Inline 4s

Hey guys,
I just have been wondering how you all were doing with the inline 4 engines. My strongest one is about 230 horsepower, so I could do better much with a V. Also a quick question, how do I know the miles per gallon (mpg) or do I need to make a model of a car for that which the demo doesn’t seem to want to let me do. Thanks

For MPG you need a model yes, because it will calculate the gearing and weight and all those things into the MPG. In the engine designer only, you are looking for the Economy to be over 20% if you want an engine which is economical and efficient. As for not being able to make a car/model in the demo, you might want to report that in the Support area, as it should be possible.

The basic answer to the MPG question in the engine designer is the engine doesn’t move, so you can’t work out a distance based economy figure.

But I can see it moving around on the test bench.

Trolololol :neutral_face: