CSCS3: Notruf 110, Season 11 (2004)

The governmental agency of construction rang Albert and Helga Batimus out of their sleep: A certificate proves that the soil their house is built on is not safe, and the house is demolished on the spot. Albert Batimus, who is very sick, almost dies from a heart attack in the arms of his wife and falls into coma. Frank has a tantrum and is calmed down by Lars, suggesting that Franks family should hide in Harrys apartment in Crafton to be safe, which Frank does not want, as he wants to continue fighting against the superior enemy.

Frank, I need your car.

Harry! Giving YOU a car means I can as well junk it on the spot. What do you need it for?

I need it for a surveillance job. I will observe Dr. Brink day and night, if neccecary. He WILL make a mistake for sure. And then I am there. You are the boss now, damn, just order yourself another one, but I need yours NOW, if you want to end this nightmare, Frank!

Indeed - already the next afternoon, the car of Dr. Brink drives to an expensive business hotel for a dinner with a man with a disfigured face. The valet parking employee however is dumb, he thinks it would be fun taking the luxury car for a spin - but Walkowski just sees the car speeding off the lot, not knowing who is behind the wheel.


Sarah here! I am very close to your location. Where is he now?

Heading east on Wilhelmstraße!

All right, I am 5 minutes away!

The valet parking idiot then rams a Yamaguchi, spinning it in a way that the way is totally blocked for Harry to follow.


Harry, what´s up?

He blocked my way by causing an accident! Lost him! Last seen heading south on Ritterstraße.

HEY! I GOT AN IDEA. Sarah, can you force him to take a route to the junction Bergmannstraße and Jägerstraße?

Will try, can´t promise. What´s the plan?


Harry then breaks into the Sanju dozer parked at the construction site and speeds off with it.

Sarah does as asked and manages to “guide” Dr. Brinks car towards the desired location.

And there is Walkowski: The road block from Holtmann and Kaportke and Sarah behind him leaves the fugitive only one way to go, and Walkowski rams the car to dust with the “borrowed” dozer.

Sarah and Harry are very surprised who was actually driving the car, but they gratefully take the opportunity to search in the vehicle for suspicious things. A trunk full of dalluhan cash and interessing documents is surely helpful.

OH! Didn´t expect that Brink makes us this easy.

Definitely. Harry, can you organize the tow? I miss Frank and Santiana a bit.

Thats how you named your daughter? How did Frank let that slide?

I… just didn´t ask him? I mean, our neighbours, this weird mechanic, want to name their daughter Chantal Jolina, so that´s worse I guess.

When Sarah arrived home, she found a very unpleasant surprise. Frank was still playing outside with his little daughter, but called in by Sarah.
She found a letter left on the table, written by Jenny, that after losing her job, being about to lose a grandfather and seeing her grandmother going into prison, just can no longer stand the pressure. The mobile phone is turned off, and her most valuable belongings left behind, so Frank and Sarah expect the worst, and Frank is told by Lars and Harry that they will care about the case, and Frank should care about family matters now.

Jenny meanwhile stands on a rooftop in the Berlau city center, looking at the beautiful dawn. Looking down on the main street, she spots how a boy wants to jaywalk, but is held back by his girlfriend with a firm hug to not do that dangerous attempt. That beautiful sight messes up her feelings, and she finally activates her mobile phone, calling Petra [for new spectators, this is the psychologist working as a profiler for the police, often appearing in earlier seasons and also helping Jenny to deal with the abuse she suffered].

Half an hour later, Petra Liehr is there and convinces Jenny to not do what she was up to.

I know, I was a coward not doing it.

Not at all. It is much more brave to not give up on something and dealing with it instead. And even if you do not feel like it, because they are right now very stressed with serious threats, but Frank and Sarah really love you. Am I allowed to call them? I think they are very worried.

And what if they lock me up in a psych ward?

You are an adult by now. I think, the only one who has to decide how to deal with your situation is yourself. I am very thankful that you called me, really. I`ll drive you home now.

The data from Dr. Brinks car showed Lars that he was meeting frequently every with someone at the same house where Schneider was invited to, so the contact to Nasser Saad was prooved, and in the last weeks, he met every sunday morning at an expensive restaurant in central Berlau as well. Frank decides not to arrest Brink, letting him believe that the car wasn´t checked in depth. Before handing back the wreck to the Ascensor AG, Lars does a short circuit on the electronics and lets Brink think that the head unit was destroyed in the crash.
Frank is still in rage that his family is affected by the sabotages of Dr. Brink, and a furious Frank walks into the office of the DA.


Hauptkommissar Batimus, I can understand that you are upset, but is there any real proof for Dr. Brink being involved into crime?

I LITERALLY TOLD YOU ALREADY! In his car was a lot of Dalluhan cash and some folders pointing out that he is doing money laundring for Nasser Saad.

Saad is dead, Mr. Batimus. And why did you read the folders without a search warrant?

HE IS NOT! Here, just sign this so that I can exhume the grave. If it´s Saad, you can have my badge for my fallacy, if you want. BUT IF NOT, STOP SABOTAGING MY WORK AND LET ME ARREST BRINK AND SAAD! And the proof collected already is valid! If a driver escapes a traffic stop there must be a reason, and so after the crash we were allowed to scan the vehicle for a crime possibly committed by the valet parking employee, like drugs in the car or whatever. THIS TIME YOU CAN´T RUIN MY INVESTIGATION!

Two days later, it is confirmed: The one lying in Saads grave is NOT Nasser Saad - there must have been a third person in the DCMW nobody knew about, propably one of his bodyguards.

At the same time, the truck of Ewald Gehrke refuses to brake, and he slams into an IP, causing a crash. He then calls the emergency call 110.

Autobahnpolizeirevier 12, Berlau, Polizeiobermeister Kaportke?

I am Ewald Gehrke! My truck is sabotaged. The cruise control is jammed and the brakes do not work! I am on the A2 from Teberau to Berlau, at half the distance.

We have an officer out there on patrol. We will inform him.

Lars is the nearest, assigned to help the driver, so he speeds towards the truck.

Lars, can you see him?

I am right behind him, Sarah.

I guess we need to get the driver out of the truck, we can´t stop it without risking his life. I told Uwe and Udo to install a roadblock at kilometer 237.



You still have Gehrke on the Phone? Tell him to jump onto my car!


Eh, Lars, Udo here, what to you think we can do in such a short time period? Build up the Berlau Wall again?

CRAP! RUN! The truck will be way too fast to be stopped as planned!

Gehrke was injured when he fell off the Kaizen of Lars, but not severely, and confesses being involved in insurance fraud. What he did NOT confess was that he blackmailed Zacharias Jutze…But Udo Kaportke is already on it.

In the office, Uwe Holtmann stepped up to Frank.

Eh, Frank, you remember, we marked these boxes…

Which boxes? Can you be a bit more precise, please? I am busy!

Those from the crashed trucks. I told Udo to check the bargain store you followed Jutze to, of course in civillian clothes, and he found them there. So the electronics are definitely still sold.

Really? Not bad, Uwe. But that´s not enogh evidence, I am afraid, to get Jutze in person.

Well, Frank, I did my homework. The store is owned by Hilmar Bartsch. And he also owns a recycling company. So he can fake certificates as well if he gets all the electronics declared as junk by Jutze.

