luxury SUV: 2010 Primus Aventura 500

Cheap Coupe: 2005 Globus Bravura Stallion

Premium midsize sedan: 2010 Primus Merit 280 Avance

Midsize truck: 2010 Globus Atlas

Tour bus: 1999 Globus Omni 12 (needs to be modified, as this is a citybus

For more cars please contact us. We can also provide some 2000-2006 Globus Grand cruisers in police-spec.


Pingu La Ronge L-RX W/ ESR Bodykit (Tier2)

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Let me just say your modern and 90s car designs are great!


Here’s what every traffic car place is supposed to be taking the role of from the original NFS:
It doesn’t need to be like the original car, it just needs to take the role of it

Compact premium car: Audi A4 (B7, 2004)
Mid-size premium car: Cadillac CTS (2003)
Cheap coupe: Chevrolet Cobalt (2006)
Cheap hatchback: Dodge Caliber (2009), Nissan Versa/Tiida Hatchback (2010)
Muscle car (coupe): NFS Fictional “Challenger Mustang Camaro thing” Muscle car (2008)
Muscle car (sedan): Dodge charger (LX, 2010)
Minivan: Dodge Grand Caravan (2010)
Wagon: Dodge Magnum (LX, 2008)
Camper van: NFS Fictional “Sprinter” (2004)
Full-size American sedan: Ford crown Victoria (2007)
Semi truck: NFS Fictional “Freightliner FLD” (2001)
Van: GMC Savana (2003)
Box truck: GMC TopKick (2005)
Luxury coupe: Infiniti G35 (2003)
Tanker truck: NFS fictional “international 9200” (2008)
Tractor: NFS Fictional “Lamborghini 854” (1987)
Tour bus: NFS fictional “Travego” (2004)
Mid-Size pickup: Nissan Frontier/Navara (D40, 2010)
Luxury SUV: Porsche Cayenne Turbo (2010)
Full-size pickup: Dodge RAM 1500 (2010)