TMCC28 - Venetian Velocity [Results]

Venetian Velocity


In the mesmerizing city of Venice, where narrow canals weave through historic architecture, a heart-pounding car chase unfolds, defying the tranquility of the romantic waterways. “Venetian Velocity” takes us on an adrenaline-fueled journey through the winding streets and bridges, transforming the iconic city into a high-octane playground.
Our protagonist, a skilled and daring driver named Marco, finds himself unwittingly caught in a dangerous web of intrigue. As he navigates the labyrinthine alleys and squares of Venice, a gang of ruthless criminals relentlessly pursues him. With the echoing sounds of screeching tires and revving engines, Marco’s nimble car becomes an extension of his fearless spirit, maneuvering through the city’s tight corners and narrow passages with precision and agility.

A small nimble car is needed for a car chase around the streets of Venice











Service Costs



Fuel Economy



1969 Trim year

Wheelbase no bigger than 2.41m

Sedan/Hatches Minimum 2+2 seats maximum 5
Coupe’s can be 2 seat, Coupe must be a convertible.

$10,000 Max Price
Production needs to buy a few cars incase of accidents and for spares.

No race parts
This includes Turbo and N/A Race headers, DCOEs and Semislicks.

Fuel - 92 Leaded

Techpool default +5 all round for engine AND trim

No limits on Quality

You will get one resubmission before the deadline

Naming Scheme and Deadlines
Model name: TMCC28 – [your forum name]
Engine family name: TMCC28 – [your forum name]

Rules deliberation will be until Sunday 21st May 13:00 GMT
Entries will close Sunday 4th June 23:59 GMT

Other notes about rules

An Interior is recommended (Seat, Dashboard and Steering wheel counts)

Lightly modified is acceptable, ie: Extra fogs, racing stripes, aftermarket wheels (all for the period)

Advanced trim settings are all free, don’t make it look like something it isn’t.

Looking for other inspirations if you know of any.


Mini MkII 1275

Fiat Abarth

Honda Civic

VW Beetle

Simca 1100 TI

Hillman Imp

Renault 5

Previous TMCC

First TMCC

Get in the mood here:
The Italian Job | Soundtrack Suite (Quincy Jones) - YouTube

Written with the help of ChatGPT, any resemblence to the dreams of real people is entirely unintended, my spreadsheet held up ok last time so I’ll use it again


2.4 m as in 240 cm or as in “rounded to 2.4 in game”?

How are advanced trim settings handled?

Number of seats? Preferences in body style?

2.4m hard limit, no 2.41+
Should allow a good amount of bodies.

Edited this to actually be 2.41m so it includes the Renault 5 body ingame.


I will have to take a look when I get back, majority should be free to an extent, just don’t abuse it, like having lowest suspension but looking like a monster truck would be weird.

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I’ve listed mainly hatches, but in the case that someone suggests something else that is good then I’m leaving it open for just now. Seats I should probably mandate to be atleast +2? But we’ll see.


but it rounds down to 2.4 in the car selector, so someone could make an entire car and not notice if they arent aware

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That’d be on them, just hover over the body and check what it is.
The beetle, the 2cv, the fiat 500, the mini all fit under these wheelbases for their in-game bodies.

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ehh, a bit anti newbie but understandable

Should there be any rules about seating capacity? If so, how many seats should we have at minimum?

Added a rule for this, but may increase minimum seats to +2 to make things fair, will have to see how many inspirations have just 2.

I’m in favor of a 2+2 seating configuration being the absolute minimum required, given that pure 2-seaters may be so light compared to an equivalent 2+2 as to potentially have an unfair performance advantage in testing. Besides, some of the sub-2.4m wheelbase body sets available in 1969 with default techpool settings can only accommodate a 2+2 configuration at most.

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I will use this as an excuse for some form of RR city car me thinks… as I am a massive sucker for RR city cars. Just need to figure out how to make one that doesn’t need stupid large tire stagger or some strange suspension setup like MacPherson front, double wishbone strut rear.

A small 2-door 2+2 FR coupe or sedan could also do the trick if it can be made to fit within the budget.

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So is this going to be limited to small city cars?

When I read the brief before looking at the rest of this conversation my mind went to these type of cars myself

So like small go kart style sports cars.


I’m not entirely sure, I think a sports coupe with 2 seats gives good comfort but has less driveability, with short overhangs it’s plausible that it can do what the hatches do, my only worry is that people will put 2 seats in a hatch which is just not realistic.
Checking bodies now it seems that the coupes that are 2.4m and under are only 2 seats so I will have to do some testing with a calculator to see if it’s possible to even compete with the hatches. Rear Rear is doable.

Although you could make a Sunbeam Tiger, I was more leaning to things like The Italian Job

Maybe a rule like, a roadster can be two seats. But a hatchback that would obviously be at least 2+2 in reality has to have that as a minimum.

And then you have to hope people realise how slow an mg midget actually is and doesn’t just send you actual fast sports cars.


I can cram a tiger esque thing into the ruleset at the moment, it doesn’t seem like it’s an advantage to make it that way, or maybe my calculator will fail here :stuck_out_tongue:
I think that rule’s a good compromise.

Agreed, I think for balance purposes you may not want to allow 2 seaters, or at least penalize them via forcing a convertible body.