I see your point, but where is the connection to Jutze? We need to have that waterproof in order to get an arrest warrant.

I just checked who lives with Jutze. He is married, his wife is Katharina Jutze, born Bartsch… you get it?

Fantastic. I`ll get the arrest warrant really quick now, stand by then.

Frank, you won´t arrest him yourself?

You and Udo solved the case, why should I take away your merit if I have other arrests to plan? I am there as backup if something goes wrong, but you will be the ones bringing Jutze into prison.

The arrest is performed only an hour after, since the case was very clear for the DA, thanks to the good investigations made by the team. But Jutze managed to escape from his house.

Udo here! We need backup. The suspect Zacharias Jutze is escaping on the Feinbrunner Allee in a piss yellow Kotatsu Metamorpha!

Mücke and Greve here. We are blocking the road at Nokturngasse. He must ecape in the backyards then. Frank will block the alley from the other side.

Great! Now we have him!

Jutze was caught, and so was brother-in-law Hilmar Bartsch. But the most important arrest was still to perform: Dr. Leonhard Brink and Nasser Saad!

On sunday, a man with a scared face arrives with Brink at the restaurant: It is Saad, disfigured, but alive. Inside, Holtmann works undercover as waiter, and when bringing them a fresh decorative plant, a microphone was installed. The plan worked, and Frank and Harry arrest Saad and Brink, but Saad has a machinegun in his umbrella and manages to escape with Brink in his car. As this arrest is the most difficult they propably ever had, Frank and Harry agreed doing this, as they are the most experienced officers of the quartet.

Saads chauffeur slams into an IP, and the spinning car cuts off the Primus of the detectives.


I HAVE EYES, FRANK! This is an abbreviation. Don´t worry, we will be right behind them again.


Would the gentlemen please buckle up? There is a roadblock ahead and our alternative route will become a bit bumpy.


Would the gentlemen prefer to be arrested?

No… DAMN! Go for it!




Both cars enter the subway station, then leaving the platform for the rails.


Are you a chatbot or why are you always stating the obvious?


Not soon after, the oncoming train arrives, and the front wheels of the DCMW are too jammed to steer… but the same also occurs to the Primus. All persons jump out of their vehicles.

Frank! Are you ok?

Yes… I think so… where is Saad?

Both carefully walked to the remains of the DCMW. The Chauffeur has broken a leg in his jump, and gives up without resistance, throwing away his gun. And Dr. Brink… well, when he jumped out, he landed on the power rail, and since this isnt rated 18+, there is no detailed description needed, except that Dr. Brink is definitely dead.

But one person has escaped AGAIN: Supervillain Nasser Saad…

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EPISODE 5 - Piggy Bank

Trigger warning: Before you read it all, please be aware that police officers have to face violence, cruelty and overall uncomfortable things. I won´t make something worth FSK18 but please make sure that this is suitable for you.

A grey-haired business women is sitting in Franks office, introducing herself as Kriminalrätin Dr. Gesine Resch.

Kriminalhauptkommissar Batimus, I understand that you are not pleased by this, but orders are orders and I HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO TAKE OVER.

So what? Arresting almost 10 mobsters, getting a corrupt CEO, protecting my family and solving a huge insurance fraud case within four weeks is not an archievement? What is it then?

Mr. Batimus, have you ever calculated at what cost? The minister of the inner has done this. So, since Kriminaloberrat Schneider sadly passed, you caused the following …eeh… expenses:

  • A motorbike, total loss, value $ 10.000
  • The city district department sent us a bill over Kaizen FC25 repair cost, $ 14.000, I wonder why…
  • A mobile toilet, value $ 2.000, how… NO, I DONT WANT TO EVEN KNOW!
  • Repair bill of a Kaizen FC17, $ 2.500… yeah, peanuts.
  • Repair bills of a Mara and IP patrol car, together $ 22.000.
  • Repair bill of a Delphinida Pilot Sport Plus, $ 13.200.
  • A Primus Merit, total loss, $ 28.000.
  • Plus a lot of damage to criminal´s vehicles, but its their fault if they mess with the police.

THAT MAKES 91.500 IN JUST FOUR WEEKS, CHIEF INSPECTOR! And the worst part is not even included. The health insurances of the subway passengers will sue us. Or they themselves for compensation on top of that. The Berlau Central Hospital ran out of plaster! This is most likely a case in a range up to $ 500.000! YOU CAN NOT HUNT A FUGITIVE DOWN INTO THE SUBWAY!

I didn´t hunt him down there, madam.

Don´t tell me Lieutenant Walker was it. LETTING A FOREIGN OFFICER ENTER DUTY LIKE GETTING AN ICE-CREAM IS IRRESPONSIBLE! Even if he was formerly your partner, this is not how it works. Chief inspector, nobody doubts that you are an excellent cop, but you can´t run a department like this and you left the minister no other choice. I AM THE BOSS NOW!

The streets are totally empty, as today, Hetvesia is in the finale of the football world cup. The Batimus family… well, except for Frank who has to be on duty, is glued to the screen.

Also on duty is money transporter driver Volker Trimborn - on an empty highway. Well, the highway was empty until two trucks appeared in a construction site, jamming the van in between them, and then pushing it in a pit. The now unconscious Trimborn is not aware that the pit is closed - burying him alive in his iron coffin.

As the signal was lost, the company alarms the highway patrol, and Resch orders Frank and Lars to check what happened.

Frank, I checked, the traffic cams recorded the car on kilometer 54, but not on kilometer 68. So it must have happened in between, starting from here, within 14 kilometers. The last signal can be determined with a radius of 5 kilometer, so you can proceed for another 3 until we enter the radius.

Lars, look over there! That´s a mirror, possibly fitting a 1999 Globus DuraTrans. And tire marks. I am stopping here, call for support.

But nothing aside parts of the van and tire marks could be found. It is as if the vehicle vanished by being beamed up by an UFO.

UDO! COME HERE! Who is that other officer here?

Polizeiobermeister Bienert, Frank. Uwe is watching the football…

Ah, yes, correct. Udo, you drive to the apartment of the van driver, named Trimborn. Adress is Wangenseestraße 143. Maybe he stole the vehicle, faking an assault. Or maybe not. But we won´t do if we check that guy. POM Bienert, you do a background check of his financial situation. Come on, Lars, lets get back to the office. Maybe we can still watch a bit of the second halftime.

Bienert does not find anything unsuspicious, like private bankruptcy, serious debt or criminal records. And Kaportke finds the cat left behind in the apartment, which someone loving his pet wouldn´t do, so Frank assumes that the security van driver is innocent.

In the afternoon, Rick Wolter drives in his Swanson on the A-10, as suddenly a Vermillion Daredevil attacks the car, squeezing the car into the guardrail which sends it up in the air. A mass pileup starts, including Frank and Lars, who were on their way to get drunk together with Sarah and Jenny - Hetvesia lost AGAIN against Frunia.

Just when Frank managed to stop his car in time, an old Anhultz without ABS skids into the Delphinida, damaging the car too hard for a pursuit.

But Frank sees that an Eroberung U-BEL stopped behind them, he pulls the driver out and takes the sports car to get the Vermillion, which itself is also a very fast car. The fugitve rams a Journeyman, using the same tactic as against the Swanson: The car becomes catapulted upwards.

Now, the trunk opens and a lot of Cerveza Cristal gets spilled over the A10, but the sharp glass of the cracked bottles punctures the very soft and low diameter tires of the U-BEL, and Frank can´t avoid spinning and crashing into the guardrail, thankfully without totalling it. The fugitive in the Vermillion escapes, leaving behind a frustrated Frank.

Meanwhile, Lars tries to save the life of the Swanson driver.

It is… contaminated… lead…quicksilver…

Sir, what is contaminated? STAY AWAKE! HELP IS ON THE WAY!

The soil… Ascensor… They exchange…


The next day, Sarah provides Frank with the information that the man dying in Lars arms is Rick Wolter, engineer at the Ascensor AG that Frank is sadly already very familiar with… Frank is able to find out that Ascensor develops an expensive luxury housing complex, but the soil might have been found contaminated, so it is secretly exchanged with that from the highway when working simultaneously on both. If it was like that, the last words of Wolter would have made sense.

Sarah is now visiting her mother in prison, and when she left, being sad and angry about what happened, Dr. Resch already waited for her.

Mrs. Batimus, I have a lot of understanding that you need to support your mother, but that`s fraud of your employer if you are supposed to be on duty. Ask me anytime if you need to visit her, and I will allow it.

Yes, madam…

Before coming here, I talked to the DA. When taking over the lead here, I had to get informed about my staff, including personal matters, I hope you can understand this and don´t see it as a sign of mistrust. All persons which your mother ran over are expected to make an almost full recovery. Given all the circumstances, including the disgusting alcohol trap, he will plead for two years on parole, so that you will be able to get her out of prison. I can´t promise that the judge will follow that, but it is very likely.

Frank and Lars show up once more at the Ascensor company headquarter, and the new CEO Stefan Hübner tells them that he is only in charge for a few weeks, so he doesn´t know about everything going wrong.

Mr. Hübner, who is responsible for the building site on the A2? Is it the same like for the “Reichstein-Residenzen”?

No. Mr. Krüger. The housing project is Knut Bieler, while the highway site on the A10 at kilometer 60 was unter the responsibility of Ralf Wolter.

The building site at kilometer 60? That is interessing!

Why, Mr. Batimus?

A money transporter disappeared yesterday at that site. Do you have any blueprints of the site? If yes, I need them, And has there been anything unusual?

Sure, I will order my secretary to hand copies out to you. Hmm, now that you say it, yesterday two trucks had a minor accident there. The driver, Mr. Louis Kovac, the foreman, said he was distracted by the radio, as he listened to football, and caused minor damage.

Louis Kovac! Interessing. Thanks, Mr. Hübner. Do we get his personal file together with the blueprints, please?

Meanwhile, the money transporter has run almost completely out of air, and Trimborn is about to pass out. Frank reads the construction plans of both building sites which Hübner handed him over. He notices that something is different in reality than on the plan - where the minetruck stood was supposed to be a basement for a highwayside restaurant, but it was covered with soil, which it wasnt when he was on patrol the week before. He tells Lars to drive there in order to check out.

You really think that they buried the van there? They could have filled that hole just to get rid of the contaminated soil from their other site.

No, Lars. They don´t just transport it from A to B, they EXCHANGE it. And that damn van has to be somewhere, If not there, where then?

But… what happened to the driver then?

I am sure we are both thinking of the same… DRIVE FASTER, LARS! UNIT 12-2 FOR DEPARTMENT! WE NEED BACKUP, CONSTRUCTION SITE KILOMETER 60. And get us someone who can operate heavy machinery like an excavator, NOW!

This is Kriminalrätin Resch. Holtmann and Kaportke are busy arresting Knut Bieler together with me. He was seen to have stolen a red Vermillion as used in the assault against Ralf Wolter. I will send you Mrs. Batimus.




But Lars, driving evasive maneuvers, damaged the oil pan of his Kaizen FC17, so the engine died - and the minetruck was closing up fast. Lars was able to escape in the very last moment, but his car could not be saved, it was flattened by the giant minetruck.

Meanwhile, Kovac and Frank are in a shootout, and Frank just can´t get onto the vehicle, and has to let loose as a bullet hit his gun, ripping it out of Franks hand.



But then Sarah arrives in her IP, but realizes that the truck can´t be stopped with the car or the gun, but spots a few barrels with funny signs. She remembers the “Harry Maneuver” [compare to season 3] and nervously speaks to herself to calm down.

Ooo…kay… I got exactly one attempt at this, please don´t go wrong, I don´t want to eat that shitty hospital food again… now, fooooocus… aaaaanddddd… ACTIOOOON!

Sarah fires at the barrels, which explode as planned, and the force lifts Sarahs IP up in the air, so that she now has a good position to aim at Kovac, shooting him while flying past him at high altitude.

Kovac is shot dead, and the IP lands hard, with the airbag knocking Sarah out, but she is soon gently woken up by Frank, while Lars operates the machinery to dig out the pit that should be there, according to the blueprints. And indeed - there is the money transporter. Trimborn could be saved in the very last second, being revived by the three inspectors.

A few days later, Sarah sits in the office of Dr. Resch.

So, form 38b there? AGAIN?

Yes madam, request of a new vehicle. My Celestia got a bit dented, and I am afraid…

DENTED? I HAVE RARELY SEEN A POLICE VEHICLE THIS DESTROYED LIKE YOUR THREE HERE! Franks could be repaired but as compensation, he crashed a confiscated sports car, too, to keep it fair, I guess. So, Mrs. Batimus, as you have the blatancy to give me your formal request with the attitude of a bored school girl throwing me her homework on the table, I will now give you a math lesson!

  • Repair Bill Delphinida Pilot Sport Plus: $ 16.400
  • Repair Bill Eroberung U-BEL: $ 12.300
  • Total Loss IP Celestia 3500 Coupé: $ 23.800
  • Total Loss Kaizen FC-17: $ 32.000


cars used by @mikonp7, @knugcab, @flingang, @66mazda, @ludvig, @azkaalfafa, @elizipeazie, and @supersaturn77, and using an idea by @riley


Episode 6: Speed

No trigger warning/disclaimer this time. People don´t have to die in every episode.

Polizeihauptmeister Uwe Holtmann is frustrated with filling in forms, mainly the ordering of the new cars. Sarah gladly takes over, but her smile tells us that she is definitely up to something…

A few weeks later, a furious Gesine Resch tells Holtmann to follow her outside.


I don´t know how, Miss Resch, I was so sure that I told Sarah to write in the color grey…

SARAH? So, you pass your work on instead of doing what you were told? Damn! What a dollhouse here. When I see Mrs. Batimus, she will face consequences!


Yes, madam?

You know exactly what I want to discuss here right now, don´t you?

Red is my favourite color! And well, don´t worry, the cars will last a few weeks only anyway, so you can soon have an all-boring sight out of your window again, boss.

ENOUGH! Don´t annoy me, ONE MORE THING, and you will do radar controls all day, is that understood?

The next day, Berlaus street racing scene is as active as always, this time it´s Peggy Paszkowiak in her IP and Vincent Dieselsky in a BetterDeals with V8 and Nitrous injection, since his fancy Cavaliere Nobile was confiscated and auctioned under a new and strict law against street racing, imposed by Dr. Resch herself. But Uwe Holtmann and Udo Kaportke are already after them, although their IP Bolereo struggles to keep up.

