(IGNORE) Deleted a trim and lost an unrelated but still wanted Model, how to recover?

ok so i deleted a trim that was completely unlinked to the model that i wanted to keep however the game then crashed, the model doesnt appear in the game anymore but i still have the .CAR file. this was also just after i used ai generation on a different model

I tried to use the Sandbox_openbeta.db.BAK however it didnt come back.

it should be where the aston is, but it isnt

but its still in my folder, i would put a picture but new users cant put more than 1 embed so.

iv also tried putting that .CAR file in the imported folder just incase that might do something but nothing.


If you still have the car file you can put it here


i have tried that already but sadly it didnt work, i think the car file is corrupted so the game isnt reading it

Once you open the game it should say about the car being imported even if it’s broken, then you can choose from some options.

If you’re on stable still it needs to go here instead:


If your .car is weird then if you exported it to Beamng then that zip contains a .car as well so you could grab that one and try again.

i did have an exported version and tried all your suggestions but fsr they didnt work, i tried to put the beam exported .CAR into both the \userdata and the \documents version of the \carsaveimport aswell as the \carsaveexport but they didnt work, im honestly so confused to why this happened and why none of the possible solutions worked, but due to having the beam export i could just remake it.

thanks for spending the time to try help me tho, that was quite nice

You can try verifying files on steam, under properties and then integrity check or something. That might stop the error, and then you can try importing the cars again and hopefully it will work.