Initial D related - need advice on writing a part

I realize a place like Initial D world would likely be more fitting to ask what I’m about to.

But due to me fucking up in trying to say something in regards to a disaster a few years back, I’ve kept my distance even though I’m not even banned and could technically TRY to explain myself assuming anyone even remembers me.

But I’ll resort to that sometime later, I’m gonna ask here…even though for all I know there’s 1 or 2 people who are familiar with Initial D at all.

My per-rambling aside, let me get to the point. Also, for those who don’t want to, Initial D spoilers.

Let me get to it.

My little ‘test chapter’ starts right at the tail end of Initial D stage 4 going into stage 5.

Just as Fujiwara Takumi was about to do his downhill run in the GC8 Impreza, he’s approached by an S30 240Z.

Because of the previous race before, Takumi is still feeling a bit shaken and would have started the run steering one handed.

But then comes an S30 240Z approaching him. Because for him it resembled too much of the last time a car from behind approached him like so (the very GC8 he’s currently driving when he was in the AE86), and because it appeared the S30 driver wanted to race, Takumi takes off to try and outrun him.

But as he goes down the pass at near full speed, he finds the S30 keeping pace where it could, namely in mid to high speed bends.

He manages to keep close even mimicking or doing techniques not unlike Takumi but in the end Takumi was able to beat this driver when taking one corner better than the S30 driver. But all the while wondering who it was.

My main issue is this;
I’m wondering about what Takumi would have actually have done had this situation happened to him in canon.

Would he talk to someone else about it or would he keep it to himself till he could talk with someone he could trust (like Wataru) or would it be a bit lost given what else he’d be seeing later (such as the Project D imposters).

I’m asking because I had a few sections written up of Takumi actually talking to Ryouske about it because it had shaken him up as so.

yet on some vein I don’t quite see Takumi going to speak about it less it have some exceptions.

This may be an exception, more so since the driver in the car was not from Japan.

It’s a dilemma of mine that…I wanna ask around.

I don’t know if I’ll get anywhere here, I may just go back to Inital D world and ask there…we’ll see.

Apologies for the less than poor grammar, exhausted…till then.

I’ve only read the manga (though I’ve read the lot). My impression is that Takumi never speaks about anything to anyone unless somebody else had a reason to mention it, or witnessed it. He may or may not draw his own conclusions if something was familiar to him (e.g. when his dad schooled him driving the WRX), but even then seems unlikely to bring it up. Were he further along in the Project D stage maybe he may have spoken to Takahashi (the boss, IIRC?) but otherwise he just tends to sit on things.

In my opinion I’d say that Takumi would brood over why the S30 was so good. He would ask about the car with Ryusake Takahashi or maybe the leader of Team Emperor but when asked as to why he wants to know, IMO Takumi would clam up and walk away…

When out driving Takumi would most likely search out the S30 with a view to battling it again (or meeting the driver) and a nice touch, IMO, would be to make the driver an early, under-tuned, version of the Devil Z! (maybe even the driver before the official canon of Wangan Midnight! :open_mouth:) You could write the final battle as the S30 having a horrific crash, thus ensuring the Zed ends up in the junkyard ready for the start of Wangan Midnight :smiley:

okay. stop right there. dont start veering of into wangan midnight. that’s a whole nother manga/anime
i read the manga till the end, and watched the anime up until stage 5, but nothing after that. but i already forgot about that part. XD

but for the most part. i agree what strop said. well that is, if it’s the takumi before project D. the takumi after that changed a bit. i think he would ask kiyosuke/ryosuke about it. but no one else. he opened up a bit :slight_smile:

also. teaser alert.
at 3:29
that banner sign. 2016.02.06 somethingsomethinginitialDinjapansomethingsomething

Thanks for replying everybody, never thought I’d actually get any replies, but
that makes me glad.

This does confirm and clarify a bit what I had been starting to feel more and
more, when trying to write things out. So some changes I just might do…we’ll
be a bit easier.

And to actually clarify some more, this is during his time in Project D.

It’s right after Takumi’s battle with Dr Toshiya Joushima. But just before
Project D starts their run into the Kagagawa area, the morning after that
battle specifically.

The story itself ‘starts’ as he was about to try out the one-handed steering
technique in the Impreza (since the AE86 was getting repairs/upgrades), when
that S30 appeared.

Thing is, Ryouske himself has knowledge of that particular S30 and driver
(along with another one with an S30 meant more for the likes of the Silver
state classic and Wangan, although an uphill mountain run is not out of the
question even with it’s power output) since said driver caught his attention
as of late.

Why? Said driver having an insane skill set but also given how said driver had
only recently arrived in Japan with the AE86 being in the driver’s sights to
at least meet, if not challenge.

My original draft was that Takumi would have at least been more direct and
after his encounter with the S30, would have later spoke to Ryouske about it
when he had the chance.

But as I tried to write out that scene and dialogue, a few things were eating
at me, including but not limited to;

If Takumi would actually even contact or talk about it much to anyone less
it’s someone he trusts. Even then, would someone like Ryouske take notice of
Fujiwara’s behavior and act on it.

Two Given it’s an impromptu encounter, and given Fujiwara was in the Impreza
rather than his 86, why would he ‘accept’?

A few reasons could include how the encounter reminded him much of when Bunta
used the very Impreza against him to prove a point, but also because again he
just raced against God Hand/Arm, and how this S30 was on his home turf.

But also because I’m trying to ‘show’ but not point out how, both Takumi and
this driver actually provoked each other without realizing it. The S30 driver
had just been getting closer to ID the GC8 since he had been expecting the
AE86 but saw the GC8 and was curious.

But when Takumi took off to try and loose him, the S30 driver decided to try
and chase Takumi down.

Three - I’m still trying to write out the whole story as a whole

Cause I had started off writing about the two S30 drivers since it’s been
something on my mind for a long time.

So I had been spending time working on and building and making some background
information on the two of them. I’m trying to more or less give them both a
fully fleshed out story or at least one that tries to make the ‘people’ and
gives justification for who and why they are.

I’ve been less than specific with just what kind of S30s but I suppose I had
been trying to hide exactly what they are since I want to reveal that in at
least what I’m writing down.

Why I have an arc going right into the Initial D world (and Wangan Midnight)
is because apart from trying to get back into a writing groove, these ideas
won’t die so I may as well tackle it from an angle.

Not to mention I wanna see if I can even finish a chapter at a minimum. Though now I should seriously think more how to start and end this arc.

I’d say more but…I need to fall asleep, that being said, HighOctaneLove brought up quite a story idea I’d like to try.

Though it would have to be a story on it’s own since I do have something of a plan on my mind for now.

About it…I’m sure I’ve left out things…oh we’ll…I’ll clear it up later.

And yeah…that teaser, I’ll be patient but I wanna see it :slight_smile: