Intercooler & lifespan


One odd thing I’ve come across.

I built a turbo I6 based on the large water-air intercooler. Then I switched to the air-air intercooler, and suddenly the lifespan drops to zero for no apparent reason. The only other changes in the stats is lower weight and less than 1Nm drop in torque. If this happens because of the water-air cooler being more thermally efficient, then shouldn’t the engine knock instead?

As far as I can remember what I’ve read on the forum zero lifespan without a message (like “the engine is knocking”) means the engine internals melt from the heat.

its something to do with the heat generated by that turbo because its like running at 800 to 1000 degrees C and it would melt the block…can someone with knowledge of the game code help me out on that