Improved CRX Style Body

After making my latest car body I’ve gone back and applied some of its improvements to the older bodies.

CRX body with some door and boot seams, rear glass, trim strips and better handle control (you can’t see that in the pic mind you)

Looking really good :slight_smile: I like it! Also the reflections have become much better. One thing I’m curious about though are the blue-ish reflections on the lower part of the car. Are those supposed to be there or is this some shader bug?

Looks nice. Sometimes its those little details that really pull it together.

def looks nicer! :slight_smile:

caaaaaaaaaant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait

I still can’t wait to see it with shadows :smiley:

The reflections are using a cubemap from the old car room. The blue is from the old forks on the car lift.