CSCS 2: Notruf 110, Season 7 (2000)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the poll said 80 (!) percent of you want another episode of Notruf 110! And nobody wanted to take over the hosting, understandably. Now I will even add BeamNG for the storytelling, since Automation photoscenes are limited and I dont want to show the same things over and over.

The private Hetvesian TV station FFF (Film, Funk und Fernsehen) created the show “NOTRUF 110 - EINSATZ FÜR DIE AUTOBAHNPOLIZEI” in 1993, portraying the dangerous duties of the young highway cop Frank Batimus and his team. After six seasons, the show is as popular as ever, with a market share of 38 percent at thursday´s prime time!

Please read the thread of the first CSCS to get an impression what this relatively new challenge is about. There is not only all season 3 episodes performed, but also an interlude showing you the last episode of season 6 to give you a better impression how this challenge works and how the characters are. Nevertheless I will provide you a description.



Kriminalhauptkommissar Frank Batimus

Frank, a 34 year old Berlau native, is the protagonist of the show, a still relatively young cop with a genius mind. While he looks very serious, never seen in duty without suit and tie, his guilty pleasure is hard techno music, dancing all night through Berlau. Of course with a suit, too. He is still mourning his first partner, Rainer Sordel, which he could not save, and escapes into parties when not on duty. He reluctantly accepted Harald Walkowski as his new partner, but Harry resigned. He prefers unsuspicious cars, but they need to have a certain sportiness and clean, sharp styling. He is a skilled driver, although he rarely uses brute force, instead, he prefers solving the case the smart way. Nevertheless, his crash statistic is as stunning as that of his successful arrests.

Kriminalkommissarin Sarah Batimus

Sarah, 26, just married her colleague Frank after a long time of on-off-relationships. Her BPD disease as well as PTSD don´t make her life easy. She is despite this a lively person always up to the task and never surrendering. Her dad was a well-decorated officer killed in action, and she would never want something else than being a cop just to make him look at her from above with pride. Left with an alcoholic and unemployed mother at age 13, her life was not always straight. She prefers cars with a certain personality, she would never use a vehicle that just blends in anywhere. By the way, she has the worst medical reports of all the officers, proving that she takes any risk to do the job and that she is way more courageous than most men in the job.

Kriminalkommissar Lars Krüger

Lars, a 28 year old from is a shy computer nerd, and was picked by Bernd Schneider as Frank´s new partner. He worked as forensic data scientist in Ungenstadt before hired by Schneider. After two hardboiled tough detectives, Rainer Sordel and Harald Walkowski, a more sensible and calmer partner should stop Batimus from causing mayhems, explosions and crashes. Krüger has no special preference on cars. It´s a mean of transport for him.

Kriminaloberrat Bernd Schneider

Bernd Schneider, aged 54, a former military officer, was promoted from the uniformed police force to this desk job, but refuses to take off his uniform he wears with pride - a habit from his military times. He stands behind his team and seems very competent at his job, but he does not step back from arguments and puts some pressure on the team when things get rough, however, he would never leave behind anybody, but his love for buerocracy and processes almost cost him the trust of his team in the last episode of season 6.
He is rule-obedient and does not let slide a lot, but will despite this always keep his hand over the department when they cause trouble, since he trusts them a 100 %.
He prefers a prestigious and fast car, but in police livery. He will use it in a pursuit when his team needs his help, and unlike his predecessor, he hates being stuck at the desk, so it will be used to pursuit baddies from time to time. Bernd Schneider is well known and feared by criminals, since if he enters a chase, his eyes are reported to glow red and having an evil grin on the face.

Polizeihauptmeister Uwe Holtmann and Polizeiobermeister Udo Kaportke

Uwe Holtmann and Udo Kaportke (Frank mixes up the names on purpose to annoy them) are the most prominent uniformed officers in the show. They are neither smart nor helpful, but try their best to ensure that Batimus and Krüger have a backup.


Look up CSCS1 - the preferences do not have changed that much. Since this is mainly about fitting the characters visually, the engineering is not unimportant but secondary.


This is a challenge with a strong focus on design. Your cars need to represent the characters!!!

