Images wont upload properly today

They aren’t clickable to enlarge, they also aren’t formatting properly into a gallery either.

Nor after making this post quoting it are they showing up in the embedded box.

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We’ll have a look at it; there is something not working properly here.

Alright, thanks. The preview for the OP here also suggested the embedded box would reappear after the edit, though that didn’t end up being true also. : /

Sometimes you have to upload the eimages to discord and click “copy link” and then it’ll work.

As someone without discord, I sure hope there proves to be an alternative! Though thanks anyway.

Any other hosting platform works, Imgur for example.

Wow, I’m not even getting notifications now, site just seems broken today.

Yup, confirmed I’m not getting notifications for other watching threads either.

Just a test!

Everything is working properly now; we had a forum software update fail and it didn’t roll back to the original configuration automatically.

The update has now been applied manually, and is working properly!

With the new version of Discourse, the notification menu has changed. You will find it here from now on:



Yes, thank you, I figured it was some kind of maintenance gone wrong and sure enough it was updates.

I checked the post and it’s working properly now, gallery and all, and some retroactive notifications came.

So will there no longer be the small numbers on the top corners of our avatars when new stuff hits anymore?

Okay, good, seems the small avatar numbers remain, it would’ve been terrible in my view if they got removed.