CSCS3: Notruf 110, Season 11 (2004)

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A step forward


Made specifically for the show, the C1100 would be the beginning of Eroberung’s expansion into two-wheeled territory. Its modest power figures is nothing to be dismissed, as not even Eroberung’s fastest cars can easily shake off this motorcycle.

by Eroberung Motor Company


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For Mrs. Gesine Resch, the 2004 VOLARO Verlyn Grand V8. A full-size executive sports sedan aimed at those who want something that shows people what they're all about----actions over words, a clear definition of where you want to go. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
For Mrs. Resch
The Verlyn




2004 VOLARO Verlyn GRAND V8
Fly Past.


The Verlyn is what VOLARO calls its full-size executive sports sedan, aimed at those who want something that will show people what they are about—actions over words, a clear definition of where you want to go. Unmistakably a VOLARO.

The GRAND package grants the customer the “Ultimate Leap” (FGS.W-50-m2) 5-liter V8 offered in the VRD Viernes and VRD Verlyn paired with a 6-speed selectable advanced-automatic transmission. SuperTrac Advanced all-wheel-drive is offered.

| | | - Fly Past!


  • 5-liter “Ultimate Leap” FGS.W-50-m2 engine
    (385.6 HP @ 5800RPM, 400.2 lb-ft @ 4300RPM, 6500 maximum recommended RPM)
  • 6-speed selectable advanced automatic transmission, SuperTrac Advanced AWD
  • 5.3 seconds 0-62mph (0-100km/h)
  • 4120 lbs
  • 245/45R18 on all four, standard Grand rims
  • 112.2 inch wheelbase
  • 18.9 mpg-US
  • Exceeds WES 8




We believe this car will be perfect for Mrs. Gesine Resch. A clear statement, like the car.




VOLARO de la España


Oh god Miko did a lot of stuff, but its all not fitting for a character


Because why acutally make something for the competition if you can just fill up @Happyhungryhippo 's inbox with stuff:

STAG Golitah

Popas Bukhanka and Osel 6000-2-4 as fire brigade

Popas Heavy Industries - D-1000 but now in fancy Deutsche Bahn colors (Get delayed idiot)

Eca Ace with 150kg in fiberglass added to it

Haapala HeavyDuty - And all of its way to many diffrent versions

Eca Ace as Sedan and Wagon

Eca Chase

Bergmann Matterhorn

And not to forget the star of the bunch:

The Turbo-Potty



The first generation Surzum proved that a roomy wagon could not only be practical, but also quick and sure-footed. With a new, and totally revamped platform, new engines and a fresh, futuristic styling, the second generation keeps showing the way on the path that was cleared by its predecessor. Turbo and all wheel drive, just as its “GLT-4” moniker suggests.


Yes, the 2500 GS may be the entry level Celestia, but with a powerful 2.5 litre V6, sporty styling and lots of technical refinement, it is by no means bare bones. The Celestia is one of the most classic models in the IP lineup, and in its latest iteration, like always, it is not only falling back on its heritage, but rather leading the way forward, ahead of its competition.


The 3500 GTX in coupé form shows that there can be a Celestia for everyone. Even if the 2500 GS Sedan is by no means humble, the larger 3.5 litre V6, sportier GTX equipment package and sleek coupé body really transforms it into something else.


Forget the Icarus. New for 2004 is the IP Bolero, a total revamp and refinement of the concept for IPs large, V8 powered luxury sedan. If you thought the Icarus was top class, you will be amazed at the sight of the all new Bolero, that totally redefines what an IP luxury sedan is supposed to be like.


The premium sedan, just a notch below the Bolero. Also all new for 2004, this replaces both the Vagant and the larger, rear wheel drive Royal Vagant, meaning that the new Vagant had to live up to even higher expectations. We think we succeeded more than well!


There may be a new Celestia, but agree that the old one is not dead just because of that, especially not among the tuner crowd!

If all of this is just car advertising yadda yadda? Of course, what else would it be?



When the bills are forgotten, there will be reminders…



The actors Phillip Stein (Frank Batimus) and Ralf Wernicke (Lars Krüger) discuss with Mechanic Mike and stunt coordinator Johannes Hermann. First is Phillip.

PS: This time, I have only a few to choose from. Is that a bad sign?

MM: The show´s popularity seems still fine. Don´t worry. By the way, none of the cars has a fatal flaw, so you can really pick one blindly, more or less. The Surzum´s comfort is very good, by the way, so is the safety, really top-tier and even surpassing most Hetvesian competitors. For $26.200 it´s a good package with AWD and a potent engine, but the reliability of these is… low, especially for an Ariyan car. On the other hand, I guess if you want a car with better package for this money, you would need to look for a Mara that won´t offer such technology but … finally be reliable, I guess.

PS: I have ONLY Ariyan cars to pick from, very interessing. Not that I care, they build interessing machines over there. On the other hand, their party trick is very modest design, as it seems. Good for an unmarked cop car, but the Surzum looks really… “basic”, to describe it in a fair and not negative way.

JH: The Kaizen FC25 is a perfect example of dynamic and still unobtrusive design. It is sporty, reliable, fast. Some points of the engineering are a bit rough around the edges, harsh ride, overly aggressive brakes, and then having long gearing as an economy car. RWD, but a hefty $34.900.

