Initial D AE86 4A-GE Race engine

AE101 race engine, 11k redline, almost 240HP as mentioned in the series :slight_smile:
Initial D AE86 4A-GE RACERev0.lua (59 KB)

Great work I have noticed a few atempts at this engine since the engine designer came out. A few pointers and feel free to correct any errors. I think all the 4A engines were iron block aluminium head also they used MPFI so change over from the carbs and finally since its a race motor you can ditch the cat and the restrictive exhaust types for simple straight through type by doing this and reducing some of the quality sliders I got the hours down by a thousand and droped the material cost to a bit over 1/3 of Rev0. Also its now at the 250 hp from the series.
Initial D AE86 4A-GE RACERev1.lua (58.5 KB)

I donโ€™t really know the materials of 4Aโ€™s, so I guessed it could be aluminium as long as it is a race engine :slight_smile: In the series was mentioned 240HP and carbs (even visible). The quality sliders could be a little less as long as the engine could even be year 2000+ (not specified). Thanks for info :slight_smile:

EDIT: And if it was 2000+ it will also have 11:1 compression ratio