Injection Magazine Need Entries!

I have started a magazine called Injection, but before I make the first issue I need magazine entries. PM me your car so that I can put it in future issues or the first issue!

Do you accept cars with mods? I’ll have something for you!

Seriously, do you accept mods?

Any car type or some specific ?

Yes I will accept some mods but some I have not downloaded and I am having trouble with adding mods to my game. I am going to re-install the whole game because of problems and then I will add all of the mods I need into the system. Also I accept any type of car. I do not focus on a specific type of car so you can add any car you want as long as it is up to date (2015 or 2016). Future concept cars are allowed as well (2016 and further).

If you want a quick source for almost all of the mods people use, download the modpack.

That is what I am planning to do once I re-install the game. Hopefully It will work!