PS: The window sticker of this Delphinida Pilot Plus says $ 34.500, so not really less. It feels like a twin of the Kaizen, but with less aggressive brakes. Honestly they feel almost identical to me.

MM: Definitely right. It´s a design choice between them. But what about the Surzum now?

VERDICT: IP played it a bit too safe. The car is great for the money, but more reliability and a more detailed styling, especially in the front, would have been great. Between the Dolphin…eh, Delphinida and the Kaizen, I will flip a coin. But the Surzum will have it´s glory, too, since as for the previous generation, we could make an episode starring for it.

RW: Oh, a yellow Mara. Looks familiar.

MM: They say its the successor of the car you drove in 2000 and 2001. A bit tricky to handle in extreme situations, but very nimble. Trim level is sparse, but we haven´t seen such a durable car yet. Not in terms of safety, but reliability. It is even better than the Asteri we used on the show.

RW: The character of Lars has evolved a bit meanwhile, and is capable of handling better machines now. I mean, we will propably have it as “punishment” spare vehicle since for $12.900, the boss won´t be too upset if one becomes crashed.

JH: Exactly, Ralf.

RW: The Eroberung we briefly used in 2000 was quite a sporty vehicle. This green one looks identical.

MM: Yes, it´s still in production. But this is even more spicy. Rock-hard but this car is something that will catch any opponent. Very competent suspension, still reliable, but Eroberung asks $ 35.200 for it.

RW: OUCH! That´s ok for a Hauptkommissar like Frank, but for Lars? Eww. Where are the writers? They need to promote me, finally, after four years of service!

JH: Or we give you an IP Celestia for $ 22.800. This one is a bit more reliable than what was proposed for Phillip aka Frank, and still very comfortable and handling acceptable.

RW: But that front! I mean, trapeze headlights generally work, but together with that awkward grille it looks like something only the mother could love.

JH: Or Nicole, as her taste is generally very… acquired. IP dared to enter the same family face for Sarahs car as well.

MM: Oh, that will become interessing for sure. Now Ralf, what is your opinion on the Kaizen FC17? With $32.000, its almost Eroberung level.

JH: Beautiful car. Why can´t IPs look like that? From the specs alone, the IP would have fitted best I guess?

RW: Because we wouldn´t place bets on Nicoles decisions then. I bet 10 bucks she likes that weird styling.

Verdict: Lars Krüger will start with an IP Celestia 2500 as it is the best balanced car. Maybe Lars becomes promoted and moves up to something that looks… cooler.

cars reviewed by @66mazda, @azkaalfafa , @Knugcab , @AndiD


What the hell is with my car and missing fixtures…

Same import/export problematics as always, not only with your car, but I will fix all this as good as possible for the episode production but for the judging it wasnt neccecary.

And the next ones

The actors Dieter Schnur (Uwe Holtmann) and Ulrich Bathge (Udo Kaportke) and Nicole Korte (Sarah Batimus) are the next to choose a ride together with Mechanic Mike and Johannes Hermann.

For the two uniformed, it´s easy this time: Just two entrants, and both of them are fitting. The Mara brings all the values of a solid patrol car: Solid, roomy, cheap. The Kaizen looks great on screen, and its handling decently to be supporting in chases. As always, Dieter and Ulrich use multiple cars, since other than the inspectors, they aren´t assigned to a certain vehicle and take what´s there.

For the character of Sarah, this is a totally different story - not only has she a lot to choose from, her character is also the most difficult when it comes to the taste in cars.

JH: So, you return as part of the main cast?

NK: Yes… I mean, I am broke and I don´t want to eat bugs in FFFs (the broadcaster) celebrity jungle camp. Really, no! ARGH!

MM: Understandable. Here are the cars. Let´s start with the muscle car here, a Vermillion Daredevil.

NK: Ah, well, I like the idea of a muscle car. Is this an used one?

MM: Yes, its a 1998. You can´t afford such thing new, its $71.000! But it´s not reliable at all, thirsty, and not as easy to drive, which isn´t surprising for a muscle car, right?

NK: I guess, Sarah would kill herself with this vehicle?

MM: Despite good safety, yes, on the spot. So better not.

OOC: It didnt use the full TP, trim and variant year are still 1998 and it isn´t THAT detailed on the exterior. Well, the wrong year could already have been a bin but why binning cars that I can use in another role?

JH: Next is another Kaizen, and…

NK: I heard that either Phillip or Ralf drive one, is that true?

JH: Yes. One of them has picked a Kaizen sedan.

NK: Heee! Sarah is U-N-I-Q-U-E! If one of the men got already this model, Sarah can´t have it. Not even that flashy red helps there!

JH: Either you are never leaving your role or you seem to play just yourself there in the show, damn. How about a Fischer again?

NK: Their designs are really fitting for young women… well, I am aging too, sadly, but maybe that´s why they want me to look at a minivan I guess. But that´s not the right tool for the job in chases. Damn, but I like the looks. Tough one.

MM: It is not really a van. More a compact car that builds a bit higher. But if you want something like a two door coupe, IP has it. Look to the left. The Celestia.

NK: Yeah, that thing with Fischer coolness… that would be it… but, which one of the two is better?

MM: Well, the superior car is the Kaizen. Which you don´t want because another one drives it at some point in the show, but at $ 34.900 its maybe also a bit too posh for Sarahs taste. From the other two, well, the Fischer handles easier, while the IP is a good mix between comfort and sportiness. The Fischer is very economical and reliable, the IP is safer, but the servicing of that IP is a nightmare!

NK: So, prices then, Mike?

The IP is $ 23.800, the Fischer $ 25.300, so its both within realistical range.So which one to pick?

I´ll let you know.

cars reviewed made by @Knugcab , @AndiD , @66mazda , @Flingang , @azkaalfafa


Two of your entries (the U-BEL and Pilot) are built on variants of the '89 Ice Cream bodies, with the former resembling a post-facelift “New Edge” SN95 Mustang (complete with lots of body moldings to simulate wheel-arch flares and lip spoilers, among others, as well as a Bullitt-aping dark green paintjob) and the latter being somewhat reminiscent of a 2000s Acura RL/Honda Legend. The Metamorfa, meanwhile, is one of the few builds I’ve seen that used a four-door variant of the '87 Fatale as its basis. In hindsight, however, I find your lineup of cars to be the best-looking out of all the ones to have a vehicle each for at least five of the characters.

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Crap… I forgot to change the trim year to 2004, I’m blind and it’s too late… :man_facepalming:

Well, Azkas main opponent @Ludvig is not present this time, so all the huge effort in the cars pays off in a way we will see Azkas car quite often this season. Nevertheless, many Ludvig creations will be seen, as he was a main supporter of the challenges with his entries.

Well, don´t worry, your car isn´t bad, so I already have a prominent role for it in Episode 5. You will see the Vermillion on screen at prime time.


The actors Franz Werner (Kriminaloberrat and Major a.D. Bernd Schneider) and Manuela Koch (Kriminalrätin Dr. Gesine Resch) appear at the warehouse. Mechanic Mike starts with Franz Werner, as he has an urget appointment later for a casting, as he was offered the starring in a hospital series, “Die Teberbergklinik”.

MM: So, here we have an IP


MM: But… Well, yes, the reliability is mediocre, but for the price the comfort is outstanding, and as all new IPs, they set the standard in safety.

YAWN! Yes, I admit, it´s neither ugly nor bad, but that seems to be great as regular patrol car, but not Schneiders personal one. The same goes for a Mara. I have driven them all and I was surprised how good it handles and how good the comfort in this Archaean car is, not to forget about their reliability. I mean, they do good cars by now, but Bernd Schneider wants to have something with prestige a Mara can´t give him.

JH: So… a Kaizen or an Eroberung then?

FW: The Eroberung! No doubt! It is intimidating as a large SUV, it has V8 power, it has the prestige, it is simply the jack of all trades for Schneider, and with the sporty suspension it´s sufficiently capable onroad. In addition, the $ 40.000 price tag is just $ 5000 above the more upmarket cars for Frank Batimus, so it´s not totally out of scale to have the boss driving this. The agility isn´t that bad compared to the Kaizen, and the comfort is much better.

Franz Werner has made his descision.

Manuela Koch now steps up and checks the vehicles she has briefly driven to get an impression.

MK: This gold one is something Dr. Resch would drive as private car. Modest, modern, not too flashy, affordable. Build quality seems ok, but the handling could be smoother.

MM: So, you will take the IP?

Well, it doesn´t disappoint me, but I think the character of Resch would prefer something with more visual presence for some bucks more. However I doubt that this similar colored one is it (pointing to the Metamorfa).

MM: Why? The Metamorfa is one of these cars that you could count as four-door coupes. And it drives exactly as engaging as it looks.

MK: I am over 50. This car is too flashy.

JH: So if you are over 50, a grey Mara might be the right demographic choice?

MK: Hard to tell. Gesine Resch might not be bothered by the plain styling, as she is a very serious person and might think practical. But she would consider an SUV as not neccecary.

JH: What about a Kaizen then?

MK: It´s fitting. Reasonnable, looks serious, doesn´t have a major flaw.

MM: Last but not least, a Volaro. It´s very comfortable, handles as easy as a Kaizen and even if it looks smooth, it handles sharply as the Ariyan rival. And at $ 35.700 it´s no bargain but definitely not overpriced for the performance. Only the reliability is… well, what you would expect from a fancy Frunian (OOC: Spain would be somehow Frunia I think in automationverse) machine. So, it´s bad. And it´s an absolute nightmare to service, as I also know best from Frunian sport sedans. So, the Kaizen…

MK: Wait, Mike! That design is brilliant. Even teutonic women like Resch… or me… would love this. In fact, this design con passión warms up the ice-cold heart of Dr. Resch. I think, this is it.

Manuela Koch has made a descision, too, but… I am afraid I will have to see if I can work with that, since even my NASA PC denies some complex scenes with the Volaro fixture monster. Let me tell you how absurdly performance-killing the car is: A shame winter is over, otherwise I could heat with my GPU alone.


not that much to say, both nailed the looks of 2004 between NFS Underground 2 and Fast&Furious together with that noughties-tastelessness perfectly. But for the person that will drive the tuner car in the episode, the IP fits better. On the other hand, it always appears together with other tuner cars, so the Mara won´t have less screentime

THIS ALSO MEANS - JUDGING DONE! So the episodes will be published soon, I already started production of the first ones, although it will take propably more time than last CSCS because I painted myself into a corner, since I was willing to make everything bigger, better and more complex than the last time… and now I have to eat the dish I ordered…

cars judged provided by @DoesStuff , @Knugcab , @AndiD , @azkaalfafa , @66mazda


Wasn’t there a tuner car from Miko as well?


