Import a car under 4.2.3


After having a look at the forum, I still can’t import a vehicule I exported to BeamNG.

I exported a 4.2.3 car to BeamNG, which worked very well. I need now to do some re-set up but I accidently erased the file on Automation.

So I need to import my file back.

I’ve tried to put file, the compressed folder and the uncompressed one into several folders like the Import, Extracted into Import, CarSaveImport, CarSaveExport and Export.

Nothing works!

How all the CSR hosts did to get all the .car in their games?

How do you do that!!


The location has moved i believe, so you need to put the .car file into the folder at this location
It is no longer in the documents area.

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I wonder if it has anything to do with those weird access issues that sometimes (rarely) happened.

Thanks for your answers.

I’ve got nothing that looks like that on my C:

I went to:

This PC\Data2(F:)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Automation\UE427\AutomationGame\Mods

Didn’t work either

I tried all my discs and nothing works…

I’m a bit disconcerted

Made it work!!!

I don’t quite know how :rofl:

EDIT: I used the research function and found what @Riley advised me!


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