To pass Peggy, Vincent now activates NOS, but the huge flame blocks the sight of a Saarland behind him, and the driver causes a crash, but Holtmann evades it and continues the pursuit.

The DIY nitrous injection is faulty, and the gauges indicate that the BetterDeals is about to blow up, so Vincent Dieselsky jumps off in the last second and is arrested by Hauptmeister Kaportke after the car blew up, Peggy Paszkowiak evades being involved, but spins her car, and Frank joins the party to block the way.

Frank meanwhile arrests the attractive woman.

Kriminalhauptkommissar Frank Batimus, Autobahnpolizei. You are arrested, your car is confiscated, you have the right to call for a lawyer, you have the right to shut the fuck up.

Oh, inspector, can´t we solve it… a different way? My passenger seat is very nice, you know?

My wife speeds as fast as you and is the most beautiful woman in the country, so I don´t see a reason to accept your invitation. Hands behind the back, lady!

Later, the phone of Lars Krüger rings. He is called by a familiar voice.

Yes, it´s me, Marko Zora. I saved your live, and your boss spared me, he was a great guy. A bit stiff, but he had honor. I heard he was assasinated by Nasser Saad, a shame.

Yes. It´s a tragedy.

Now listen to me. A very high-rolling man called “Scarface” is looking for capable drivers. And it is very likely that this underworld boss is Saad, considering his appearance. Before you are too happy: I refuse to work together with the department, because I follow my own interests here. But wants to help you to get Saad to give justice to Schneider. I didn´t like him, but I respected him. You have kill a guy like Schneider in a fair 1 vs 1 duel, not gutless with a grenade through the window. I will let you know where and when. AND DO NOT DARE TO ARREST ME. I am faster anyway.

In the evening, Lars visits the Batimus house to discuss the matter with Frank, and Jenny refuses to go up to bed, as she is now a young adult and doesn´t want to be treated as if she was still 15.
Frank agrees with Lars that the opportunity has to be used, but assumes that Saad watches the races and he knows the faces of him, Lars and propably Sarah as well. Complaining about Zoras resistance to work as informant, Frank gets interrupted by Jenny, who tells that she is a very good driver and totally unsuspicious, as she is not a cop.

Frank strongly refuses, but Lars adds that even if Dr. Brink made Jenny fired, it is very unlikely that Saad knows about her, as Brink did a personal vendetta against Frank and not on behalf of Saad, so she could indeed be the right undercover person for this job. A furious Frank tells Lars to forget about that, and later complains in the kitchen to Sarah.

Lars must be out of his mind. Jenny can´t even harm a fly. She won´t survive a single second among those criminals. I would rather let Holtmann or Kaportke do the job!

Frank, come on. We all had a very hard time, and I think this could be the greatest adventure of her life. Is there a better sign of trust to her than allowing her this? We can look after her any time and step in if something goes wrong. It´s just a street race, and you know how much she enjoys speeding.


The next day, Sarah is determined to turn the shy Jenny into a real car girl that is credible in her role as a tough racer, but that turned out to be more difficult than expected.

Do I look good?

You ALWAYS look great, my love. If I was a car, my headlights wouldn´t stop looking at you. You just need to get back your gangster attitude you had before we adopted you.

Really? Should I look mean? Like this?

That´s not mean, this is… ah, forget about it. You´ll succeed no matter what you do. Fuck, where is Franks credit card? Mine is maxed out again…

I just wish I was as cool as you…

You are perfect the way you are, really… I guess, I can try a different make-up. Ah, there is the card. Follow me, beauty.

Soon after, the IP of Peggy Paszkowiak was auctioned. Frank faked the auction, telling the officer in charge that Jenny will offer the highest bid in any case and needs to be handed over the car without any further question. So Jenny now got a competetive car and some credibility, as more or less half of Berlaus street racers attended the public auction.

But the next day, Dr. Resch calls Frank in her office.

Mr. Batimus! How dare you to sabotage an auction of an impounded vehicle, sending your daughter undercover and NOT telling me anything about it?

You would not have allowed it.

CORRECT! I know you want to be in charge of this department, I know you are a good cop, and I also know that you do not care about my opinion. So you will continue your action no matter what we talk in this conversation?

Yes, madam.

So you leave me no other choice. Chief inspector Batimus, you are hereby suspended from duty. Hand me over your badge, gun and car keys. I hate to send a good detective home, but I will NOT tolerate that you are acting up with me. You can report for duty when you reflected your behaiviour and are willing to respect my authority. NOW, GET OUT.

Zora calls Lars the next day, informing him that the first race will be that evening and promising to help Jenny out there. Jenny is not taken serious at first but, after Zora stepped in, approved for the start.

The cars start off with roaring engines, Jenny manages to establish herself up front, while Frank watches everything from a safe distance - even without a badge in his pocket, he makes sure that Jenny is helped in danger, and he has not a total trust to Marko Zora.

ARGH! THE NORDWAGEN! I bet that is the one that Zora stole from me four years ago. This b***tard really wants to provoke me!

After half the distance, Zora is far up in front, with Jenny having trouble to keep up with the pace of the superior Nordwagen, so Zora slows a bit down to let her close up from time to time to give her the feeling of being the best driver in the competition. But Vincent Dieselsky, now having a tuned Eroberung, is also extremely fast and putting pressure on Jenny.

Dieselsky sees both the Nordwagen and the IP directly in striking distance and activates a new feature of his car: The Super Turbo Map, getting absolutely everything out of the engine.

But the extreme boost de-stabilized the car, and the Eroberung skids a bit to the right, ramming Jennys IP and pushing it into a pole, causing a high-speed crash.

A Dalluhan in a red Primus stops, as he was dead last anyway with the underpowered car, so he thought it has no use to continue racing and he can help Jenny out of the wreck. But after getting Jenny out, a red Rigel with police light appeared, and the Dalluhan speeds off as fast as possible.
Jenny is not severely injured and able to limp to Franks car, and a relieved Frank firmly hugs his daughter.

Zora calls Lars the next day, telling him that he won and is invited to a meeting three days later among the others that made it to the finish line. Lars also informs Resch, who is determined to get Marko Zora, despite Lars telling her that he promised Zora immunity.

Zora is told at the meeting that looting the transport from the evidence chamber of the federal police of Hetvesia is the keen plan, and they want to steal the heroine that is on the way to get burned, and that it starts just now. Zora can not provide the information fast enough for the police to protect the truck, and Dr. Resch and Sarah argue in the office.

Come on! Reinstate Frank! We need him NOW.

I agree that your husband would be of help, BUT I will not weaken my own rules. My descision has been made. Get in your car and follow me. INSPECTOR KRÜGER! YOU WILL APPROACH THE TRUCK FROM THE OTHER SIDE. I will take Franks role as senior detective and leave my desk for this.


Mrs. Batimus, I HAVE NO TIME FOR ARGUING NOW. Either you follow my orders or you join your husband and watch some TV at home. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD? We will have a word later on that matter, WHEN WE HAVE THE TIME FOR IT!

While almost the whole department gets into movement, the truck is already looted.

