Intercoolers & the new diagnostic window

yes i saw the latest video on youtube

1st - will the air to water intercoolers show at some point?
2nd - will oil radiators be an option?
3rd - more of a random idea - the diagnostic graph would look a lot cooler if it would be animated with arrows and slow animation

  1. Yeah, they’re coming
  2. Nope
  3. Yeah, it was enough of a battle to get it working the way it does, so I think we’ll stick with that. Plus its meant to look like dash warning lights

oh and water spray intercooler (AIR to AIR intercooler with water nozzles above it to improve performance at a certain point) like the Subaru Impreza 99 STI has?

aaaaaand a choice between front mount and top mount? :slight_smile:

1 - no
2 - yes, but you just choose size in the engine designer, placement in car designer

there is a massive difference in turbo lag with the placement, i beg of you, please take it into account

making my point - biggest rivals ever -
Impreza STi with top mount intercooler and almost no turbo lag
Lancer Evolution with front mount intercooler and an anti-lag system which first showed up in the original EVO3 (correct me if im wrong)

AFAIK top-mounts are not usually done for lag reasons, more for ease of packaging, and some of the 2.0 STIs were notably quite laggy according to reviews of the time. The only reason I can see a top mount would be less laggy is slightly more piping volume but I can’t see that having anything like the effect of Turbo sizing, A/R ratio.

We do take into account the very slight lag addition of higher volume intercoolers though.

top mount - less piping - air has to travel less and so on, but the IC is sitting on top of the hot engine, drawback for a gain
front mount - more piping - bigger potential for massive boost, but air travels more and has noticeably more lag

i bet you know the rest better then i do

Yup, its mainly the heat difference tbh, the piping length does less than you’d think.

always thought that piping is making most of the problems, well ok, don’t look at incorrectly sized turbos for small engines

Well, for example some light boost turbo systems on MX5s run no intercooler at all, and despite the piping/intercooler volume being much smaller they don’t really lag much less, its all more about turbo matching than anything else.

If top mount and short pipes was a major lag advantage you’d see all the BMW turbos and that sort of thing using it, as they pull out every trick in the book to reduce lag

AFAIK BMW doesn’t leave a place to make a top mount

Look at the Lotus Omega, it uses water/air intercoolers, top mounted.

So on a BMW I would mount the intercooler for the rear turbo on the right side paralell to the engine, directly under the hood/bonnet, venting upward. Entering the manifold in front.
And the second intercooler, for the front turbo, alongside the engine to the left. Entering the manifold at the rear.

top mounted air to water IC would be superior to any other i believe

Only way to get shorter piping would be non-crossflow heads, and no IC. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Only way to get shorter piping would be non-crossflow heads, and no IC. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:[/quote]

Oh, it’d be short piping alright… :laughing: