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Illusion S.A.

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Illusion S.A. is a company founded in 1945, by the merging of several small auto-makers. The company focuses on low-end vehicles. This company is known to be very budget efficient, maintaining low prices by putting pressure on the workforce and suppliers, as well as recycling their model as long as they can. A new illusion model is always quite an event.

The Miriont, a sport coupé.

The 1946 Illusion Miriont.

The 1954 Illusion Miriont.

The 1964 Illusion Miriont.

The 1975 Illusion Miriont.

The 1985 Illusion Miriont.

The 1995 Illusion Miriont.

The 2005 Illusion Miriont.

The 2015 Illusion Miriont.

The Mono, a compact hatch.

The 1983 Illusion Mono.

The 1989 Illusion Mono.

The 1998 Illusion Mono.

The 2005 Illusion Mono.

The 2010 Illusion Mono.


That strategy worked for Caterham, but it’s unlikely for either the two cars shown here; both of them began to show their age after just a decade or two on the market with few major changes underneath their aging skins.

In particular, the Mono began to look like an anachronistic relic as early as the mid-90s, and even more so by 2005.