CSCS3: Notruf 110, Season 11 (2004)

Yes, the car crashing continues!

The photoscenes are working again (thanks, Devs!) and I became a bit more experienced in setting up chases in Beam when working on CSCS2, so I feel like a third one is possible.
Of course I would have preferred others going on with this challenge type so that I could enjoy my retirement, but this seems to have failed.

The setting

The private Hetvesian TV station FFF (Film, Funk und Fernsehen) created the show “NOTRUF 110 - EINSATZ FÜR DIE AUTOBAHNPOLIZEI” in 1993, portraying the dangerous duties of the young highway cop Frank Batimus and his team. The pilot movie was successful, so in 1994 the filming of a series started. After ten seasons, the show is still the most popular prime time show in Hetvesia and exported to all other countries with huge success. Having your car starring here is one of the best advertizing campaigns you could possibly have. As its the 10th anniversary of the show, you can be very sure that season 11 is nothing but the peak of the whole show´s running period. (@66mazda I guess this time its the right year for you to enter?)

For inspiration:

CSCS 1 (Season 3, 1996 and S6E6, 1999)

CSCS2 (Season 7, 2000).


Kriminalhauptkommissar Frank Batimus

Frank, a 39 year old Berlau native, is the protagonist of the show, an experienced cop with a genius mind. While he looks very serious, never seen in duty without suit and tie, his guilty pleasure is hard techno music, dancing all night through Berlau. Of course with a suit, too. While he is generally a nice guy, his sarcasm turned into cynism over the years, and he could be quite stinky, especially if his wife as corrective is not present. It is obvious that a decade in this job changed him towards bitterness. He prefers unsuspicious cars, but they need to have a certain sportiness and clean, sharp styling. He is a skilled driver, although he rarely uses brute force, instead, he prefers solving the case the smart way. Nevertheless, his crash statistic is as stunning as that of his successful arrests.

Kriminalkommissar Lars Krüger

Lars, a 32 year old from Ungenstadt, has a lot less temper than Frank, although he has matured in the four years working for the highway patrol. He is a computer nerd and these abilities are often useful in a more and more digitalized world. Krüger has improved his driving and prefers a sleek vehicle with some coolness. Large chrome clunkers are not to his taste.

Kriminalkommissarin Sarah Batimus

Sarah, 30, just came back from maternity leave. She is a very gentle woman with a warm heart, but can turn into a killing machine if it is needed to protect the poor and the weak. Being a mother calmed her a bit, but she is still willing to take great risks to get a case done, and even if she seems to have cured her insecurities and borderline disorder, she remains a rather freaky and unconventional character. She prefers cars with a certain personality, she would never use a vehicle that just blends in anywhere.

Kriminaloberrat Bernd Schneider

Bernd Schneider, aged 58, a former military officer, was promoted from the uniformed police force to this desk job, but refuses to take off his uniform he wears with pride - a habit from his military times.
He is rule-obedient and does not let slide a lot, but when it is neccecary, he will blow all regulations and step in with full force himself.
He prefers a prestigious and fast car, but in police livery. He will use it in a pursuit when his team needs his help, and unlike all other men of his rank, he hates being stuck at the desk, so it will be used to pursuit baddies from time to time. Bernd Schneider is well known and feared by criminals, since if he enters a chase, his eyes are reported to glow red and having an evil grin on the face.

Kriminalrätin Gesine Resch

Ms. Resch seems to be the female version of Bernd Schneider: Strict, loving rules and formalities - but instead of having a strong physical presence, Resch is more silent. When Schneider yelled and banged his fist on the table, Resch just speaks slowly, sharp, and unmistakeably, and that makes her definitely more intimidating than Schneider… Resch does not want to drive a boring compact, but she also thinks of Bernd Schneiders faible for muscular luxobarges as childish and a prosthetic for something… so you need to hit the golden middle for her. She prefers a car without livery, other than Schneider.

Polizeihauptmeister Uwe Holtmann and Polizeiobermeister Udo Kaportke

Uwe Holtmann and Udo Kaportke (Frank mixes up the names on purpose to annoy them) are the most prominent uniformed officers in the show. They are neither smart nor helpful, but try their best to ensure that Batimus and Krüger have a backup.


