I want to pass over 3D model to better suited Modder

Good Day to all

I would like to pass on a Ford Ranger Single cab 3D model that I’ve been meaning to mod into automation as a usable car body and even to export to beamng but so far I haven’t been able to cook the mod successfully as I lack the experience needed, I have so far only horrible butchered any attempts and I would rather give the 3D model to a more competent Modder that would finish and release it on the workshop. If anyone is interested let me know and I will gladly provide a link to you. You can specify whether you want .3ds, .fbx (Just the model, no skinning, no weight painting or bounding boxes only materials) or .blend, I also have a game ready lower poly count model as well. I don’t care about being credited in the mod as long as its out there and usable for everyone. I should specify the model contains wheels, badges, a spare tire, tow bar, some basic drive train features, mirrors, wipers, tail lights, basic interior pieces, lights and bulps as well as an arial. To anyone who would want to separately release some of those fixtures as mods on their own you’d be more than welcome.

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Here are some links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0vK6f19N192RWtiQWZEcHlsa3M/view?usp=sharing
Those are the lower poly count models

And a standalone .3ds:

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