True, got lost within all the entrants since I didnt count him one in my mind (as he is the most active background car supplier).

@Mikonp7 your car will of course also be included, and race against Mara and IP.

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EPISODE 1 - The Axis of Evil, part 1

Trigger warning: Before you read it all, please be aware that police officers have to face violence, cruelty and overall uncomfortable things. I won´t make something worth FSK18 but please make sure that this is suitable for you.

A truck crashes on the A2 near Berlau, for no apparent reason. The trailer gets loose and flips, blocking the highway and causing accidents. Thankfully, no serious injuries occurred, and Holtmann and Kaportke respond to the emergency call.

The truck did not carry what was in the load papers - instead of camcorders, it´s all plants! The people at the company loaded the wrong trailer. Insurance appraiser Zacharias Jutze appears, being very angry about this, but Kaportke can´t understand that.

I think that´s something to be happy! I mean, the plants are cheaper to replace and surely still sellable, don´t you think?

Aaah, no, officer, they might be still usable but just look at them, they look like plucked chickens… But, eh, officer, I can offer you a great deal!

The next day, Bernd Schneider enters the department and finds plants EVERYWHERE. The department is literally a jungle.


Captain! Your blood pressure! Watch out…

Oh, Sarah? What are you doing here?

You know, I am back in the force now, at least part-time, and… I just wanted to make sure when I start tomorrow, I know the schedule and where I am assigned. By the way… do you have a car for me?

Oh shit! I totally forgot that. Well, eh, I have a spare car, some kind of yellow Mara again, … I think it will do the job for a few days until I will have got something for you…

Ewww… ok… By the way, it looks so much better and friendlier here with these plants! That was really a genius move of you. I feel… so relaxed here (deep inhale)

Frank and Lars are getting food for Holtmann and Kaportke, who have been ordered by Schneider to do radar controls all day, as it did not take long for Schneider to find out who bought all these plants and tries to sell them to colleagues…

A speeding Primus Cognoscenti 600 reacts too late and gets caught in the radar trap. Holtmann tells Kaportke to go into pursuit, who parked two kilometers ahead to pull over the worst speeders.

At first, the Cognoscenti driver signals to comply, then rams the Mara of Kaportke full force, pushing it into a tree at 80 kph. Luckily, Kaportke is uninjured, and reports over radio.

A white Primus Cognoscenti escaped the stop, pushed me into the trees. Registration Berlau-JK 1720. Escapes with high speed to the A10. Last seen at Teberauer Landstraße.

Lars here! He might just enter the A-10 directly in front of us! Sorry, your lunch break needs to wait, we will arrest the suspect first!

Indeed, Frank and Lars soon spot the car. The suspect has no intentions to pull over, instead, he opens fire on the cops, and an intense gunfire combat takes place.


I don´t like Star Trek, I prefer Star Wars. And do I need to remind you of the fact that this is a damn V12? Then drive yourself if you think you can do better!

Star… Wars…over…Star…Trek? FRANK! That´s a serious red flag!

The suspect then speeds through a construction site, in an attempt to get rid of the police. But Frank doesn´t give up, both cars bang heavily, but can continue the chase.

As next, the suspect spins another car to make it block the way of the cops. This works, and Frank crashes into it, but the suspect did not calculate with the fact that he drives a luxobarge and not a formula one car, so the heavy vehicle spins, too, and gets send onto the guardrail, skidding a few meters before getting back on the road with all four wheels.

Franks car skids into an Ilaris, totalling it, and the spun car that the Cognoscenti pushed stands in the middle of the road, so two following vehicles crash into it, causing a fireball, but thanks to the momentum, all vehicles roll out of the inferno, so that the drivers are not burned.

Captain! Requiring assistance on the A2 westbound, kilometer 73! Fugitive is a white Cognoscenti 600.

Can´t you ram it?

Captain, its a Cognoscenti V12. The dashboard alone is held by a million screws and its much heavier than our car. In fact, ours is already giving up.

Come on, Frank! You have already stopped tanks and a damn Primus is not possible? Whatever, BOLLE! TRENTSCH! We do combat maneuver B5! Follow me!

Schneider in his Eroberung and officers Bolle and Trentsch in their IP speed towards the A2 to make it in time, while the IP stops on the hard shoulder, Schneider goes wrong way into the oncoming traffic, aiming directly at the suspect.


The fugitive in the Primus sees the Eroberung speeding towards him, but instead of stopping or evading he just puts on “Highway to Hell”.

The Cognoscenti goes straight ahead, and Schneider, totall irritated by the fact the suspect did not even try to avoid the collision, evades last second, spinning but missing the cars that Frank already directed to the hard shoulder.
Since the fugitive focussed on Schneiders car, he didn´t see that Bolle and Trentsch placed ther IP in the middle of the highway, and slams full force into the IP, getting airborne and crashing into an Anhultz.

