I think I may have broken it

Fiddling around with the sandbox in Unreal, preparing for the eventual launch of the career mode, when I somehow broke the game’s code while adjusting the transmission to squeeze another couple tenths of an mpg out of the ol’ Land Barge Deluxe. Might be worth looking into.

Do you happen to have that car still? If so, it would be great if you could export it and attach it here, then it is super easy for us to look into, as this seems to be a pretty special case you found there. I certainly have not seen this before :smiley:

why wouldn’t you want negative mpg, lol.

I do, as a matter of fact. I kept it for just such a thing. I’ll upload it when I get a moment. How do I do that?

Drag and drop the file here and write something about it :slight_smile: it should be a .car file I believe.

With negative MPG, I imagine a car whose gas tank magically fills itself as you drive :rofl:

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Could’ve used that on my 454 back in the day… :smile:

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