Not featured as protagonist car? No problem. The cars here are equally important. What would Klaus Kasupke be without a Saberin? Or do you remember the BetterDeals? Unfortunately, I do…
Long story short: Taking part here will also guarantee you screentime and having your car in the spotlight.

Tier 1: Fast/Furious or NFS Underground styled tuner cars
TMCC29 cars may be recycled here. Tuned street race cars were en vogue in 2004, and of course, Notruf 110 surfes on the popularity wave with an episode. The model year and other tings are irrelevant. Just enter a car that looks straight from NFSU. It is a design only thing. The best looking car will be used by the protagonist. I guess showing up among tuners in a suit and driving a silver Primus Merit will raise more than one eyebrow, so…

Tier 2: Fire truck with ladder
If someone has this for me, I will definitely take it and feature it in the story very prominently.

All other special vehicles are already under construction or available for me.
Plane, subway train (yes, a subway train!): @shibusu
Jetski, dozer @Knugcab
Minetruck @Mikonp7
Hovercraft @Djadania

The rest of the special vehicles will be made by myself. BUT: If you have an unusual vehicle you want to see here, just send it over! Even non-cars can be entertaining, so don´t hesitate even if it´s a washing machine.

Thanks to all creators supporting CSCS with their work.


This is a challenge with a strong focus on design. Your cars need to represent the characters!!!

Design and fitting the character

Value for money - the cars need to be credible as police cars. However, a Kriminalrat can have something more expensive than a regular patrol officer. Keep it sane.
Safety - After season 3 and some injured stunt people, they put that on the list. I wonder why.

Reliability - the cars are driven very hard in the show, and since they need to last a whole season, they should better be tough.

Performance figures and sportiness - For a chase, having a chain with pedals linked to the axle might be a disadvantage. Among the usual vehicles at the turn of the mid-00s, the cars should not be low-performers.

Comfort - The highway patrol spends a lot of time in the car - don´t make it a prison cell!
Drivability - Highway patrolmen and women are highly trained professionals - and so are the stunt drivers, but they don´t want something handling like a hot potato.

The Rules

Naming convention:
Model and Family: CSCS3 - [your username and the character this car is for]
Trim and Variant: Free

MODEL AND FAMILY: 1998-2004 model year, family year unrestricted




FUEL 95 RON PREMIUM (since this was the standard for higher performance German cars in the mid-90s).



AT LEAST FOUR (full) SEATS (I mean, dragging the arrested baddies with a rope attached to the rear bumper might be tempting, but illegal to human rights)

Please no convertibles unless it REALLY fits the character.

The techpool will be 100 million total cost.


I used cars with own realistic license plates in CSCS2. Creating them for newer ones (post 1999 models) was a PAIN. I did it by using the usual Hetvesian plate and covering it partly up with a white patch, then adding the registration and plaques. It is a pain for a challenge with 50+ cars in use. I won´t do this for you this time, sorry. But if you want to do it yourself (its like 2-3 minutes, but add that up on 50 cars, NO THANKS, NOT AGAIN, so please understand why I pass this to you) here is an example of it:



That equates to WES9 at minimum, if I’m not mistaken.

I have a base car I could flesh out into an equivalent of a first generation Escalade rather quickly. Since it is 2004 and baddies are involved, I guess you could use a period correct, pimped out one for some scenes. Interesting?

Yes, I do have found a small role for it. I will use it. I guess its a VCV then?


Minimum safety for Hetvesia in the 2000s is 45 after a recent change, so should this be a requirement?

Yes, I will include that soon.

Das neue Atarin.

Das ‘S-AIR’-System steigert die Leistung des 3.8L V8 von 280 auf 340 PS.

Ein neues ‘Saberin Touchmagic 800’ Fahrzeuginformationszentrum gibt Ihnen die Kontrolle über Navigation, Unterhaltung und mehr.

I don't actually speak German, these are the leftovers from my middle school German class and good old google translate

Is there a limit for engineering time and production units? Also is the Hetvesia WES 9 in 2004?

Edit: Also, for the name, isn’t it supposed to be CSCS3? Because CSCS2 was the previous season, and that’s what’s written in the rules.