The trunk of the crashed Cognoscenti opens, and a body falls out of it. In the exact same moment, the suspect takes a grenade and pulls the ring, blowing the car and himself up, leaving no proof of whatever behind, but he was unaware that the person in the trunk fell out before. The officers Eduard Bolle and Martina Trentsch exit their IP more or less unharmed, as this car has excellent safety.

The Primus was registrated on the company “FAGA Software GmbH”, but Sarah, who was assigned to interrogate the CEO, who used it, finds the Cognoscenti 600 in perfect shape in the yard. The old trick: Same car, same chassis number, same plate.

Frank assumes that there might be a leak at the vehicle registration office, as it would otherwise be very difficult to know the registration of an exact counterpart of one´s vehicle, but without further proof, the DA would not allow a check of all employees, since they have a right to have their personal data handled confidentially. Bernd Schneider then gets the update from the medical examiner, that the person in the trunk was a young Dalluhan. Schneiders next call, the Dalluhan inspector Yasser Al-Wazir, tells that many young girls disappeared and that they think they are deported to Hetvesia, where they are forced to work as prostitutes.

Schneider calls the team in, updating the trio on the situation and the case.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we have to face ice-cold killers in our district. The victim in the trunk is possibly Dalluhan, with a tattooed barcode and an implemented microchip, which was first heavily abused over a long time period. I have rarely seen such cruelty and our enemies don´t give a fuck about people and humanity. She was alive when the chase begun and killed by a bullet that was fired at the trunk, so this must have been some kind of kidnapping. I guess the poor lady just escaped, and… LARS! NO! IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! There was no way you could have known that there was a person in the trunk!

Lars runs out of the office, Frank follows him, signaling Schneider that he will look a bit after him.

Oh, Sarah, do I spot a tear?

N…, Captain. It is just, that this cruelty makes me feel miserable. Maybe I should not have come back then, as I am too weak for the duty, I think…

That´s bullshit. Any so called weakness can be a potential strength in return. People are de-humanized by disgusting criminal individuals, and the police force is no better, at some point considering victims as numbers and statistics. YOU care for everyone who deserves it, and I am very proud to have you back. So, but what to do now?

Didn´t you said they were tattooed? So, only certain studios use certain inks. Maybe we can get a trace if we know which one has been used. I mean, no “usual” studio would tattoo a barcode, but we can see which private person or unusual company bought the ink at the supplier.

Excellent! Sarah, meet up with the ME tomorrow, I will inform her.

The scientist tells Sarah that it is from a Dalluhan company named Dakh Industries, so the tattooing must have happened in Dalluha and the trace is cold.

Over a two week period, nothing new could be found out. Everyone is more or less down with his or her morale. Sarah, doing a routine patrol, sees a possibly abandoned camper van on a building site. She decides to take a closer look as many tire marks lead through the mud towards the caravan, but all windows are shut with blinds and the door locked. Sarah does not notice that on the unfinished building next to the site, a man watches her and pulls a gun. When Sarah knocked against the door, scared voices in the caravan screamed for help.

The man fires at Sarah, who runs back to her Mara, asking for support on all channels, then deciding to take on the man with the gun, as she realizes this is her only chance to get him, and drives up the ramps of the building.

At the same time, Frank runs into Schneiders office.

CAPTAIN! I NEED YOUR CAR! Sarah is in trouble, and I can´t just sit here and wait for someone else to get to my wife.

Well, Frank, understandable. But why don´t you just take your new Merit?

NEW? Like the NEW MODEL?

Don´t ask stupid questions, grab these keys and save your wife!

In the meantime, Sarah arrives on the ground floor, searching for the suspect. She spots the Mara Ranger, and the SUV shakes her off by ramming a pile of junk that blocks the way for Sarahs smaller Mara that can´t just run over it unbothered.

While the Ranger hides behind a huge pillar at an upper level, and Sarah drives slowly around to check every level. Suddenly, the formerly hidden Ranger appeared behind a huge pillar, racing with full speed towards Sarahs car, matching her direction and speed, and ramming her off the building. The SUV almost falls off, too, but becomes stuck with the front wheels hanging in the air.

Just in that moment, a dark red Saberin appears at the scene, going absurdly fast, but unnoticed by both Sarah and the criminal, as they are too busy with each other.

Sarahs Mara crashes hard on the ground, and she is not only injured, but also jammed in the wrecked car. Gasoline spills out, and her panic increases, as she just filled up the whole tank when she started the patrol.

The criminal lights a cigarette, hears Sarah calling for help.

Bad luck, lady! What did you say? It leaks gasoline? How about me sneezing and accidentally dropping my lighter?


Oh, I will smoke up first. You have two minutes to make your last prayers. HAHAHAHA!


Oh, I wish you had them with you, I would get a lot of money for them. So, lady, BURN IN HELL!

Just in the moment when the criminal reached for his pocket in order to get the lighter out, the Saberin speeds with an insane move around the building, the driver leans out of the window and aims perfectly up at the criminal, shooting him. But then the Saberin driver realizes he was too fast to avoid a collision with explosive barrels, jumping out of his car, letting it crash into the barrels with a giant fireball. And it is revealed to all spectators: The man is Klaus Kasupke!

But after being shot and falling into death, the criminal pulled his gun with his last breathe, shooting at the camper´s gas tank, and blowing it up, killing all the girls trapped inside. Well, that was at least what he thought, when he died on impact on the ground.

