Impossible to un-pause production of a car


So this just happenned:

I started the game building one large factory in which I firstly engineered one car, the Mk1 Plebia.
And as soon as it started selling, I built a second car, the Mk1 Foreia, using the second slot of the same large factory.

During the engineering time of the Foreia everything went well, the Plebia was still selling etc… Except the game automatically paused the Plebia’s production as the tooling for the Foreia began.
Once the tooling was done though, there was no way to un-pause the production of the Plebia and now it’s not selling, at all. … Not like it hurts my sales though because apparently the Foreia is a killer, but I’m trying to stay lore-friendly here "^^

This happenned after the new patch. Before the new patch, the two cars of the two slots of a factory could sell together. Which led me in my previous game to have two generations of the same cars being produced at the same time and I didn’t notice "^^

So… is it supposed to work that way? One factory = One car and the second slot is only so you can still produce a car while its successor is being engineered? Or can two cars coexist in the same factory?

What’s the glitch between what happenned in my previous game and what’s happening now? :bhinking: :Thonk:

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One model per factory, one family per factory, those are hard limits. You can on the other hand produce engines for different car models in the same engine factory of they are using variants from the same engine family.

So from the sound of it you are expecting something that is just not possible.
You can produce an older trim together with a newer trim though by adding the old one to the new facelift without “ticking it”.

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So this would be the glitch then. Thanks!