But just when the whole loot was taken by the drivers to be transported to Nasser Saads assistants, the police force arrived, entering a chase. Sarah and Holtmann and Kaportke take on the Mara first, and Sarah squeezes the fugitive into an ACR, but Holtmann notices too late and slams into the ACR as well, while the Mara - now flying through the air - takes out the other patrol car, a Vaughn, so stopping the gangsters is now left to Sarah and Dr. Resch, having to stop three remaining fugitives with only two cars.

Resch yells into the radio of her Volaro.

ARE YOU CRAZY? WHAT WAS THAT? Stop destroying state property as if they were toy cars!

Madam, I have taken out a suspect. Maybe you can give Uwe a raise so that he can afford new glasses, hmmmm?

Mrs. Batimus, I WILL NOT REMIND YOU OF RADIO DISCIPLINE A SECOND TIME! Behave like an inspector if you want to continue wearing that badge. And now watch that! NOW I ALSO HAVE STOPPED ONE!

Dr. Resch rams the fugitive in the ECA in front of her, causing the car to flip over and skid over the roof of the Volaro.


Madam, Lars has given Zora his word.

He can keep his word. But I didn´t give Marko Zora mine, so I CAN DECIDE FOR MYSELF IF I ARREST HIM!

Vincent Dieselsky speeds the next intersection, and a Globus having the right of way crashes into the Eroberung, pushing it full force into a parked Authié et Dallier. The chase is over for Dieselsky, as the car is totally wrecked, and Sarah arrests him without resistance.

All other involved police vehicles came from the other side under the lead of Lars, and they blocked the road to stop the Nordwagen, although Lars, not willing to break his promise, told the others to block the road BEHIND a trailer, and Lars lowered the ramp for Zora to use it. Lars then gave Zora a sign to use the trailer for his escape, and Zora signals him with his headlights that he understood, going sharp right and sending his Nordwagen far up in the air.


Sorry madam, I didn´t think he would be such a daredevil. Maybe we get him next time.

I will get him NOW!

Boss, NO. Your car is not equally fast and way too heavy. YOU WON´T MAKE IT!

Resch ignores that and goes after Zora full throttle, also turning her car into a temporary plane.

While the 50/50 balanced Nordwagen with good aerodynamics made a more or less well-steered landing, the Volaro Grand Verlyn of Dr. Resch was not really going straight and plowed nose-down into an oncoming car, thankfully only skidding on it and not causing a harmful accident. More than a minute later, Lars and Sarah arrive at the scene, while Zora speeds unbothered into the sunset.

Madam, I told you so.

You placed the barrier too far behind on purpose, right?

I even lowered the ramp. You just should not have a leadership against us.

Inspector Krüger, I am not working against you. I know, you are used to another person on my position. Please remind yourself that I am only replacing the position of the Kriminalrat being your superior, NOT replacing Bernd Schneider. Nobody can replace a person, just a function. And I think this is what you need to remind yourself of, before being hostile to me. If the discipline in this department doesn´t rise to what it was before, I need to find other measures nobody of us really wants. NEITHER ME!

A week after, Sarah entered Dr. Reschs office, smiling and with a document in her hands.

Boss! Do you have a calculator?

Yes, why? Do you really have to ask me for that?

Yeeeha, of course. Please type in: 35.700

For what?

A Volaro Grand Verlyn, one that YOU destroyed, the new one is now delivered, aaaand heeeeere is the … invoooooooice!

DO NOT MAKE FUN OF ME! Is my new one at least grey?

Of course not.

Good, because the red really looks nice, I just did not want to admit it to you yet.

DAMN! I should have ordered it grey then as I was told.

Sarah. I am fed up with this hostility. And it will end TODAY.

How so, boss?


Frank appeared as ordered, and Resch invited him with a bottle of expensive wine.

What is this? Just call an escort service for a date, not me.

SIT DOWN AND LISTEN! There are a few things we should speak out openly, without having ranks in mind. So, for every thing you feel like confronting me with, you take a glass in advance and then speak it out. After my experiences, Alcohol helps speaking the truth. The same for me, I have a glass as well.

Then I prefer you to start, ladies first. I guess I have to do it with you to get my badge back?

A gentleman, huh? This goes into a direction I like and yes, I might hand you back your badge, if we are able to solve our issues once for all.

Are you sure, Dr. Resch?

This conversation is not held by me as your superior, it is absolutely informal. Call me Gesine.

The next day, Jenny strays around Berlaus largest tuning meet, in order to find the guy who helped her out of the car, but doesn´t dare to speak to him after she spotted the red Primus. Marko Zora approaches her, handing her a torch.

Oh, Marko… eh, what am I supposed to do with that?

Hey, girl, if you are standing here like a lightpole, you can as well become one.

That was mean.

You are focussed on Metin Kaya, hm?

Is it that obvious?

Almost as obvious that he is focussed on you. Come on, lets go there. I can´t watch that helplessness of both of you any longer. EH, METIN! GOOD TO SEE YOU HAVE A BETTER TASTE IN GIRLS THAN IN CARS!

Marko? You here? What do you have against my Primus?

Metin, I know, I know, you drive that ugly thing just to compensate for the beautiful girl you are dating, right?

I am not dat…

Well, if you don´t do this, I might assume you REALLY have bad taste. So, I think you should take her out now… well, depends if she is willing to be seen in your trashcan.

A shy Jenny giggled.

Well… I guess he compensates with a shitbox for something else being …superior than average…

All three cracked up laughing, and Metin invited Jenny to King Ronalds.

Another few days later, Metin and Jenny are a couple in love, and Marko Zora watches the scene. Zora doesn´t smile, as it would not be in-character for him to do so, but one could tell that he is very proud of his work and happy for Jenny to finally experience real love.

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Yet another BetterWin!


Trigger warning: Before you read it all, please be aware that police officers have to face violence, cruelty and overall uncomfortable things. I won´t make something worth FSK18 but please make sure that this is suitable for you. This one is again quite harsh after the last episode that was comedy. Please also note the hint at the end of this.

Episode 7: The Shark

Jenny is slowly getting back on her feet. She works now part-time in a fastfood restaurant, trying to get over what happened to her family and is still deeply in love with Metin Kaya, who she got to know in the previous episode. But Metin seems very distracted in the recent days, but he doesn´t want to talk to her about it.

In the afternoon, a driver of a Veloce Giove and an Authié et Dallier meet next to the causeway.

So, you have the money?

Well, I had a hard time…

Bullshit! Now, I will finally cut your finger off to remind you of your debt!

The Giove driver, being attacked with some punches and kicks, pulls an electric shocker out of his pocket, and that got him a few seconds to get back into his car and speed away, causing an accident, but still closely followed by the white A&D…

The Giove speeds back to Berlau, with the other car directly behind him, firing constantly at the red sedan.

The Giove driver desperately speeds a red light, crashing into a Zephorus which is then rear-ended by a Macht Teuton, but is able to continue his escape. The A&D driver backed off, noticing the red light, spun the car but is back in pursuit again.

The A&D now shows funny lights on the dashboard.

CRAP! I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A PRIMUS! Whatever, let´s end this!

With a perfectly aimed shot, the gangster hits the left rear tire of the Giove that crashes into an Eroberung. The Giove driver slowly gets out, and the Authié et Dallier driver is already there, kicking him in the face.


Both drivers run away, in different directions.

