Intake customisation (lcv4.1.15)

Race intakes (like the trumpets) don’t colour, is this an intended feature, or is it still on the todo list for customisable intakes.
And will we be able to colour intake parts independently? (like airbox, intake manifold, etc.)

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My guess is that the devs intended for racing intake trumpets to be non-customizable - so it must be an intended feature, then.

Independently selecting the material and color of each intake component would require adding more material slots (one per component), but I would expect such a feature to be implemented in the future if enough players want it.

On the topic of intakes, the old/default carbon fibre texture is different from the one we can select, personally I prefer the old/default one since it has a cleaner look, since the UV size is smaller, and looks a bit more realistic.

also, resetting the paint doesnt work for any of the customisable parts, it only works for the block