IDK158 and the random cars she made

so I keep wanting to type out lore for my cars sooooooooooooo here, threadicated for my own builds and the random lore that I do to go with them, if something doesnt make sense tell me

here is the Burnside Dwarf built for the derby, it was originally for AGC but now I just wanna make derby cars so you know, expect more.

the Burnside Dwarf was originally built during malaise times, however Burnside didnt wanna drop the V8, so they made a V8 powered FWD Compact car. It sold pretty decently, meaning it found its way to the cheap second hand market, meaning it found its way into derbys and so on

this car specifically has a ton of bars, an exoskeleton and dually fenders from some unknown truck that are modified so they protect the wheels. Believe it or not this car only uses 54 Fixtures.

will I make a normal version? Maybe, idk I havnt got to that part yet. It might be released as a mod with other derby machines. Last note, if your just here to comment on my graphics, kindly show yourself out