Unit 12-6 to department: Udo here, the red car crashed, the driver escapes on foot. The white car speeds off. We are trying to get the running fugitive.

Unit 12-3, Frank here. I guess the other one will dump his car in the industrial area. We place ourselves there.

Hi, Sarah here. Uwe, Udo, I am on my way!

The fugitive runs into a narrow alley, while Uwe Holtmann needs time to squeeze his Mara patrol car into it, but the success was only short time: From the other side, Sarah already positioned her Fischer as roadblock, welcomening the running suspect and arresting him.

Unit 12-3, we have a white Authié et Dallier behind us, resembling the description. We will try a routine stop on him. Please stand by.

Lars, being behind the wheel, signalizes the A&D to stop and mounts the blue beacon on the roof. The A&D driver tries to run away, but in that moment many lights start a disco and the engine stalls, as well as smoke starts to show up.

FRANK! LOOK! The car seems to break down!

Well, I would rather be surprised if an Authié et Dallier doesn´t… all right, CRAP!

The A&D driver uses the last seconds of his engine´s life to overtake the cops, perform a 180 degree turn and open fire. This results in a dangerous shootout.


Frank, are you ok?

Fuck, my expensive suit! It was NEW! And that asshole is gone.

But what did he have against my car? IT DID NOTHING AND WAS INNOCENT!

I guess he didn´t like the color… speaking of that, can you call the fire brigade? I left my phone in the car, and I think it´s now well done…

In the evening, Jenny takes the subway home from work, but is stopped by a few shady men…

Ah, Jenny, nice to meet you!

Eh… I think I don´t know you…

And you wish you wouldn´t! Look, your boyfriend is in trouble, and…

Please don´t hit me! I don´t know you! PLEASE!

We won´t… at least today. Tell Metin to pay his debt… otherwise… well, it would be bad for both of you…

The next morning Jenny visits Metin at work at the building where he works as janitor.


The less you know, the better.

I thought you loved me. SO SPEAK TO ME!

You better look for another boyfriend who… is better than me, you deserve that.

That´s bullshit. I love you. Either you trust me or you fuck off.

My family in Dalluha lost all belongings to a fire and I falsely told them before that I am successful to make them proud, so they expected money. But… I went to a loan shark…FUCK.

My parents are the toughest cops of Berlau. Please, come with me… we will help you…

Going to the cops? Why don´t we kill ourselves just now instead? Nah!

Meanwhile, Frank interrogates Benny Cleff, the Giove driver.

So, you are willing to tell me, that you flirted with his girlfriend, you can´t recognize anyone and he wanted to kill you for a flirt? REALLY?



I told you all I know.

I will put you in a prison cell. FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION! Don´t you think that whoever this was will try it again? IDIOT!

A few days later, Metin drives Jenny to work early in the morning.

SHIT! We have someone chasing us.

How do you know, Jenny?

That black Cavaliere Nobile, newest model… he follows us all the way now.






Well Jenny, if you didn´t tell me I wouldn´t have noticed… BEND DOWN AND BRACE YOURSELF, I WILL TRY MY BEST TO GET RID OF HIM!


I head directly into Berlau, there is traffic and I maybe… can shake him off… and there are hundreds of people watching this, he can´t risk an assasination there. I will get you out of this, I promise!

Meanwhile, a second black car speeds through the area, an EMW Hörma 5.2…


NAH! I got the EMW off, but we still have the Cavaliere behind us, please hold on tight, I think I can escape at the next intersection!



The Cavaliere driver pulls his gun and kidnapps both Metin and Jenny… and when the police arrived, they only found the wreck of Metins Primus…

Well, Metin… what should I do? Should I use this knife to cut your finger off… or that of your girlfriend? Aaah, she looks so cute when she is crying.


Metin, it is too late. So, yours or hers?

LISTEN TO ME PLEASE! I can work for you… I mean, I might not be pretty… but don´t you have any other use for me?


Shut up, Metin. Now I am interessed. So, your name is Jenny? Well… I need someone for a little… delivery job. You stay with me. Metin, I warn you. Get me my money tomorrow after your girlfriend has fulfilled her duty, or you both will lose a finger. And … one word to the police, and I will torture her until she begs to be killed, IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?

A very nervous Metin uses a phonebox to call … the Notruf 110… asking for a cop named Batimus.

Sir, we have Kriminalhauptkommissar Frank Batimus and Kriminaloberkommissarin Sarah Batimus at the Autobahnwache 12, which one do you want to speak to?

The one available…

Frank was the first to respond.

KHK Frank Batimus, Autobahnwache 12, how can I be of assistance?

Mr. Batimus, it´s about Jenny… its urgent. Can we meet?

Who are you? WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?

Bergstraße 208, at the cafe. As fast as you can.

Frank jumped into his car and raced to the destination, with a 1000 things going through his mind…

Meanwhile, Dr. Resch cites Sarah in her office.

So, you have the identiy of the owner of the Authié et Dallier, where is the problem to get him? And where is Frank?

I… dont know where Frank is… Lars told me that he just ran out of the office and drove somewhere. Maybe an informant… And with Peer Carlsen, well, there is one problem: We don´t know where he is. Of course he is doing the submarine now, knowing that he is wanted, and…well, Lars is out there checking his former prison friends…

Sarah, please. No excuses. Results. Results, that´s what I want. Nevertheless, no reason to be nervous.

I… can´t get my daughter on the phone. She usually calls me after work, but she wasn´t there…

The elder one? Well… teenies are difficult.

She´s 20 and usually super reliable. I am really worried.

Hm. Well, Carlsen won´t escape too soon, as all highways leaving Hetvesia have officers partroling, all major train station and the airport security staff have his photo. Go home and check for Jessy.


Sorry, I am also a bit overstrained with work. But well, you heard it. I´ll see you tomorrow, please keep me informed. If she isn´t there tomorrow, we might be able to do something, but over 18… we can´t do anything at the moment.

WHAT happened? ARE YOU DUMB? YOU IDIOT ARE RISKING THE LIFE OF MY DAUGHTER! Finally she has a boyfriend and picks a loser like YOU?

I am sorry, Mr. Batimus, I told her to leave me, … I also didn´t tell her any name to not put her in danger, but…


I will provide you with any information you want, really, I didn´t want that this happens…

Yeah, yeah, I believe you… you fucked it all up but right now you made the one and only correct descision to call me… so loan shark Tobias Michalke is also doing drugs, right?

Yes… for a guy he calls scarface… that´s some big deals.


You know him?

I need to go. AND YOU DO NOTHING. You understand? NOTHING. I will handle this now.

Frank, still not really a fan of Dr. Resch, knows that he now needs any help to free Jenny. Resch phones all contacts to get to know if Tobias Michalke is already a known person.

Frank, I have good and bad news.

Bad first.

Michalke has a drug deal tomorrow, and it is very likely that he will use Jenny as decoy. Michalke is very dangerous, I won´t lie to you. The deal is… not a place where I would like to be.

How is there any good news then?

The deal tomorrow will be with an experienced officer, one of the best the orgainized crime department has… Kasallek or how his name was…he is already behind Michalke for months, collecting proof with the identity of Frieder Schön, and he will arrest him tomorrow, and try to get Jenny free.

You mean Kasupke? YES! YEEEES! I mean, that guy is an asshole, but a damn good cop who knows what he does. Where and when?