Edit 2: Also, should I use the Hetvesian or EU license plates? I’m confused whether it’s based in real world or Hetvesia. Sorry for the many questions.

No ET or PU limit, thats what we have techpool for now.
Eh, yes, it is the third. Where did I write “2”? Might be a typo then.

For the plates, you can use the Hetvesians. If you want to have a “personalized” realistic plate, you are encouraged to do it as shown in the opening post. And well, I won´t bin a car for using some kind of false plate because that´s an easy fix and we are not in a CSR here.

If you don’t like a car that blends in anywhere, like Sarah Batimus, I will present the best car you can get.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 1998 Vermilion Daredevil SPV 465 Crazy Goat!

This is a rather different brand new car in the North American market back in 1998. It features a rather conservative design for a muscle car in the era, it’s a throwback to its golden era of muscle cars.

If you see the car anywhere, this is the part of the car you’ll see the most in the streets, the rear fascia. That’s due to the fact that this Daredevil, in particular, is powered by a 7.6L V8 with high output of 519 bhp (526 PS, 387 kW) and 548 lb-ft (749 N∙m) of torque, with all the power to the rear wheels. Top speed is around 198 mph (319 km/h). It’s emission compliant, thanks to its Direct Injection, which made the car’s third generation survive from 1998 to 2005 and also able to be exported to Europe to be sold in the dealership. It’s the pinnacle of American automotive scene in the late 1990s.

This is a car that will stand out of the other cars, but that’s not all! We have to take a good look in the interior, too.

This car, even if it’s a RWD muscle car, it has seats for five, one driver and four passengers. Since Sarah Batimus just gave birth to her baby girl, this means she needs to own a car which the entire family can fit inside. And three seats in the rear means more practicality and more passengers that can fit inside the car.

Since this is a car from 1998, it means the interior doesn’t actually need to have a lot of features, it’s mandatory in the modern days, but still it’s not really necessary. You need an air conditioner and a radio, and a clock is still a great feature. Trust me, not everyone wants a car full of unrealiable electronics, right?

Well, now you know what’s the best choice for a simple and reliable muscle car, right? If you know the right answer, you’ll think about the 1998-2005 Vermilion Daredevil SPV 465 Crazy Goat.

do cars need to be mostly somewhat German? or, for exampe, i can go nutz with full american cars?

I don´t see any reason to not accept import cars. TV cops in Germany even sometimes drove a Chrysler 300M because of DaimlerChrysler sponsorship.

This is simulating TV shows and not a real police squad so we can be very lenient here.

As I got the first car alrady and no significant change wish has ocurred, I hereby open the submissions until March 24!


(Part I: Updated to police green)

2004 Mara Kavaler 2.3 SF (Udo/Uwe)

On the left, the police fleet spec sedan version of the Mara Kavaler Mk3 in Hetvesian decals, powered by a 2.3L I4.

2004 Mara Kavaler 4.0 SKE (Bernd)

On the right, and at the other end of the Kavaler spectrum, the Komfort Extra sedan trim and a 4.0L V8 with traction control.

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As I got a lot more entries than expected for the Diesel challenge, and I also noticed that some people are trying to enter multiple challenges at once, I think a longer deadline won´t be too bad.

It has been moved foward to March 30, giving you a week more to create your vehicles.


Part 2:

2004 Mara Ranger 4.0 KE (Gesine)

The RWD-only SUV version of the Mk2 KRBY utility family (Kanyon, Ranger, Bizon, Yak) released just in time in 2000 to meet Gasmea’s increased safety requirements. The Ranger exchanged most off-road enhancements for interior creature comforts, especially in its top Komfort Extra trim.

2004 Mara Selena 2.0 LS (Lars)

The successor to Lars’ ride of (Bernd’s) choice in Season 7 - the Sporty trim of Mara’s compact family car, now called the Selena, here in hatchback form.

Part 3:

2004 Mara Apogee 2.3 SE turbo by Duke’s Garage

A new arrival in Mara’s line-up: after the Asteri coupe’s success, for the early 2000s they decided to spin off the small sporty coupe and convertible into their own model range. The Apogee was based on a shorted Selena platform and also borrowed heavily from the Selena’s design and engineering.

