I want to make cheaper cars (Truck)

I’m making a truck in 1951 and I’m self conscious about the price of it. The 2,5 litre Inline 6 makes 75 HP and I chose the cheapest stuff that was acceptable (Simple 2-barrel, short cast, and pushrod).

Is 9,400 $ a good price or do I have to make it really shitty (basic interior and negative sliders)?

Edit: The car has aluminium panels, if I switch to steel the price goes down to 8,300 but the rest of the car gets worse of course.

For reference, look at my truck from the same era: the 1952 Delux D-100 (at the bottom are the statistics)
It costs $8,453 automation money unites (AMU) with a 7% markup

It seems like automation trucks are slightly pricier than irl trucks when using the gold method to convert automation money into $ amounts for each year.

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I thought the game used 2015-ish dollar inflation value for the price?

I’ve been looking around the forum and seen people that think the prices in 1951 in the game translate to 1951 money (Which would be insanely expensive).

I think I’ll settle with the steel panels and tune from here.

The “gold method” takes Automation money as a January 2010 $USD value. It seems to be more accurate than using the US inflation calculator

Edit: here’s the gold conversion

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I use


Seems like my truck is actually cheaper than some Chevrolet trucks back then, and maybe some Fords (Not sure about them).

Ultimately, price only matters in the market demographics you’re aiming for rather than the actual numbers. Budget categories will always be low as those are the people who also look at used cars. If you get over 100 with markup in your target market(s) then it’s good, regardless of the affordability on it. If it’s too expensive, it won’t be very desirable.