Frank, this is not our case.

I don´t care. I have my kid in that deal, do you think I will sit at home watching some movies?

No, I don´t. Borsigplatz, tomorrow morning, 8 AM. But as I heard you trust in Kasupke, I think I don´t have to tell you that you MUST NOT INTERFERE IN THE ARREST. Stay in the background!

Under one condition, boss. No word to my wife! it will break Sarah if she knows what´s up here… NO WORD!

I don´t think that this is a good idea, but I won´t interfere with your family matters, Frank. Let me show you the plan of tomorrow´s arrest… eh, what´s that? Our new digital files are just terribly unreliable, what a shit. These computers are just good for one thing: Making a satisfying noise in the junk container!

In the evening, Frank tries to calm down Sarah.

She was always so reliable. Frank, something is wrong!

Maybe she has a boyfriend and is a bit blind of love.


Not if it´s a loser and she doesn´t want me to kill him and you to be disappointed by her choice.

FRANK! Do you know more than me?

No, but… I mean, we have her for more than four years now, and you two have been inseperable all the time, maybe… but now she´s a young adult, maybe willing to be a bit independent? Come on, let´s go to bed, I am sure she is back tomorrow, really!

The next morning, Frank is ready with a sniper on a nearby rooftop. At 07:57 AM Klaus Kasupke shows up in his Saberin, everything seems to go well.

Jenny should meet up with the potential buyer Frieder Schön, who is Klaus Kasupke. Michalke watches in safe distance out of his Monarch U1500 and gives Jenny orders via radio.

Kasupke greets Jenny and shows her the money. Frank waits for Jenny handing over the drugs, as he already has Michalke in their rifle scope. Just at the moment, Lars yells at him over radio that yesterday´s computer failure was a hacking attack, and that the identity of all undercover inspectors is blown.

Frank immediately realizes that Michalke knows that this is a setup, and when Jenny is about to open the suitcase, Frank shoots her hand to make her drop it, as he thinks of a sabotaged opening mechanism. But instead, the bomb is remote controlled, and Michalke immediately presses the button, detonating the suitcase, with… terrible effect.

Frank realizes what he has done, and starts crying, and falling on his knees. He hears a beeping sound becoming louder and louder, not being able to get one single clear thought, and passes out…

Hint: This is again an episode with a direct follow-up in the next one…

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As the last episode ended with quite a cliffhanger, I post the next one shortly after. No trigger warning needed this time again I think, because nobody dies. Still, some kind of violence is included, but not too harsh.


Frank wakes up from his nightmare. A short reality check ensures him that his alarm clock was the beeping that became increasingly louder and allowed him to escape the situation. A worried Sarah is confused what just happened, as Frank screamed “NOOOOO!” in his dream, but then has to look after their younger child, while Frank calls Lars.

Frank, what is it this early?

Our new digital file system had a problem yesterday, and…

Yes, Resch already complained, and as one of the project managers for that I will look into it… but not now, this is surely a minor server issue.


Frank, as IT specialist I can tell you it´s very unlikely that…


Sure… let me just put on my shoes…

Lars discusses the matter with Resch, informing her that he can´t do patrol this morning and actually does find a trace of hacking: A brute force attack dragged away attention from a very precise hacking - searching for “Frieder Schön” - and the cover identity is linked to the personal file of Kriminalhauptkommissar Klaus Kasupke. Lars immediately informs Frank and Dr. Resch.

At 8 AM, nobody showed up - neither Michalke with Jenny nor Kasupke. Instead, Kasupke sits in the car with a gangster threatening him from the rear seat.

What are you doing. Schön?

My Saberin is equipped with the latest navigation system, it is even more advanced than those of Primus. It will guide us to the destination a lot faster. I am still a bit annoyed that you surprised me this morning at my door. Trust is important in our business, tell that your boss.

Exactly, and this is why we are very careful and did not tell you the real location. You could be a cop, too, right?

If any of you would really think I am a cop, I would be dead by now.

True, so don´t complain and drive.

Meanwhile, a stressed Frank calls Lars.

Damn Frank, how did you know it was a successful hacking attack? I needed an hour to find proof of that and that it was Kasupkes file. Are you a mindreader?

Later! Tell me now where Kasupke is.

As IT specialist for the Berlau police, I have all access codes to the systems, let me see… his phone is switched off but his car moves on the A10, heading east.

GOT IT! Can you be more precise?

Sure, our new tracking system also communicates with the vehicle data, if it´s a brand new one with recent technology… Kasupkes car is brand new so… yes. I got the destination in his navigation unit. Flugplatz Zassow.


Frank, he will arrive at …more or less half past eight. YOU NEED ALMOST AN HOUR FROM WHERE YOU ARE NOW! Maybe 40 minutes if you speed when using all the power your car can deliver.

Give me thirty minutes!

Frank switched on his techno music at full volume and drove off like a maniac.

At half past 8, Kasupke entered the hangar at the airfield, used by the voluntary fire brigade of Zassow, a small town near Berlau. When entering the hangar, Kasupke made a burnout, leaving tire marks, excusing himself that he isn´t used to his new car yet, as the new S-Air system of his Saberin increased the horsepower by 40. Michalkes car is already there, with he himself standing in front of it with another of his assistants.

Meanwhile, Frank drove faster than the devil himself, but is now stuck behind two trucks - with one trying to overtake the other with a speed difference of 0,4 kph, while the overtaken one also goes flat out to prevent the overtake.


Frank pulls his gun and shots loose a brake wedge from one of the trailers and uses it as a ramp to lift his Delphinida on two wheels and squeezes through the narrow gap between the trucks.

Meanwhile, Kasupke and Michalke discuss.

I think it is a no-go to surprise me with a gun when leaving my mansion for business, Mr. Michalke. If you want to continue our …deals…, then I want your word that this will never happen again.

Sure, Mr. Schön, My business partner, Mr. Scarface, well, I can´t tell you his real name, has been fooled a lot by cops, so… he is careful, you understand? The last time you showed up, it was for Rolf Löwe alias Kriminaloberrat Bernd Schneider.

Kasupke starts to sweat, but tries to remain calm and professional.

Oh, Nasser Saad… yes, that was unfortunate. I should have suspected that the police will try to lure me into a trap shortly after my release from prison. But I have never heard from Löwe, eh, Schneider again.

Yes, because Saad cared for it. But I think now you see why our … trust has to be earned again by you, right?

Sure, where is your suitcase?

I won´t hand you it out. I prefer watching the deal from a safe distance. But… I have someone. Wait a minute, please…

Meanwhile, Frank is already very close to Zassow, speeding as fast as he can.

Michalke tells Jenny to exchange suitcases, being threatened with a gun, and Kasupke notices that she is totally scared. She does as ordered and is told to come back, but Kasupke wants to get Jenny out of the situation.

Michalke! That girl is very cute. Really to my taste. How much?

What do you mean?

I was looking for someone like her for months. I will pay you any price for her if I can take her with me now. You have my word.

HAHAHAHA! Well, I keep her for my own pleasure. Some idiot borrowed money from me and can´t pay his debt, and he really thinks he will see her again. Well, as I said, he is an idiot. Our Jenny here will be of great use in my… etablissement, so I must deny your offer.

