Inconsistent Top Speed Estimate (OpenBeta)

Not sure if this is new at all or due to the Open Beta, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it so maybe someone has some insight.

Just making a larger sedan in the OB, with the XL 88_eu_sedan body, and I noticed that the top speed was dropping dramatically after a certain selected final drive ratio.

Here it is being where I expect it to be somewhat. Then I scroll the top gear slider up one click…

And now the estimated top speed has dropped roughly 60 km/h

The car has no major warnings, and only has fully clad aero and no external aero to speak of, so I’m unsure as to why the change in the estimation is so drastic.


It may be a bug in the calculations, if I’m not mistaken - but one that I’ve never experienced because I haven’t sampled the open beta yet.

This is an open beta bug, and it’s one I have reported on discord. Devs are aware of it.

Your estimated top speed isn’t at some arbitrary point, it’s at the top of 4th gear. There’s some circumstance which makes the game forget that the top gear exists when you’re using the highest number of gears available. If you move 5th gear but keep 4th there, top speed won’t change. Move 4th and it will - but it’ll stay at the top of 4th until you un-bug it. Drop down to 4 gears or tech up to a 6-speed being available (but stick with 6) and you’ll avoid the issue. Not a viable long-term solution but this should get patched soon.

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