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Hello and welcome to the start of the latest car culture craze: ‘TUNA! NO CRUST!’ In this show, three teams are given a handful of weeks to hot up and improve a sports compact then battle it out to determine who is the Big Fish in the Pond of Tunas! There’s just one catch, they won’t know what car they will be modifying until we show them on Day 1.

…and we don’t know what it is either because SOMEONE forgot to decide on what car we would be modding. glares at Vin

No matter, we’ll send out briefs to all the manufacturers to see who wants to be paid in some sweet, sweet exposure for their cars.


Present to the production company a sporty but practical car that has the potental to be made into a monster, performance wise and visually.


The Cars Must:

  • be between 2.5 and 2.7 m wheelbase rounded. (2.45 to 2.74 exactly)
  • be either a Coupe, Sedan, or Hatchback according to Automation
  • be road legal (i.e Headlights and Tail Lights, Wipers, Catalytic Converters, Mufflers, etc)
  • have a minimum of 2+2 seating arrangement
  • use the default techpool (+5)
  • not have any “Race” Parts on them (No Semi Slicks, No Race Intake or Exhaust, No Carbon Fibre)
  • not exceed an Approximate Cost of AM$22,500 Edit: Soft limit of AM$20,000, Hard limit of AM$22,500
  • Edit: not use any of the bodies from the Legacy Car Bodies Mod

Breaking any of these will result in being binned: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

The Cars May:

  • be any engine and drivetrain layout
  • be a convertible if so desired
  • be N/A or have Forced Induction
  • be Manual or Automatic
  • have a visible interior (not part of judgement)
  • be shown modded (See below)

These are friendly suggestions. Some may help, some may hinder, so use your discretion.

Edit: Trim and Variant must be 2005, Model and Engine are free but keep in mind that these are meant to be cars for a youth market and in current production.

Edit: Fuel type must be Premium Unleaded RON 95/AKI 91. Three Way Catalytic Converters (both normal and high flow) are mandatory, don’t be a dunce and use Two Way.


3 Star:

  • Appearance
    Since a fair number of the buyers will be younger, there is likely to be a higher emphasis on what is in vouge and looks the part for this segment. The popularity of them is tied to a certain burgeoning movie that is Fast and Furiously growing in interest.

  • Approximate/Service Costs
    While there isn’t a limited budget per se for the show, these cars are aimed at a market that is known for smaller purse size. These cars should be seen as affordable alternatives to out and out sports cars while being able to play with the big boys.

  • Drivability
    Even though the majority of the buyers will be enthused about performance cars, many of them will be on the lower side of driving experience, so something that will be easier to handle and less likely to go off the road (in stock form at least) is preferred.

2 Star:

  • Reliability
    While these cars will be heavily modded throughout the show’s runtime, the more reliable from factory they are the better off buyers will be when using and abusing them in their everyday lives, racing on or off the streets.

  • Safety
    Despite the show being clearly labeled as not having any stunts be performed by viewers, there are some that are likely to try them anyway. Because of that, having a car that makes sure they can learn from their mistakes is a good idea.

  • Sportiness
    These cars are made to appeal to the younger audiences that are into the current car culture, therefore something that drives like Grandma’s ‘Ascot Grenadier’ is not likely to cut it in the eyes of the youth market

1 Star:

  • Comfort
    These cars aren’t going to be the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, but it would be appreciated if the drivers don’t have to pay for a chiro every time they want to go out for a good time in the city or on the track.

  • Practicality
    Even though these cars will be mainly bought for the performance capabilities, they are also still going to need to have enough space for crusin’, carpoolin’ and any other major life events that will be bestowed on the owner, for better or worse

  • Edit: Fuel Economy
    These are performance cars, and as such, the majority of the time the people who will be driving them don’t particularly care about how little the engines sip when the loud pedal is mashed. Despite this, since this can also double as a daily driver, a small bit of frugality wouldn’t go amiss when needed…

Not Applicable

  • Offroad
    The most these cars are likely to see in this regard is some wet grass or a unsealed gravel car park at some form of car meet up so anything that is affecting on road manners negatively is likely not as looked for in this segment


Just a small selection of cars that I had in mind with this concept, if you have any other inspirations you would rather aim for, you are more than welcome to give it a try.


I will give one week for any queries or suggestions for rule changes, then an additional two weeks for continued work until the final submission deadline. So:

Ruling Deadline: Wednesday the 21st of June, 11:59pm UTC
Submission Deadline: Wednesday, the 5th of July, 11:59 UTC

Also, I will only take one submission per user, so make sure that you don’t need to resubmit. Again: I will only take one submission per user, so make sure that you don’t need to resubmit.

Regardless: Have fun and don’t die get binned

Edit: Naming scheme for Model and Engine: “TMCC29 - (forum username)”
Naming for Trim and Variant: Free

Final Notes:

This is my second major challenge that I have had an opportunity to work on, so getting any major kinks out of this will probably need to happen with a collaborative effort. I have had a quick look through a lot of different challenges that have been made here so far and I think this should be different enough that it can generate some fun and interesting builds to happen. I am still open to any changes, suggestions and queries with regards to this challenge.

