Installing tracks

Recently i’ve been giving a try to some challenges, and i can’t really find out where do i have to install new test tracks in order to use them.
Thanks for your attention

First download some tracks from this forum. Then go to your automation folder on your pc, there you should see a Campaign, CarSaveExport, CarSaveImport and a Screenshots map. After that you need to create a new map called ‘tracks’. Once that’s done you can unzip your downloaded tracks in the tracks map. The next time you open Automation they should appear in the test track tab.


Does this really work? I mean, it doesn´t

Make a new “Folder” not map…
Make a Folder named Tracks in the Automation folder.
Unzip the track into said folder

I couldn’t come up with the correct name, seems that I’ve mistranslated the word for folder

It happens occasionally.

Thanks to all, it works