Duke’s Garage offered a tuning kit for the Apogee that went even further than what Mara’s house performance division AMM offered, and in ‘volcano orange’ instead of yellow.

Ihr Revier ist die Autobahn. Ihr Tempo ist mörderisch. Ihre Gegner: Autoschieber, Mörder und Erpresser. Einsatz rund um die Uhr für die Männer von Cobra 11. Unsere Sicherheit ist ihr Job.

(I copied this from the Wikipedia page for Alarm Fur Cobra 11)


A new standard for a new era

2004 Kaizen FC25

2004 Kaizen FC17


FC25 and FC25 Motive-Z Touring


As an indicator of future design philosphies and engineering, the Kaizen Class 4 has always been considered the defining vehicle of the company. With over 50 years of engineering excellence, sublime design, and cultural significance and reflection under its belt, it has been a hallmark of the compact executive segment and has bestowed Kaizen with a reputation few can hope to match.

Released in 2004, the 6th generation Class 4 is considered a pivotal point in company history. Adopting a streamlined yet serious design, it put more emphasis on comfort, safety, efficiency, and size, an approach that still has major influence to this day. Meticulously developed to navigate an increasingly unforgiving framework of market desires and regulations, the K406 draws a fine line between simple tradition and the power of modern technology.

At launch, two engines are offered, a 169hp 2.0L inline 4 and a 254 hp 3.0L inline 6, both are available with a 6-speed manual or a ZF 6HP 6-speed automatic. They are carried over from the previous generation of Class 4 with various improvements targeting increased output and efficiency and improved power delivery. Therefore, they are naturally aspirated with very lightweight aluminum alloy construction, a DOHC 4 valves per cylinder valvetrain, and Kaizen’s famed Continuous Valve Control system, which allows continuous variation of valve timing and lift and dramatically improves efficiency.

The innovative feature for this generation is the then-new Motive-Z all-wheel drive system, which replaces the previous viscous system and is available for all powertrain combinations. Named after the z-axis, it is a rear-biased full-time all-wheel drive system, defaulting to a front-rear 45:55 split. With an electronically controlled center differential, 100% of engine torque can be sent to either axle. Furthermore, traction is optimized at the rear axle with an electronically controlled limited-slip differential with torque vectoring. The front axle uses an open differential.


FC17 and FC17 Touring

FC17 Touring marked police car

FC17 unmarked police car

FC25 Motive-Z Touring marked police PR car and FC25 Motive-Z Touring unmarked police car




for Mrs. Baltimus


The American automaker, satisfied with how the cheap, compact Flavorous performed, decided to make another one of its kind. This one is more aimed towards the spirited young souls, one that yearns for an attainable, yet radical and stylish means of wreaking havoc expressing themselves.

for Mr. Baltimus


While the base Pilot is already a popular police car in Japan, the Pilot Plus takes it up a notch. Now equipped with all-wheel drive and limited slip, the luxurious sedan also serves as a looming threat to anyone who dares to doubt its prowess.

for Mr. Schneider


First time Eroberung uses anything but a straight-6 or a straight-4, this beast with an 8-cylinder heart is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury for the driver and passengers, as well as absolute terror for anyone outside of it. This is Eroberung packaging its most impressive feat yet in a reasonable package. Well… second most impressive.

for Mr. Kruger


Developed with Fischer Automobile, the U-BEL is made to be the distilled desires of their and Eroberung’s engineers alike. Named after and modeled with help from Mr. Fischer’s daughter herself, it’s as alluring as it is dangerous.

for Mrs. Resch

Kotatsu Metamorfa

The name “Metamorfa” represents a change in Kotatsu’s attitude towards car design and engineering, aiming for “more excitement in everyday commuting.” Introduced in the 2003 Dalluha Auto Show, the then-named “4-sports Concept” was a premium 4-seater sporty sedan designed with a notably experimental design, to everyone’s delight. And yet, it was their only car revealed in that show that made it into production, and with minimum changes at that.

by Eroberung Motor Company, Fischer Automobile, Delphinida, and Kotatsu Motors