Also, this is strictly a non judged option, but if you want to show off a modded version of the base car once you have submitted the file within the thread I would like to see what some people come up with in terms of aftermarket mods.

Some music to hopefully get the creative juices flowing


With catalytic converters being mandatory (and I think they should be of the three-way variety, high-flow or not), so should unleaded fuel (specifically, either 91 RON/87 AKI regular or 95 RON/91 AKI premium).

Anyway, are there any restrictions on model/trim/family/variant years? The one that I would suggest would be the family year not being newer than the model year.


Just was adding that in as you were making a comment for the model and engines. I’ll add the fuel dependency now.

Edit: Also, I will need to test but I don’t know if the model year can be made newer than the trim year.

The budget cap may actually be too generous for some - I’d suggest lowering it to an absolute maximum of $20,000 AMU.

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I had some internal debating with this. I did make a test mule that used MacPherson Struts/Semi Trailing Arms and more basic suspension components that came out to 18,600. I suppose I could lower it a touch.

I made another test mule, but I used it to test the upper limit of the budget, coming in at $20k exactly since it’s running double wishbones up front, a multilink rear, and is powered by a turbo all-alloy I4 driving the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox and geared LSD. It’s built on an AHS steel chassis with treated steel panels, and comes standard with a premium interior incorporating sat-nav. Its performance stats suggest you’ll get quite a lot of car for your cash, though.

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22 feels fine to me tbh (I need to afford a mid engine v8 somehow)

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Considering that a major stat for these is going to be approximate cost, it could offer an interesting balancing act no matter the limit.


I’m suggesting a soft limit of $20k, with the $22.5k hard limit remaining as it is.


I’m happy with that, I will make the appropriate edits

Considering the inspirations are Cobalt SS and Focus SVT, we are not aiming at the entry level models. So 20k seems fine. That will allow for V6 Coupés like the Hyundai Tiburon or a turbocharged hothatch.


2005 Globus Stallion Turbo S

Forget the old V6! Yes, it was easy-going and you could smoke a tire. But the new turbocharged engine is the real deal. The new Stallion looks no longer than a Bravura, and it is faster than a police interceptor.

Comfortable to drive you across the USA, thrifty if the new rims caused a hole in your pocket, reliable if it needs to be your daily. The Turbo S adds better brakes, sideskirts and rear wing and a limited slip differential. Yes, it does look sharp but not like a true sports car, but it is. Feel free to annoy some yuppies who think it`s just a souped-up Bravura. Well, it is, but on the other hand, it is a lot more than that.

More infos soon in the new brochures for 2005.


Couple of questions.

Question the first, what country should the cars be aimed at? Just for design and legality reasons

Question the second. Are the inspirations for both performance as well as being for design? So the performance level should be around the golf R32 and neon srt4. With the Clio 182 and 206 gti being around the slowest level?


I’m assuming this TMCC is set in America, given the fact that this TMCC has a premise similar to contemporary American TV shows with a car customization and/or restoration theme.

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What would the reasoning behind “family year not newer than model year” be? It is after all not unusual that a car will get a new type of engine at, for example, a facelift…


Yes, the aim is more your top spec/halo models in terms of performance and equipment levels. Even though Comfort is not as important of a stat, it really shouldn’t be left as a ‘dump stat’

I chose the inspirations to represent examples from the US, Japanese (Asian), and European Domestic Markets so that people didn’t feel like they had to do just American designs, or Asian designs. And if you even wanted to do any Automation Countries you can as well.

The inspirations I picked mainly to give people a general idea of what I was looking for visual wise, and the budget and priorities are more for the performance levels.

American, Gasmean, it’s all the same in my mind. But that is a fairly accurate assumtion.

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Is this legal? The body is from 1988 but everything else is set to 2005.

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It’s not illegal, but as stated:

Unless you can justify why this car that has (seemingly) been in production for over a decade will be considered an attractive option to people that are wanting to go after the ‘latest and greatest’, I don’t know how well it can do in spite of good stats.

I wanted to make some big overarching statement about how I viewed these cars, but it probably make me sound like a massive tool. So, I’ll just say these are performance versions of current production models that have existed for at least the previous 3 to 5 years.


The age of the actual body has no bearing on when the car releases in game. That what the model and trim years are for. The only time body age comes into effect in gameplay is in the actual market scores, something that isn’t used in forum challenges. It has minimal to no bearing on the actual cars stats like comfort, driveability, etc. I’ve used bodies that unlock in the '90s for cars in the 2020s in challenges before. What matters more is body shape and styling to make a body fit an era and market like you’re wanting.


Though I think that drawbacks with using an old body is drag and safety? At least it has been.

With that said, body unlock years aren’t always logical, for example I think that the Corolla E90 body unlocks too early while the BMW-Peugeot one unlocks a bit too late.