But Kasupke broke the door open when Sarah and the criminal were chasing each other, getting everyone out to safety. He then gets Sarah out of the wreck of her Mara, and succeded just at the moment when both an ambulance and Frank arrived.

A few days later, Kasupke visits Sarah in hospital.

Thanks for coming, Klaus. Thank you for saving my life, really. I am sorry that I was such a bitch to you in the past. You know, you did not deserve that.

It´s OK, Sarah, really. But you still look very worried. What is it? The doctor said it´s nothing broken, everyhting will be fine.

It is not that. I am ashamed of myself. How I begged for my life, that was pathetic.

Sarah! Stop! It was not! In fact, most would have ran for ther lives after being shot at, and you were determined to get him. This is what I would have done, this is what Frank would have done, but I don´t know many more that would have the courage.

The episode ends with Bernd Schneider getting used to some plants and finally buying a bunch of them from Holtmann, and then a cut to a Dalluhan supervillain, very angry that the Hetvesian highway patrol sabotaged his business.

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EPISODE 2 - The Axis of Evil, part 2

Trigger warning: Before you read it all, please be aware that police officers have to face violence, cruelty and overall uncomfortable things. I won´t make something worth FSK18 but please make sure that this is suitable for you.

Even if Klaus Kasupke rescued the scared Dalluhan girls - Lars has absolutely no luck with the interrogations since the girls have been indoctrinated to not trust the police, being told that they are corrupt and on the salary list of their “owner”.
He proposes Frank to let Franks and Sarahs daughter Jenny talk to them, as she experienced exactly this sort of crime herself before her adoption and might find a way to persuade the victims, which Sarah is not fond of - she is afraid that it could re-traumatize Jenny, but it worked - the boss of the gangsters is Nasser Saad, a Dalluhan supervillain.

Frank is fed up with the cruelty and proposes Schneider to attack.

Captain, with all due respect, but we need to stopp Mr. Saad, NOW!

Frank, we are not responsible. We are the highway patrol! The fact we encountered them on the highway makes us start an investigation, but we need to hand it over to the organized crime department. Since Hauptkommissar Richter is in pension, I hardly know anyone there. Except for Kasupke, maybe.

Kasupke? Well, that is worth a try.

Frank, the purpose of this meeting was not just getting a beer, right?

True. I need you to do me a huge favor.

I was afraid of that. But NO, I will not go undercover ever again. The last time almost four years ago was enough for me [compare to season 7]

Klaus, you are the last one I need to explain the cruelty of human traffickers to - you dealt with it yourself. And I can´t go undercover because I am in the wrong department, I don´t know the names of the players there and… I am scared of being shot becuase I move in an environment I am not familiar with and could possibly make a deadly mistake.

Frank Batimus admitting being scared? Damn! Sarah was definitely right when she said being shot twice within two months changed you for the better. [compare to season 7]. Anyway. I MIGHT find out where to find Nasser Saad right now and I can arrange something, BUT THAT´S IT! Either you do the job then or some of your team. I am out!

I don´t want to put neither Lars nor Sarah in danger. Let me try my luck with Captain Schneider.

Kasupke drives through the red light districts of Berlau, as he knows them very well from his undercover work alias Frieder Schön, looking after Nasser Saad. At first he has no luck, but in the Nocturngasse he finally found the, well, établissement, where Saad currently coordinated his businesses in Hetvesia.

Ah! Frieder Schön, the urban legend. I thought you disappeared.

I was caught for tax fraud, Mr. Saad. You know, Hetvesia has no mercy when it comes to taxes.

Sadly I do. But I heard you are interessed in buying some “female commodity” of excellent quality?

Not for me, I am a bit broke after being released from prison. I am trying to re-establish as the right hand of Rolf Löwe. An elder red-light-tycoon from Karlstadt. He wants to expand to Berlau, but isn´t aware with whom he shouldn´t compete, so I am handling it for him.

I will let you know if, when, and where I expect a visit from Rolf Löwe himself.

The next morning, Polizeihauptmeister Uwe Holtmann speaks up to Frank.

Eh, Frank, you have a minute? I might have a new case!

A new case? Well, hurry up then.

You remember that Udo said that this Mr. Jutze working for the insurance was pissed when only cheap plants and not expensive camcorders were broken in that truck accident? Isn´t that totally weird?

Possibly. Proceed.

A truck driver in my neighbourhood is in serious debt - and that is Ewald Gehrke, who said that he would be able to pay his debts soon. Isn´t that weird? This made me think: What if all that is insurance fraud, abusing our highways and putting others in danger for profit?

Interessing thought, Uwe. Does Gehrke have a valuable load with electronics?

He works for Hensmann. I thought you might like to drive there and check out, Frank.

Frank then visits the storage of Spedition Hensmann, getting to know that Gehrke would drive off with DVD players in an hour, and marks the boxes of some DVD players since they could be identified if they are sold then after a possible crash.

Indeed Gehrke flips his truck on purpose, causing a mass crash, luckily, nobody was seriously injured, and Holtmann and Kaportke, following the truck since Holtmann already calculaded with a provoked crash, are soon there to clean the mess up. Ewald Gehrke claims that the sun dazzled him and this led to the unfortunate crash.

