Interesting Bus/Vehicle Simulation

hey guys,

i found a very good german bus simulator “OMSI” the other day wich i find you automotion guys might be interested in, because almost all technical aspects of a vehicle are simulated correctly here. talking about serious, complex programming of pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical circuits, brake systems, even cabin temperatures and more. the simulation has a open architecture. the technical “freaks” of us here might have a eye on it, but i dont know if its available wordwide.

cheers. :wink:

That’s pretty cool :smiley:

It’s not really about Automation. So I moved it to Off topic. :wink:

I’ve been playing OMSI quite a bit lately, but I got fed up with the lack of available UK traffic and routes, so I’ve got into Railworks 2012 now :smiley:

But it’s nice that somebody’s taken a serious attempt at a bus simulator now, as opposed to a bus driving* game* :stuck_out_tongue: