Cop-Show Car Supply (CSCS)1 - NOTRUF 110 - Einsatz für die Autobahnpolizei, Staffel 3 (DONE)

Berlau, October 1995


Season 1 team

Shot from S01E06

The private Hetvesian TV station FFF (Film, Funk und Fernsehen) created the show “NOTRUF 110 - EINSATZ FÜR DIE AUTOBAHNPOLIZEI” in 1993, portraying the dangerous duties of the young highway cop Frank Batimus and his team, consisting of the strict but fair Polizeioberrat Dietrich Boehme as boss, the experienced and tough partner Rainer Sordel, the young and engaged Sarah Maier, who graduated from Police academy together with Batimus and Dipl.-Psych. Petra Liehr, a clever profiler consulting the police when needed.
Since the TV pilot was successful, two seasons were ordered, and in the dramatic season 2 finale that will be aired aired in early 1996, Sordel and Maier are kidnapped while chasing a psychopathic murderer. While Sordel gives his life for Maier for letting her escape, Batimus got assigned the patrol officer Harald Walkowski, who became his new partner, after Sarah Maier is rejected the promotion since boss Boehme doubts she is up to the task after suffering such a traumatic experience.

Well, for season 3, not only the cast will change, but also the cars!


Since the Rigel Odiel of Walkowski and the Merit of Batimus are destroyed in the final chase, in which they finally arrest the arson, new cars are in need to run the show. The whole cast should be provided with cars fitting the characters.

What were the protagonist cars in the first and second season?

Season 1 cars: Dark blue Primus Merit 250tds, mostly used by both. Whenever a second car was needed, it was a black Merit 200 with sport package.

Season 2 cars: Dark blue Baumhauer 318t Vier, mostly used by the character Rainer Sordel, grey Primus Merit 300 Avance, mostly used by Frank Batimus

Shot from S02E10, grilling the protagonist cars.


Kriminaloberkommissar Frank Batimus

What you need to know about him

Frank, a 30 year old Berlau native, is the protagonist of the show, a young cop with a genius mind. While he looks very serious, never seen without suit and tie, his guilty pleasure is hard techno music, dancing all night through Berlau. He is still mourning his first partner, Rainer Sordel, which he could not safe, and escapes into parties when not on duty. He reluctantly accepts Harald Walkowski as his new partner. He prefers unsuspicious cars, but they need to have a certain sportiness and clean, sharp styling. He is a skilled driver, although he rarely uses brute force, instead, he prefers solving the case the smart way. In season 1, he drove a dark blue Primus Merit 250tds, that took quite a beating but arrested a lot of people, so he recieved a Primus Merit 300 Avance for season 2 that was trashed in the dramatic finale.

Frank Batimus in action (Season 3 promo shot)

Kriminalkommissar Harald Walkowski

What you need to know about him

Walkowski, aged 40, is a descentant of factory workers and was raised in a rough environment. Since he became a victim of bullying in school for his poor origins, he developed a strong wish for justice, making him a patrolman. With tough work, he finally made it to an undercover cop assisting the inspectors. Since the local tire factory closed, his twin brother joined the force as Polizeimeister Jakob Walkowski.
Harald Walkowski is a tough cop on the outside with a soft spot on the inside. He is hot-hearted, and will try to follow his instincts at all cost. He dedicated his life to protecting the weaker, powerless victims of crimes. If that means he has to cause a mayhem just to get the baddies to court, so be it… Walkowski prefers tough and reliable cars with enough power for ramming speed, but they need to be nimble enough for pursuits. Since he was promoted at the season 2 finale to inspector, he now can expect something from his boss. In S02E10 he drove a Rigel Odiel that was destroyed.

Harald Walkowski (left) with his brother, season 3 promo shot

Kriminalkommissarin Sarah Maier

What you need to know about her

At age 24, she is now developing from the shy greenhorn to a tough lady. However, the kidnapping, with following torture of her and her boss and boss Sordel, who was brutally killed while saving her life, left painful scars on her body and soul. Haunted with demons constantly trying to break her, she struggles to get back on her feet, but wants to prove that women are as good as men in this male-dominated police force. Her dad was a well-decorated officer killed in action, and she would never want something else than being a cop just to make him look at her from above with pride. She prefers cars with a certain personality, she would never use a vehicle that just blends in anywhere. Something cool might cure her insecurities. Compared to the rather matter-of-fact Batimus and the rock-hard Walkowski, she is the lively person that gives the show some character.

Shot from S02E10

season 3 promo shot

Kriminalrat Bernd Schneider

What you need to know about him

Feeling responsible for the death of Rainer Sordel due to a poorly organized arrest, Dietrich Boehme takes full responsibility and goes into retirement, leaving the chair for a new boss. Bernd Schneider, aged 50, was promoted from the uniformed police force to this desk job, but refuses to take off his uniform he wears with pride. He stands behind his team and seems very competent at his job, but he does not step back from arguments and puts some pressure on the team when things get rough, however, he would never leave behind anybody.
He is rule-obedient and does not let slide a lot, but will despite this always keep his hand over Batimus and Walkowski when they cause trouble, since he trusts them a 100 %.
He prefers a prestigious and fast car, but in police livery. He will use it in a pursuit when his team needs his help, and unlike his predecessor, he hates being stuck at the desk, so it will be used to pursuit baddies from time to time.

Season 3 promo shot


If you like the setting and want to find out in which stories your car might be used, I provided a summary of all 10 episodes that have a dark humor and sometimes even absurdly sarcastic writing. TRIGGER WARNING: COPS DEAL WITH SOME MESSY STUFF, READ AT OWN RISK

Episode guide Season 3

S03E01 “You Need a Hand? - Part 1”
A van crashed after a tire burst, the driver fled the scene after trying to put the van on fire, but Jakob Walkowski watches this on patrol and came just in time. Frank Batimus and Harry Walkowski find a lot dead bodies inside - with missing organs that were taken for trade, obviously, sometimes even when the victims were alive. When Sarah Maier tries to arrest the owner of the vehicle, she was pushed off the rooftop, but survives by breaking both arms to catch the fall, other than that, she was very lucky.

S03E02 “You Need a Hand? - Part 2”
It was clear that the organ traders had help from a doctor. In hospital, Maier notices something suspicious and tries to collect proof against Dr. Joseph Heiter who seems to be the brain behind the organization.
Batimus and Walkowski finally managed to arrest the traders, and in a dramatic finale they saved Maier which was locked in an ambulance that was put in the car crusher…

S03E03 “Between Heaven and Heller”
The reverend Paulus Heller, working at the highway church near Berlau, was nailed on a cross, to let him pay for the sins. It turns out that Heller was a pimp - but treated his girls well and gave them a fair slice, which made the prostitutes rather working for him than for others. Walkowski investigates undercover as doorman, while Batimus tries to reveal the truth in clever interrogations. The pimp Rüdiger Fritsche finally loses control as he made a mistake in the interrogation, manages to captivate Batimus and escapes with a patrol car. But Kriminalrat Schneider follows them with a helicopter and alarms Walkowski, causing a giant mayhem in the city of Berlau.

S03E04 “Hasta la Pasta”
The restaurant owner Vittorio Morini is shot on the highway near Berlau, causing his Globus Grand Cruiser to crash into the center barrier and into oncoming traffic, killing many innocent people. Even the tough Walkowski is shocked by the scene, and Batimus, who speaks fluently Frunian, intrudes the Mafia undercover. Of course, this ends with a dramatic final chase.

S03E05 “Another One Bites the Bus”
Sarah Maier is back in duty and whitnesses the kidnapping of a bus that planned to go on a coffee tour. Inside the bus are seniors - while Maier follows the bus, Batimus finds out that all the seniors inside belonged to the SS and commited war crimes - so this is an act for revenge. This is a question of conscience - should they try to save the seniors or not?
In the end, they are police officers after all, and have to, but killing a grandchild of the many victims and letting the seniors go away leaves a sour taste.

S03E06 “Need for Feed”
A series of explosions at highway restaurants makes it obvious that blackmailing is in progress. Batimus, a passionate cook, works undercover, while Walkowski and Maier stir up the local suspects - after Batimus provided them with the results of his observations - and since they all have to disguise something, some wild chases are happening.

S03E07 “Tar and Feather”
Highway construction workers repair a road surface - and find bones in the tar. Examinations prove that the two victims were Tristan Zahn and Oliver Rolle, two crooks that disappeared in 1981, when this section of the highway was built. In this 15 year old case, Batimus and Walkowski run against a wall of silence, but when the two victims were hiding drugs in the woods near the A-2 highway, they must have withnessed something…
In the end, Batimus and Walkowski arrest two high-ranked members of the “Bald Eagles”, a drug-dealing motorbike club who executed their “Diablos” counterparts in 1981 and were withnessed by Rolle and Zahn.

S03E08 “Guns ´n´ Horses”
Bernd Schneider is upset: Young crash kids listening to loud rock music are going berserk on the highway with stolen luxury and sports cars, sometimes even firing guns at windows while almost running over half of Berlaus pedestrians with their 200 horsepower cars. Batimus gets the case as number one priority, and it seems suspicious that the kids are chosing to 75 percent a brand new and rather expensive Primus model.
In the end, it comes to the daylight that the Primus car dealer Waldemar Piontek hired the kids to sell more cars, since the insurance always pays…

S03E09 “Love Bites”
Batimus and Walkowski are alarmed - in one week, two truck drivers died after, eeh, being un-manned…
While absurd rumors of a “v…na dentata” circulate among frightenend truckers, prostitutes complain about severe loss of revenue, since the truckers are preferring their socks until the case is solved.
Psychologist Petra Liehr, known from former seasons, helps the team once again to find a woman going on a bloody vendetta after being harrassed by truckers when tramping through Hetvesia.

S03E10 “Give Me a Brake!”
Batimus visits a huge techno party, but a Rhania Hunter crashes into the building, ending fatal for the driver and three young people dancing where the car smashed in - the brakes were manipulated. The loner Traugott Scheuerlein lost his wife due to a bad surgeon, after she crashed her old Saarland after a lousy repair, after being scammed by the used car vendor. Scheuerlein is on a revenge tour - punishing everbody scamming others. The whole police force is at red alert - since more or less every business in Berlau is ran by scammers…


This is a challenge with a strong focus on design. Your cars need to represent the characters!!!

Design and fitting the character

Value for money - the cars need to be credible as police cars. However, Kriminalrat Schneider can have something more expensive than a regular officer. Keep it sane.

Reliability - the cars are driven very hard in the show, and since they need to last a whole season, they should better be tough.

Performance figures and sportiness - For a chase, having a chain with pedals linked to the axle might be a disadvantage. Among 1996 vehicles, the cars should not be low-performers.

Comfort - The highway patrol spends a lot of time in the car - don´t make it a prison cell!
Drivability - Highway patrolmen and women are highly trained professionals - and so are the stunt drivers, but they don´t want something handling like a hot potato.


  • Naming convention:
    Model and Family: CSCS1 - [your username and the character this car is for]
    Trim and Variant: Free

  • MODEL AND FAMILY: 1990-1996 model year, family year unrestricted


  • THREE WAY CONVERTER REQUIRED (as it was in the 90s)

  • FUEL 95 RON PREMIUM (since this was the standard for higher performance German cars in the mid-90s).



  • AT LEAST FOUR (full) SEATS (I mean, dragging the arrested baddies with a rope attached to the rear bumper might be tempting, but illegal to human rights)

  • Please no convertibles unless it REALLY fits the character.

  • The techpool will be the regular +5.

Submissions are OPEN until 04.09.2023, 20:00 GMT+1


Are you sure you deliberately named this person after one of the greatest drivers in recent DTM and sports car racing history, or is this just a coincidence? Anyway, with the seating capacity requirement, I’m assuming all four seats must be full-sized.

Neither. The names are from my work colleagues from 1993 at Siemens Nixdorf to make it realistic (in my personal archive I recently found a birthday card with the names and signatures). Bernd Schneider is a quite common name, btw.

The assumption is correct. The real German highway patrol was using, depending from the federal state, Opel Omega, Ford Scorpio or BMW 325i. To fit three in the rear of an E36 is almost impossible, so I make four seaters a requirement. Realistically, two officers are in a patrol car, and the convict will have to sit behind the driver, with the second officer next to him for better control. If you got two fugitives, you had to call another car (I was befriended with a highway patrolman, hence my knowledge that can be used in this challenge).

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WTF is wrong with Rainer’s left eye? It looks creepy. Wait, are those AI generated pics?

Do the cars have to be realistic? And would realistic cars be favoured over pure min-max? I don’t see it mentioned.
Why is family limited to just 3 years old?
Is there any budget target?
Does “value for money” include service and fuel costs?

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In addition to the requirement for four (or more) full-sized seats, must the cars have at least four doors each?

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Yep, since I am retired since june I can focus on new fancy things, and AI prevents me from copyright issues. The AI people are roughly desined after their real life 1993 counterparts.

Yes, a realistic car is recommended. You don´t need to be boring, but realism is appreciated.

I can make it five years if you want, or you suggest what you need to keep it within lore. The model year will not be altered, since the TV producers want to feature cars that are not too old (not Cobra 11 featuring 1982 cars in police service in ´95, but well…)

A budget target is not provided, the cheaper, the better, but if there is an expensive car that absolutely sweeps the floor, it will be considered.
Service and fuel costs are included. In the show, the taxpayer does not pay the fuel and repair bills, but the cars used should be the ones that you could maybe find assigned to a real cop.

In real life yes, but since Cobra 11 featured a three-door Sierra and later a CLK as protagonist vehicle, I will accept a two-door as long as two adults fit in the back.

Did you notice that Sarah Maier has three hands? That might be why she looks so distraught lol.


Lets say that’s the chopped off arm of Rainer she kept as a Souvenir… Argh, No, delete that, the show is only FSK16

AI is fascinating but buggy…


I get the four seat rule. Is four doors also needed or could something like this fly as long as it can fit two full size seats in the back?



That could work. Its a TV show and not real life.

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Slighty intimidating AI characters aside (Aus der Reihe Deckard?), this is cool. They’re not bad, just the usual AI things, Super 90s vibe. I think we had some Siemens Nixdorf computers in school.

  • +5 tech pool all over?
  • K9 capability a requirement for any of them? The box in the other one wasn’t a bad idea, but in an annoying amount of cars it wouldn’t fit.
  • All character specific cars within one model, or (optionally) different models?
  • Would a convertible work? Yeah I know, how many convertible police cars exist, even in Dubai where the pigs fly on hoverbikes for publicity shots

I also suggest a little more liberal car model year. I guess some suitable IRL cars could be BMW E36, Audi A6, Volvo 850, all of the released in 1991, for example.

Also, engine family year could be dropped altogether, I mean, GM still made cars using descendants of the 1955 Chevy Smallblock by then…


The problem is, if you use pictures available on the internet for a non-commercial purpose, both the photographer and the persons in the picture can sue you for a huge amount of money in Germany. We have the worldwide strictest copyright laws. It is even borderline with pictures for car inspirations, which I will provide at the rule disclosure.

It was my Nr.1 goal to have a dense 90s vibe and let you dive deeply into the series, since you are asked to build cars that fit the characters. (As in Cobra 11, the small turk drives a pimped 3-series throughout the whole 30 seasons, that fits just great).
I might even go so far and provide you summaries of the season 3 episodes to let you imagine the situations the cars would be used in.

yes. Neither you nor me want to mess around with calculators.

Nope. The dog forces are seperate units in Germany, so will they be in Hetvesia for this challenge.

Since Sarah Maier and Harry Walkowski would hardly agree on a type of car, you can submit different models.

There is one 90s cop show that featured a convertible in police use, Balko. He had a blue 62 Thunderbird, later a 64 Mustang convertible and in later episodes a Mercedes W111 convertible. However, unless they have access to the impound lot, a cop would not use a classic convertible, neither a new one. But a convertible would be great for stunts, sure…
Please let me think about it - tough question.

Since I do this for your fun and pleasure, that would be easy. Are you alright with model year 1990 and any family year?

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I am… But you should of course not let just one person dictate what’s right. :thinking:

Nah, this is just fine.
I created this as a replacement for the abandoned 1992 Hetvesian police car challenge and as a spare for AGC that seems severely delayed.

I did VERY little rules since I wanted to have the discussion phase as liberal as possible.

When the rules will be disclosed on thursdsy, they will be a lot more detailed than now, but still rather lenient. Its a strong design focus, after all.

Ihr Revier ist die Autobahn…

/play intro musik

Introducing 1996 Samir 2.8i

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Interesting. Now I know a third long-lived german (language) cop show, the others being Derrick and Rex.
From what I can see Batimus prefers an unmarked vehicle, Schneider a liveried one while the others are unspecified. Will they be driving them on the clock only, or 24/7?

Slight tangent to Nordic Noir icon Broen, where one of the lead characters drives a classic 911 for a story specific reason I forgot about.


Rule Update will be a bit after noon since my Kitchen is flooded, but If you have any Last Minute Idea I should consider, feel free to Bring it foward as Long as the rules are not fixed - they will be in afternoon

The rainstorm causing problems? It never really arrived here as promised.


I made the opening post a bit easier to overview since I added spoilers.
I also added a season 3 episode guide for all those that liked the 90s show, to better imagine in which settings the cars are used.

October 16, 1995

“Aaaaaand, ACTION!”

Two cars came around the Autobahn corner, a fancy Primus Aventura followed by a dark blue Baumhauer unmarked police car. The cars bang multiple times against each other, but it seems impossible to get past the SUV. The Baumhauer swerves to a wooden ramp left by the construction workers - since road repair is in progress - and tries to fly above the SUV, but the ramp cracked and the Baumhauer flies in a bad angle…


“I guess this was it for the year, the stunt drivers won´t drive in anything else than ambulances for a few weeks…”, sighed stunt coordinator Johannes Hermann.
“And the Baumhauer is wrecked too, as our last car”.

“Well, filming for season 3 will be delayed to march I guess, so Mike will have plenty of time to organize new ones, now let´s get some flowers for the stunt people and bring them to the hospital.”