Soon after, Zacharias Jutze appears again to inspect the load, writing it all off, and taking a sample of a defective DVD-player with him. Frank, now believing that Uwe Holtmann is indeed solving a crime of fraud, follows Jutzes car, an expensive Kotatsu Metamorpha, to a bargain market, but gets called by the department that Schneider will start his undercover job now, before Frank could do anything further than writing down the adress of the bargain market.

They meet up at a parking lot 10 minutes away from the location Schneider was invited to, with the captain taking Franks civillian car, ordering his officers to hide behind a fence in the bushes, being able to act quick if anything goes wrong.

Schneider alias Löwe is greeted and guided into the basement. Since he was checked for microphones and firearms, Schneider has no possibility to call for backup or keep his team updated. Saad shows him some frightened women, telling Schneider that he can pick any of them as soon as the money was transferred in real time on his bank account. Schneider calls Frank and Lars who wait outside to transfer the money, giving also the sign that proof is now collected. Sarah is told by Lars to transfer the money, which she does from the police office just in time.

In that moment, Saad is called by one of his employees that this is a setup, as the outside of the building has microphones for the surveillance, and the phone call from Lars to Sarah was heard by the gangsters. He grabs the gun and fires at Schneider who noticed the danger and was already jumping behind the sofa. He tells Saad that he has no chance and needs to give up, but Saad then laughs that he is not the person that gives up and the supervillain to never be caught instead.

Frank and Lars heard that, as Schneider didn´t hang up the call between him and Frank to let his officers hear the conversations, and the IP crashes into the entrance, Frank and Lars fire back with their guns, sucessfully taking out Saads guards. When they meet Schneider inside, they hear a loud BANG outside.

Saad speeds off with his chauffeur in his DCMW limouine, and threw two grenades - one at Lars IP, blowing it up, and one towards Franks Primus, that missed the car and the force only smashed the windows of the car.

Frank is relieved that his beloved Merit is still mostly intact, throws himself on the hood, hugging it and giving it a kiss, while Lars mourns the loss of his IP Celestia.

Bernd Schneider has no time for sentimentalities, he runs to his Eroberung and chases the DCMW, soon closing up. Frank can´t join because Schneider still has the key for the Primus…

In the DCMW, Saad doesn´t really become nervous.

Chauffeur, what´s on TV right now?

Notruf 110 reruns. I think season 3.

Yawn! Can´t they make new episodes? Anyway, aren´t there any cartoons I could watch?

Sir, I can´t both drive and read the program magazine, I apologize.

Ah well, Notruf 110 then. YES! HIT HIM, WALKOWSKI!

To shake Schneider off, the Chauffeur hits a Régal in order to spin it, which works, and Schneider just barely escapes the pileup that followed.

SCHNEIDER TO ALL AVAILABLE UNITS! Suspect leaves A10 and merges on A2. I request a road block on the A2! AND DO IT QUICK!

Kaportke here! We will block the road at Kilometer 58. Where are you?

Kilometer 52. HURRY UP!

Sadly Hotmann rushed too much, and cut off a Monarch when merging recklessly on the A2 in order to block it. The crash was inevitable, as a Mara Kavaler couldn´t react in time. This made a Globus Atlas, loaded with a mobile toilet, spin.

The toilet fell off - just in the way of Nasser Saad and Bernd Schneider. While Schneider keeps the wheel straight and brakes hard, Saads chauffeur tries to avoid a crash, but hit the flying dixi toilet that shattered into pieces.



While Schneider slammed into the Globus Atlas pickup, Saads DCMW was catapulted up in the air, landing hard at a bridge pillar and exploding - the DCMW carried grenades in it.

Schneider calls the department immediately.

Crash with explosion and possible fatality on the A2, kilometer 58 eastbound. Reporting possible fatality of the wanted Nasser Saad. Tell that his victims, Sarah. This is a day to celebrate.

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EPISODE 3 - The Axis of Evil, part 3

Trigger warning: Before you read it all, please be aware that police officers have to face violence, cruelty and overall uncomfortable things. I won´t make something worth FSK18 but please make sure that this is suitable for you. @shibusu preferred the team having to get in trouble with the “power grid”, facing enemies with far superior powers. Not a bad idea, so I used it. But it becomes nasty. Not only in a way of physical but also psychological harm, so make sure this and the next episode (story arc ends after ep.04) won´t affect your feelings

Schneider promotes Lars and Sarah to Kriminaloberkommissar, raising his glass to the two.

All right. Lars, after four years, you deserve this. And Sarah, having you back here really shows us how much you were missing in the past three years. Frank, when I will retire in two years, I look foward to giving you my chair. Until then: Drink your champaign, and then get back to work!"

But then the window breaks and a grenade appears. Bernd Schneider throws himself on the grenade.


Captain! No! NO!

But Schneider made a hasty gesture for Frank and Sarah to run as well, as long as they could, and used his right hand to salute.

Sarah, I will tell your father up there what a great cop you have become, and…


It took a few days until the team could finall get one clear thought. Frank, taking the lead of the department, was informed that the grenade was a Dalluhan model.

Lars! This is NOT a coincidence. This must be related to Nasser Saad.

FRANK! SAAD IS DEAD! Just like Schneider… FUCK!

Has anybody checked the remains of Saad?

Frank! We have seen him and his chauffeur. That makes two. Two bodies were found in the wreck. Saad is dead.

