Intake loudness levels being weird

Initially I wanted to ask only about the variable ones, but then I noticed more things. First, are variable intakes meant to be so loud? They’re much louder than any standard option, basically as if they were meant only for performance engines - is that the case? If so, why? IRL many non-performance engines used them - sure, sometimes powerful, but for luxury, not sport. Without a tooltip I’m a bit confused. Then, there’s the issue of performance vs race intakes… with race being the quieter ones. Really. In some example engine (with an exhaust that with other intakes gets as low as 27 loudness) perf mid gets 53 loudness, perf high 65, and race 45. That makes me think of another question - aren’t all those loudness levels still very much WIP? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve noticed the same thing regarding loudness.
Also, if you place the engine layout anywhere but the front, you cannot change the tunnel size.