Design and fitting the character

Value for money - the cars need to be credible as police cars. However, Kriminalrat Schneider can have something more expensive than a regular officer. Keep it sane.
Safety - After season 3 and some injured stunt people, they put that on the list. I wonder why.

Reliability - the cars are driven very hard in the show, and since they need to last a whole season, they should better be tough.

Performance figures and sportiness - For a chase, having a chain with pedals linked to the axle might be a disadvantage. Among the usual vehicles at the turn of the millenium, the cars should not be low-performers.

Comfort - The highway patrol spends a lot of time in the car - don´t make it a prison cell!
Drivability - Highway patrolmen and women are highly trained professionals - and so are the stunt drivers, but they don´t want something handling like a hot potato.


Naming convention:
Model and Family: CSCS2 - [your username and the character this car is for]
Trim and Variant: Free

MODEL AND FAMILY: 1996-2000 model year, family year unrestricted




FUEL 95 RON PREMIUM (since this was the standard for higher performance German cars in the mid-90s).



AT LEAST FOUR (full) SEATS (I mean, dragging the arrested baddies with a rope attached to the rear bumper might be tempting, but illegal to human rights)

Please no convertibles unless it REALLY fits the character.

The techpool will be the regular +5.


A Truck and trailers, one being a petrol tank and the other one being a car transporter

A Tank

Submissions are OPEN until 27.12.2023, 17:00 GMT.


Just a question - Uwe and Udo should have marked cars, right?



The tank will most likely be used in just one episode for a one-off appearance - but it’s nice to have one featured in the show.

Another question, does Uwe and Udo use separate cars or can we submit just one car for both to use?

…how will liveries be handled? Because I have never really done liveries before and not sure how to approach the idea of making them in Automation.

uh, do these need to be functional in beam

because i have a tank, but i cant for the life of me figure out why it doesnt spawn in beam

I doubt it, afaik the last round wasn’t run in beam either

Painting things invisible apparently breaks everything in the node generation with all positional coordinates generating as NaN,NaN,NaN. My tank also does this.



for Mr. Baltimus

Eroberung UR270

This isn’t your typical Eroberung, no. After being outclassed by their Japanese competitors, they decided to let their newest creation bear the fruit of all-wheel drive. With 268 horsepower to boot, the UR270 gleefully runs from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds.

for Mrs. Baltimus

Fischer Flavorous

The American automaker decided to opt for simpler, more fuel-efficient choices with the Flavorous this time around. Doesn’t mean they abandoned all the fun, though. All 185 horsepower to the front wheels take the car up to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds.

for Mr. Kruger

Eroberung UP140

Small, practical, reasonable. Yet, agile and responsive. This car was made for the youth with big ambitions and not-so-big wallets. The little guy is perfect for tight corners and small roads, but can still go up to 230 km/h if needed. And if that’s not enough, 100 km/h can be achieved in just 7.9 seconds with a humble 144 horsepower.

for Mr. Schneider

Eroberung UL300

Combining capabilities and comfort, the UL300 is the choice for fortunate individuals who likes to drive (or be driven) within a tight schedule. Compensating for the provided amenities is a powerhouse that delivers 320 horsepower to the rear wheels, propelling the land cruise ship to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds.

by Eroberung Motor Company and Fischer Automobile


Just a reminder that this is still open and I have few submissions to cra… eh, feature.


No idea if these fit the personalities, but here goes!

From left to right:

  • Epoch M30 - Actioneer SSR (Sarah)
  • Epoch M10 - Ansom GL Mk2 (Lars)
  • A.G. Tigresse Esprit (Bernd)
  • Kiyume Fujin KS (Frank)
  • A.G. Bear XL (Uwe & Udo)


I assume we should go back and submit updated cars since the last patch changed quite a few things? (plus your comment on HTM2000 :slight_smile: )


The most important: Due to the update hitting the whole game, the deadline is extended to december 23, 20:00 GMT+1!

I have only few entrants, but this might be due to many challenges going on at the moment - LHC for example. To encourage you entering, I hereby raise the number of episodes from 6 to 8

Since there are no budget caps (but keep it reasonnable, cost is a high priority!) there is room for gearbox quality spam if really needed.

I am looking foward to you serving me the cannon fodder!