No, Lars. I will persuade the DA to allow us an exhumation.


Just at this moment, the 94 year old Siegfried Klemm has a tailgating Nordwagen behind him, and the seniors reflexes are not the best anymore, he steered hastily, not being able to control his vehicle, and caused a crash. A van with captivated Dalluhans is also involved.

As the van is too damaged for an escape, the driver lights the vehicle with the people locked in, then jumps over the guardrail and escapes. In that moment, Holtmann and Kaportke arrive at the scene, hearing the screams and let the people locked in the van escape in the very last moment. The force of the explosion throws Kaportke onto their Kaizen, but his injuries are only superficial.

This time it´s young men, with the passports taken away to work for free on construction sites. They also do not dare to talk a lot, but one finally tells them where one of their building sites is: It is owned by the Ascensor AG, with the CEO Dr. Leonhard Brink. Brink has also interest in Dalluhan oil companies, and it seems like he is doing the money laundry and recieves free workforce in return. Frank interrogates a very rude Brink, promising him to find proof and justice for the victims.

A day later, the bank calls: Franks house credit is cancelled, and Jenny is fired from her job as caregiving assistant. His parents, who saved a lot of money to travel around the world in their retirement, but Albert Batimus is now too sick to do it, are able to pay off the bank with all their savings, but in return, Albert Batimus gets declined the urgently needed dialysis therapy. It is obvious that Brink uses all his power to make the life of the Batimus family miserable.

The first positive news is a familiar voice calling Frank to meet up with him in Berlau - Harald Walkowski. He came over from Gasmea to attend Schneiders funeral and assisting the two inspectors in order to get revenge for Schneiders death.

In order to protect Frank from further trouble, loner Harry tells Frank to leave it to him annoy Brink, as he left Hetvesia already years ago and is not an easy target. The DA does not allow any investigation against Dr. Leonhard Brink, also putting the forced labour workers in a plane back to Dalluha, taking away all testimonies from the team and leaving them with nothing.

But the team is determined to get Brink in order to arrest Saad once for all. Walkowski remembers working together with inspector Berkan who has Dalluhan origins, back in 1996. Berkan is indeed still serving as Hauptkommissar, and he is willing to help his colleagues, even if it would ruin his carreer and risk his life.

Berkan, fluently speaking his maternal language still perfectly, pretends to be one of the Dalluhan slave workers and blackmails Dr. Brink. Even if he didn´t get Brink in person on the phone, he made an appointment with Brinks assistant, getting $ 50.000 for going back to Dalluha and keeping the mouth shut.

Berkan arrives at the scene in his Kaizen patrol car, but a Rhania Preserver SUV already waits for him, as well as three guards opening fire.

Berkan is under heavy pressure. But Harald Walkowski, meanwhile having met a hairdresser and looking again like the spectators knew him from the seasons 3 to 6, is there as backup with a motorbike. He decides to go up in the air to target the guards from above, but loses control over his motorbike. Despite the dangerous situation, Harry focusses on his job, and takes all three out by doing a salto.

The motorbike crashes into the Rhania, exploding and taking the attackers out. Walkowski lands in a mobile toilet. Harry, having killed all attackers, secures their phones as proof. As the DA refuses investigation and urges the team to hand it back to the Ascensor AG, Lars, a skilled programmer and hacker, investigates the phones himself.

At the same time, insurance employee Jutze is blackmailed by Ewald Gehrke: As he is broke again, he wants to get $ 60.000 from Jutze. A furious Zacharias Jutze is determined to get rid of Gehrke. Meanwhile, another truck with consumer electronics as load crashed under mysterious circumstances with the driver making a dumb excuse, and Holtmann marks the boxes just as Frank did.

In the evening, Sarahs mother, Karin Maier, sober for 3 years since she wanted to be a good person for both her adopted and newborn granddaughters, gets some chocolate as gift by a man who pretends to be the new neighbour she gratefully accepts and eats.
The chocolate has been prepared with alcohol, and Karin Maier soon becomes drunk, and falls back into alcoholism, going to her old Martinet to get some bottles, and running over someone when driving drunk, then crashing and seriously injuring pedestrians. She is arrested at the scene and put into prison, awaiting a trial.

In the next morning, Sarah is full of anger, telling Frank that either he arrests Brink or she kills him, following her mother into prison. But then the kindergarten calls Sarah, telling her that her daughter is no longer welcomened at the kindergarten and should be picked up immediately.

Lars, who is already in the police office, extracts all data and installes bugging devices in the phones before handing them back. While doing that, Frank begs Dr. Brink for stopping the destruction of the lives of his wife and daughters, and focus on him as he is the one challenging him, but Brink laughs that the fun has just begun. He stomps on the phones and destroys them, laughing at Frank that he is definitely not that dumb.

Bernd Schneider recieves a military funeral with all possible honor, being put in a state administrated grave with the ministers of the interior and defense holding speeches.

We are coming together today to salute to not only a father, veteran and police officer, but also a true Hetvesian hero…

I can´t listen to that. I want to get out here.

Me too, Sarah. Flashbacks to your father´s funeral?

Yes. I can´t stand all this anymore, Frank, I am just willing to give up.

Sarah, we need to be strong for the kids. Lars and Harry will help us to find a way to end this. We will win this, trust me.

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The creativity behind this, amazing!