That´s sad. Where do you put her, in which … as you call it… établissement? I`ll pay any price there for her.

No, you won´t, Kasupke, because you won´t leave this hangar alive.

What? My name is Frieder Schön!

Oh? Well, here, a printout of your personal file of the Berlau Police department! That picture is a bit old, right? You look weird without beard but that´s definitely you. ON YOUR KNEES, TRAITOR!

Just in that moment, helped by Kasupkes fresh tire marks, Frank arrives and crashes through the gate, distracting everyone. As Frank is way too fast, he can´t stop and crashes into the parked Monarch and Saberin. The spinning cars take out Michalkes two assistants, which remain alive but immobilized with propably a lot of fractures, while Michalke fires at Jenny. Kasupke jumps onto her, but gets hit by the bullet. Frank, bursting Michalkes tires with his gun, runs to Kasupke and Jenny.


NO! I mean… yes… but no…

It´s over! You are free! Damn, Klaus! That looks bad.

Just the shoulder, Frank… Where is Michalke?

I saw him throwing away his gun because it is jammed with a loading inhibition…

In that moment, one of the fire brigade trucks drives off with a stinky huge diesel cloud, blocking the sight for all and making them cough.


Says the young lady that smokes, Sarah already snitched.

You know each other? HOW THAT? And how did she even find out?

That´s not important, but where is Frank?


With what? He destroyed my Saberin! Oh no, my beloved Aterin! CAN HE JUST STOP TRASHING ANY CAR HE SEES?

There is another firetruck!

Yes, but I can´t drive it with my shoulder. It has no power steering, and you are too weak for that.

NAH! I am stronger than you think and the best driver in town. MOVE IT!

But I will take the driver seat because it´s a non-synchronized gearbox in these models, I will do the pedal and shifting work, you steer. Come on!

With the other truck, they chased Michalke and quickly closed up to him, as Michalke needed a few minutes to get used to the difficult gearbox of the old Popas.

Michalke merges recklessly on the causeway, which leads to an accident, and Kasupke and Jenny have trouble following him,




The Popas gets hit and flips, landing on the side, while Michalke in the other Popas truck speeds off, with Frank struggling more and more to get grip on the ladder.

Meanwhile, Lars arrives at the Hangar and arrests the left gangsters that still were not able to run away, as their legs were broken from the impact with Michalkes heavy SUV.

Michalke plows through the traffic, ramming away all cars in his way to get rid of Frank, who almost falls at every impact.

Finally, Michalke sees a train bridge and wants to use it to kill Frank: He lifts the ladder by pulling the lever, and Frank is scared to see that a train is already coming. But it is too late to jump off onto the asphalt, so he plans to jump off the ladder onto the bridge only a second before the impact.

Frank does this, but lands hard with his head against the rail. The approaching train has not enough time to stop, Dizzy and bleeding, Frank notices what danger he is in and crawls away in the very last second, then fainting of exhaustion.

Other drivers stopped at the accident scene, willing to help, and Michalke pulls a woman out of her ACR and takes the car to escape.

A bit later, Sarah enters her car after dropping off her daughter Santiana at the kindergarten - as she is still only working part-time, she starts her working day at 9 AM and activates the radio.

Unit 12-5 reporting for duty. Location, S-Bahnhof Eberberg.

All units. Suspect Tobias Michalke is last seen escaping in a dark ACR Lanea with foreign registration RT-HG-01.



Yes, he went into the station with two suitcases.

12-5, Try to get a clear visual on the suspect and use your portable radio device.


12-5 to department: He is already walking back out of the station, but without suitcases. Orders?

12-1 here. Sarah, arrest him NOW. I am there in a minute!

Sarah exits her Fischer and pulls her gun running towards the suspect, telling Michalke to freeze. At this moment, an approaching VCV accellerates and tries to run Sarah over, she jumps and can escape, but lands hard on the sidewalk and injures herself, she lost her gun and can´t stand up.

The VCV turns and tries another attempt at running her over.


At the same time, Dr. Resch speeds her Volaro and arrives at the station, immediately noticing what is about to happen.

In the very last second, Kriminalrätin Resch rams the VCV hard enough to push it away from Sarah and causing it to flip.

Sarah! I will help you in a second, but I need to arrest these assholes first! OH, LOOK! Not only Michalke, but HIS CHAUFFEUR IS PEER CARSTEN! I guess you don´t need to further look for him.

Holtmann and Kaportke are the next to arrive and take Michalke and Carsten, while Dr. Resch helps Sarah up.

That… was an expensive save, boss.

I KNOW WHAT MY VOLARO COSTS! CAN YOU STOP MAKING FUN OF ME? That was so close and I thought I can´t save you anymore.

Sorry boss…

Hey! Don´t… ah, nevermind, let it out. That must have scared you. I think I should let you have a check at the hospital, your husband and your daughter are already there.

You found Jenny? REALLY? But… why are they in hospital?

Frank had an accident when he chased Michalke, but … he will be fine soon. Don´t worry. Give me your keys, because my car… well… haha.

Why are you laughing?

I feel like my job starts being fun and I understand why you all have the urge to destroy your cars.

The next day, Sarah and Jenny have a talk in a park.

Really, I do not get it at all. WHAT happened to you?

I fell down an escalator when running to get to the subway, and I passed out, that´s why I did not call…

Sure, Frank, Klaus and … YOU are at the same time in the same hospital, both tell me some shit stories about a drug deal gone wrong… WHAT HAPPENED?

Really, I fell down that escalator.

Another few days after, Frank pulls Jenny aside.

No, you will NOT see that idiot again.

I am an adult now, Frank.

But not mentally! Only children are so dumb to… ah well…


I can´t see you being that sad. Call that dumbass and pass me the phone…

Ok? Well… if you insist…

Hello Jenny, so, you have read my messages? I am so sorry, really, but I will fix it…

No Jenny here this time.


I AM HAUPTKOMMISSAR YOU DUMBASS! H A U P T!!! Anyway, what if we pretend we have never met and all that never happened, and you have a second chance for your first impression?

That would be… well… how do I deserve that?

Actually, you don´t. But I also got some miraculous second chance lately, and … well. This evening, 7 PM. DONT RUIN IT OR I WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE KNEE! And bring flowers for my wife.

While Metin Kaya arrives at the Batimus house, Dr. Resch interrogates Michalke.

Mr. Michalke, I have absolutely no symphaty for people like you, but I will arrange a deal for you, avoiding the life sentence. WHERE IS NASSER SAAD?

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A lot of money was involved.

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Authié et Dallier cancels TV advertising after this…no wait, they don’t do advertising in peasant media like TV anyway, so nevermind.


Your A&D depreciated so much by 2004 due to its unreliability reputation that the producers could afford a container full of them anyway :joy:



This is not finished yet, I am right now writing the plot for the season finale - the production will need a bit, so this can take 1-2 weeks, I plan to finish it just before the JOC judging starts, but can´t promise.


Quite of a late reply, but I love how the Daredevil did reckless driving and rammed the other cars on the traffic, being a synonym of what a Daredevil does. Also, I don’t quite understand why the license plate holder fixture from my car acts like that by not bypassing the normal car texture, so I guess it could look even better if it didn’t happen, but that’s the game being itself. I hope my car is gonna make it to the last episode, even if it’s a background car.