By pure coincidence, 5 delivery drivers met at a Raststelle in the heart of Hetvesia. As they were all heading to the same address, they decided to travel together, taking advantage of a near-empty Autobahn to do some high-speed runs. The performance delta between the cars is considerable - but so is the price.
I’ll do a proper post submission post closer to the deadline in case there are further updates (fixing photo mode)


By the way, resubmissions are unlimited, due to the possibility of further updates until christmas.

This means, I will take what I have as latest version at the deadline.

@Ludvig by the way, is there anything wrong with the photo mode? That would be a problem in this challenge… I didnt notice something, but I also have taken only one photo since the update.


Neat, at least 5 real world BMWs in one.
Game crashes when I open photo mode (apparently only affects some scenes), if it doesn’t, it’s probably fine.
I’m gonna try a reinstall.
Edit: Nope, still borked, at least the exporter(s) do work.
Edit 2: Enabling “open photoscene default setting” fixed it (sorta), as my last used scene was London.

A log excerpt, looks like every asset gets these lines

(class StaticMesh)
[2023.12.10-08.32.02:170][689]LogStreaming: Error: Missing Dependency, request for /Script/NavigationSystem.NavCollision but it hasn’t been created yet.
[2023.12.10-08.32.02:170][689]LogStreaming: Error: Could not find class NavCollision to create NavCollision_0
[2023.12.10-08.32.02:170][689]LogStreaming: Error: ****DumpDependencies [Dependencies]:
[2023.12.10-08.32.02:170][689]LogStreaming: Error: Export 2 /AssetPacks/Meadow_Environment_Set/Environment/Foliage/Meshes/SM_Poplar_tree_03_Optimised.SM_Poplar_tree_03_Optimised:NavCollision_0
[2023.12.10-08.32.02:170][689]LogStreaming: Error: Linker is …/…/Plugins/AssetPacks/Content/Meadow_Environment_Set/Environment/Foliage/Meshes/SM_Poplar_tree_03_Optimised.uasset
[2023.12.10-08.32.02:170][689]LogStreaming: Error: Dep S_BEFORE_C Import 3 /Script/NavigationSystem.NavCollision
[2023.12.10-08.32.02:170][689]LogStreaming: Error: Dep S_BEFORE_C Import 8 /Script/NavigationSystem.Default__NavCollision
[2023.12.10-08.32.02:170][689]LogStreaming: Error: Dep C_BEFORE_C Export 2 /AssetPacks/Meadow_Environment_Set/Environment/Foliage/Meshes/SM_Poplar_tree_03_Optimised.SM_Poplar_tree_03_Optimised (class StaticMesh)



Sorry to rewrite this again and ping you, but I have made a descision how to run this challenge with the storytelling while the most important photoscenes do not work anymore.
The devs, or better said our community manager told me that this issue will not be adressed for now and that I have to “deal with it”.

The evaluation of the cars is not affected by the storytelling problems so this part can be done, so I don´t stop the challenge.

I am practicing a bit with HDRI to replace some plot involving the photoscenes, and replacing some with the help of BeamNG (@doot your shots seem to look much better than mine, what`s your secret? Is that that new experimental render I haven´t tried yet?)

Some scenes can´t be replaced so I will have to switch to stable with a second installation of Automation. If you use a body that was updated with the OB … that means I have to replace the car with another one, but that happens only for brief scenes in episodes 3, 4 and 6. So I wouldn´t dare to ban these bodies, I will find a plothole why there are briefly other vehicles in use if your winning one doesnt appear for these scenes.

This is a really painful extra work I really don´t want to do, but the quality of the challenge is my most important goal.


Since you might also consider entering, I felt like pinging you too to be up to date.


“Replacing the car with something else”, I know that it involves extra work, but could that be an opportunity to modify it into a stunt car camouflaged to look like the real deal, like the CLK Calibra, Phaeton Omega, E46 E36 etc…?

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if its not too much of a headache I would try to let car look at least from a bit more far away like it´s OB counterpart, replacing it with another model (no more gas in the own car, obtaining a NPC vehicle for pursuit) is only an option if plan A is causing me a tantrum.
I already moved 3 chase scenarios to Beam and 2 to HDRI in my script.